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HDB Tampines GreenGlade BTO launched in November 2020 + Case Study 6 - Can some units front door face the common bins?

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Sales Brochure Part 1 of 2: 

Sales Brochure: Site Plan and Floor Plans



Modern Homes Amid Tranquil Surroundings

3-, 4-, and 5-room flats

Located in Tampines town, Tampines GreenCrest and Tampines GreenGlade will be set close by Sungei Api Api canal, while Tampines GreenOpal will be sited along Bedok Canal and Bedok Park Connector. Tampines GreenCrest and Tampines GreenGlade will offer flats with shorter waiting time.

These developments are located near MRT stations and well-served by existing amenities in Tampines.

You can choose your home from 1,770 units of 3-, 4-, and 5-room flats. Please refer to the site plans for the facilities provided in these developments. Facilities in these developments will be accessible by the public.

Tampines GreenGlade


Located in Tampines North, Tampines GreenGlade will be bounded by Tampines Street 64 and Tampines North Drive 1. The upcoming Tampines North MRT station is nearby.

This development comprises 3 16-storey residential blocks. You can choose from 354 units of 4- and 5-room flats.

Tampines GreenGlade is inspired by a vision of homes amid nature, with many green spaces within the estate. There are various fitness stations and playgrounds for outdoor fun. Sky terraces at the residential blocks create a relaxing and welcoming environment for you to mingle and chat with your neighbours.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Sales Brochure Part 2 of 2:

Two developments: Tampines GreenCrest and Tampines GreenGlade should fall under Period 8 Flying Star Feng Shui. While Tampines GreenOpal will fall under Period 9 Flying Stars.

At least the waiting time for Tampines Green Crest and Tampines GreenGlade sounds reasonable = around 30 months or roughly in three years time.

Understand Tampines GreenOpal is a larger development. But really 50 months or roughly 5 years from launch? This is really a long long time! For example, anyone collecting their keys for a new HDB flat today... can easily qualify for this purchase when they reach their Minimum Occupation Period (M.O.P.) LOL!



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 1A: The " Smart Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS) to optimise the deployment of resources for cleaner and fuss-free waste disposal"

1. In my opinion, Hong Leong /CDL seems to be an early adopter of this Pneumatic Waste Collection System in many of of their new developments.

1.1. For this HDB BTO November 2020 launch, Champion Bliss, Urbanville, Tampines GreenCrest, Tampines GreenGlade, Tampines GreenOpal, Parc Residences all have this "SMART" PWCS.

1.2. Hopefully, the addition of the word SMART is something that is different from any of the past PWCS.

1.3. In fact, a PWCS or maybe not so "smart" ones will be installed at a condo = Forett , HDB Plantaion Village (Nov 2019), Tampines GreenWave, Tampines GreenGem etc...

2. For example, when The Venue (a CDL project) had just T.O.P.:-


3. This signage (see above) was displayed at the common bin. There are like Twelve (12) cautionary: what not to:-

4. There was a cautionary sign with lots of Don'ts.

5. A while back at The Criterion also by CDL. This notice (User guide) was displayed at the common bin area:-

6. Hopefully, the residents may come to terms to avoid doing all these don'ts:-


7. If managed properly, one can understand the savings in terms of maintenance costs (if any)... and good for the daily Cleaners.

8. Presently not all other Developers follow this lead. Thus with the manual system, although there are occasional issues; but less so.

Case Study 1B: Plight of residents of HDB Yuhua BTO which was installed also with the Pneumatic Waste Collection System (PWCS).

9. As expected. It takes just one or two inconsiderate residents to make a mess of this system...

10. Imagine 4 years and more of tolerance.

11. Residents reported:-

12. Persistent odour

13. Foul smell exuding from the centralised bin centre at Blk 223A of Jurong East Street 21 has been a persistent problem in Yuhua since the PWCS started.

14. According to a recent report from the Chinese evening newspaper Lianhe Wanbao, residents have been bearing with the smelly environment for the past four years.

15. Some residents also feedback of bulky items such as large soft toys, cardboards and mattresses, which choke up the pipe network. The cleaners will have to manually clear these items from the PWCS.

16. The success depends on the users of the PWCS.

17. There is no other choice for such estates.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 2: Type 1 and Type 2 Sha Qi / Poison arrow

1. Type 1 Sha Qi / Poison Arrow:

1.1. The poison arrow is straight forward.

1.2. Here, there is a sharp corner of stack 118 aimed towards stack 110.


1.3. The only way to be 100% certain is to be on-site to assess the situation.

1.4. If it is aimed towards the living room windows, harder to cure given that it is not possible to e.g. draw the day curtain 24/7. 

2. Type 2 Sha Qi

2.1. This is where stack 146 has sha qi coming from 124 towards it. And in this case, definitely for sure is aimed towards 146's living room.


3. If one has the time, more examples of the Type 2 Sha Qi can be found under this link:-


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 3: The three BTO developments launched in August 2020 are the first few on this cleared land. More to come.

