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Ola Executive condo at Sengkang

Cecil Lee

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21 hours ago, Zshihui said:

Hi Master Cecil,

Is there any concern for ola being opposite hospital? Ans which block has better fengshui?

Thank you!




I did a search in this forum for one key word: "Pathology".

1. HDB Towner Crest BTO launched in February 2019 + a hospital? Where's the mortuary/deceased identify & collection point? Useful resource on the later. Good read


2.  Thomson 800


3. HDB Anchorvale Isles 


4. There are lots more resources related to homes near-by to a hospital.

5. I believe that these three examples should provide a good flavour for a better understanding of a home or homes close-by or facing a hospital.

6.  You wrote: "Ans which block has better fengshui?"


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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1 hour ago, peir said:

Dear Master Cecil,

With reference to case 6. Stack 18 has partial view of it's bedroom facing SKGH. Does it matter?



1. Frankly such things are subjective.

2. Taking a cue from this: "One man's meat is another's poison".

3. The infamous Block 9 at SGH = Mortuary


4. Look at it this way, won't it be worse if the unit is so close to this SIGN that says MORTUARY?

5. In the past, during the sale of the DBSS Adora Green, the most expensive stack in this development faces towards or can literally see towards not just part of Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital. But the whole hospital.

6. Your question is as mentioned earlier very subjective.

7. Even if you or many others have no issue with it. But for example, after the minimum Occupation period or M.O.P. is up. A potential buyer may think otherwise. Or even want to give a low-ball offer. How? There is no way of convincing others if they think it is inauspicious right?

8. Got to live with it or look elsewhere IF IN DOUBT.

P.S. Kee Chiu if anyone knows where is the mortuary at SKGH?


Sir! I only know that Kee Chiu is one of the contenders to be our future PM.

Note: SGH’s Mortuary has moved….. 

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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As a consolation, for now (2021) there are at least Six estates that have units with some view of SKGH: 1 condo, 1 under construction  EC & 4 HDB estates including HDB Anchorvale Grove especially Block 324A has a view also of SKGH.

Call it shared “common interests” of SKGH… 


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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1 hour ago, Pan said:

Hi sir,

As a whole for Ola Ec, is it good to have residential built such near proximity to a hospital? 

Thank you.


To be honest and of no offence.

My personal standards in choosing my own home is either: District 10, 15 or Seletar Hills. For example, in a war, one just need to destroy these three districts and either the Top echelons in Singapore be it Presidents / Past and Present/ Ex Ministers; Ministers, MPs, Heads of corporations and unformed groups will be wiped out. Some of us by virtue already elderly citizens so have.... 

Unfortunately for most Singaporeans who wish to aspire, have no choice.

But you have set even higher standards for most Singaporeans.

Do you know that just around Ola EC. The Vales which is a pure condo not EC is beside Sengkang GH. Which is more serious stuff as they have a A & E. While Ola EC is only beside a pussy cat Sengkang COMMUNITY  Hospital? Frankly so long as one is not in close proximity to a morgue than this is preferred.

What about many more hospitals in Singapore?  

Parkway East Hospital? Where it is surrounded mostly by Terrace, Semi Ds and Bungalow houses & Freehold Private Condos?


Isn't Eastpoint Green Condo just a street (Simei Street 3) next to Changi General Hospital. I can go on and on.


Basically if one is young even a PMET often has to start from "scratch". 

Most plots or sites have their Good the Bad and Ugly units. Thus no different for Ola EC. Where are still good units.



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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