1. To Tampines Greenglade's blocks 660A and 660B is a site reserved for a school.

2. Useful read if one is considering purchasing a unit facing a school:-


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 4: Flying Star Feng Shui of Tampines GreenGlade

1. Based on the Sales Brochure, the Expected Completion Date (ECD) of this development is 3rd Quarter 2023. If so, this development's Feng Shui falls under Period 8 Flying Stars.

2. Due to it's close to 360 degrees Block design, there are many different facing directions: NE3, E3, S3 and NW3.

3. Under the Eight House Concept, East Group more inclined towards: E3 and S3. While West Group = NE3 and NW3 facing directions.


3.1. Workings:-


4. However, under House Hunting, Feng Shui also looks at external factors and for internal factors:-


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 6: Potential to see the common bin lobby/bins?

710855950_tampinesegreengladecommonbins.png.17f70d78574c00f736981445dea7d4a9.png1. Usually, HDB common corridors have half walls at marking in Blue A.

2. However, if like some of the recent HDB flats, there is a possibility that in Green B could be railings to let the common bin area have an airy field.

2.1. If so, an adult standing at the front door stack #142 may have a view of the common bin.

3. It is a kind of a red herring. Given that it ain't that nice-to do so. 

3.1. And also in the future, it may or may not affect re-sale of the unit.

4. It also could apply to stacks #110 and #126. In fact, stacks #112, #128 and #144 may also have the same possibility of standing at the front door and a view into the common bin lobby. 

P.S. Please note that the above are just my assumptions only. It may however not be what I had described above.

5. These are photos that I had taken previously at HDB Tampines Greenweave:-

5.1. The Unit directly faces the common bin lobby and the two bins: recycling and common...

5.2. This is a good reason to study the block plan before committing to the purchase of a unit.

5.3. {Below} At the common bin lobby I can see the front door of the unit:-


5.4 {Below} I am standing at the above unit's front door. And from the front door, I can see into the common bin lobby and the two common bins:-


Stack #316 at HDB Greenweave-


Reference resource:-


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 7A: Potential poison arrow(s) from sharp corner of Precinct Pavilion [PP]  (if any) towards stacks #108 and #120.


1. Most likely the PP is only up to 2nd storeys high, then it may or may not affect #02-108 &/or #120 only.

Case Study 7B: Low floors of Stacks in green has both a view into the PP as well as may hear activities (if any) at the PP

1. While stack #118 has a view from the yard area as well as may hear activities, from the PP. 



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 8: What is your opinion of the three Aug 2020 Tampines sites: GreenCrest, GreenGlade or GreenOpal?


1.  In my opinion, it is easy to give GreenOpal a lower priority than the other two site. While GreenGlade is "sandwiched" between a future place of worship and a school. GreenOpal seems to look more promising amongst the three.

1.  In my opinion, it is easy to give GreenOpal a lower priority than the other two site. (For now, have yet to look rank all three).

2. Why I consider GreenOpal the lowest priority?

2.1. For three major reasons:-

A. Pan-Island Expressway:

3. If one is sensitive to traffic noise, it is a no-no to occupy several blocks close to it.

B. Site Reserved for Health and Medical Care:

4. The other two Tampines sites don't have this.

4.1. Leave it to your imagination on this one.. Can be a bonus for some - but most younger residents may not find it .... beneficial at the moment.

C. Okay there is a site reserved for the park as well as Bedok Canal.

5. Personal preference as really don't like having afternoon sun all year round + several stacks also have afternoon sun that bathe or soak into the master bedroom wall.

6. If one's ballot number is close to the "bottom"; not much good choice to choose from...


7. Maybe can consider these.. but do expect afternoon sun: 688 and 684 also got an added "bonus" of afternoon sun soaking into the master bedroom side wall...


8. [Below - Tampines GreenCrest] In general, if one were to consider long term especially when Tampines Link is expunged, then stacks like #241 and #243 are the better stacks.


8.1. I did a write-up on the concerns of facing a Precinct Pavilion. 
8.2. Thus best to get a unit that is at least 5 or 6 storeys or higher, here.

9. HDB Tampines GreenGlade

9.1. Future site reserved for place of worship is fortunately a road away. Just try to avoid stacks #136 and #138 (If possible) 


9.2. I have also added comments on "Any concerns if face a school.."

10. Looks like have to understand the concept of the "Bell curve".

Case Study: Do you know that even if a geomancer says that the site is excellent, all sites are govern by the concept of the Bell Curve

1. Remember, even if a geomancer says that this is a good development. However, a good unit also depends on where it is within the development:


2. Is your potential unit under the Good, the Bad or the Ugly?


3. Often if one is lucky, even if the unit is not so fantastic superficially. Some units are like an unpolished gem. While others unfortunately may be a hopeless rotten apple.

3.1. Just imagine, if the unit is like a 10 year old rundown 1,000 cc car. Even a good Feng Shui Master is unable to turn it into a good unit!  


By the way, (above) this falls under Habit Number 11.

4. Under Habit 1, one possibility is by ranking one's bedroom type by stack/unit: 1st choice, 2nd choice etc... 


Reference: Habit 1 can be found under this link:-


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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