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HDB Plantation Creek @ Tengah BTO launched in February 2022

Cecil Lee

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  • Cecil Lee changed the title to HDB Plantation Creek @ Tengah Site (Feb 2022 Build-To-Order)
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Plantation Creek (Feb 2022 Build-To-Order)

Located in Tengah Plantation district, Plantation Creek  will be bounded by Tengah Garden Avenue and Tengah Boulevard. The development comprises 6 residential blocks ranging from 15 to 16 storeys. You can choose from 713 units of 4- and 5-room flats.

The name Plantation Creek references the development’s location along the waterway leading to the nearby Tengah Pond. Inspired by these water bodies, Plantation Creek adopts water motifs throughout its design, with abstract wave forms on the building façade and wave swirls in the landscape design.

Plantation Creek comes with various recreational facilities, such as playgrounds and fitness stations. An eating house, supermarket, shops, restaurants, childcare centre, and residents’ network centre will be conveniently located within the development. The roof gardens located above the Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP) and childcare centre will serve as ideal spots to relax amid greenery. Please refer to the site plan for the facilities provided in these developments, which will be accessible by the public.

About Plantation District

Inspired by the villages and farms that once dotted Tengah in the 1950s, Plantation District will be the home of community farming. The Plantation Farmway will run through the precincts, and spaces will be set aside for residents to enjoy community gardening and urban farming in their own neighbourhood. Key amenities such as a Community Club, Neighbourhood Centre, and a shopping street will line the Plantation Farmway, making it a vibrant spot for residents to gather.



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 2

An In-depth understanding of the Frontage of a home. Is it always the main door? Who are the Conservatives & the Modernist. What lead to the Conservatives use of the Main Door only?

1. Who are the Conservatives and the Modernists?

2. An in-depth understanding of why the Conservatives has misunderstood the knowledge passed down by the ancients.

Compass Reading should be taken from the living room looking out of it



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Based purely on Shapes and Forms Feng Shui

TOP Choice = 373
Considering = 375, 323, 325, 335 & #337 but the site for Sports and Recreation is an unknown? When this development is completed

hoping thre will not be a Tian Shan Sha effect.



Note: What is Tian Zhan Sha?


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

There are around 20 considerations when choosing a HDB 5 Bedroom at Plantation Creek Tengah

Note: Actual Rankings of stacks/units not shown, here.

These descriptions may apply only to some units or combinations of these highlights:-

1. + = Very lucky unit under (Flying Star) Feng Shui

2. Affect by afternoon sun the unit's frontage on a sunny day. The afternoon sun rays depends on the floor levels of these Stacks 

3. Expect afternoon sun soaking into the master bedroom wall. And on a sunny day and in the evening, may expect the heat oozing out heat into the master bedroom wall. 

4. Expect traffic noise coming from the nearby Pan Island Expressway (PIE). Thus even if these units are "buffered" by a 5th storey car park, do expect traffic noise. There are many examples in Singapore with similar layout orientation. For example can check out HDB Matlida Court Blocks 233B, 233C, 234A & 234B.

5. 8th storeys or higher preferred to avoid being blocked by the Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP). For #377. there is a taboo associated with a unit close-by to an Electrical Sub-Station (ESS). Thus for #377 try to purchase a higher unit of at least #02-377 to #04-377.

6. This unit may be affected by "Tian Zhan Sha" due to it's unblocked views which is a double edged sword. As it can at times be windy due to air-flow channelled directly to it from the rows of flats e.g. 323, 325, 335 and 337. 

However, it is a double edged sword as such units can often be either very lucky or unlucky. Unlucky for example, if too windy, may affect both health and wealth. One SOLUTION is to control the wind flow. For example, during windy conditions e.g. like a case of when one holds an umbrella, and the force of the wind willl try to force the umbrella from one's hands, then do close the windows along the living room and bedrooms = This will help.

What is "Tian Zhan Sha":

7. Expect construction noise especially if a Sports complex is built  e..g like those "TEAM NS" Football buildings around Singapore etc. 

8. Kitchen is in the inauspicious Fire @ Heaven's Gate. Which affect male breadwinner's career and also overall luck. The impact (if any) also depends on where the stove is located in these units. For #32x, #32x, #3xx & #3xx there is no running away from the stove placement at NW. As anywhere in these kitchen, it will be affected by Fire @ Heaven's Gate. For #301 and #383 so long as the stove is not position close to NW, no issue - highly unlikely as often this should be the location of the unit's FRIDGE.

9. High floors preferred (at least 5th storeys and higher to avoid looking into the Precinct Pavilion (PP). As activies especially funerals and funeral activies such as prayers can happen anytime. Even during occasions like Chinese New Year. In addition, higher up units may also be able to hear the sounds of religious ceremonies and or from Malay weddings (if any). Therefore, if possible aim for at least 8th storeys or above.

10. Higher floors expect so as to avoid some traffic noise during peak hours of the day.

11. Affected by Sha Qi or Poison Arrow from the side of neighbouring stack #337 side-wall. For both 369 & 371 living rooms will be looking into the service yard of stack #337 also. Imagine, everyday one looks at hung clothings and sometimes brooms and mobs, there especially more for #369.

12. No issue of church facing the site reserved for Sports & Recretion is no concern even for stacks #311 and #323.

13. Stack/unit is in close proximity of the Centralised Common Bin (CCB) chutes/lobby. It is possible to look into this CCB from the front door of Stacks #3xx, #3xx, #3xx.

14. Poison arrow from the corner of #391 aimed towards #347 and corner of #353 towards #303

15. Centralised bin lobby is located close to #3xx. Usually from the front door of #3xx should not be able to see into it. Even so, will definitely not see the two bin chutes from there. For stack #3xx from #3xx.

16. Stack's front door faces or partial faces the staircase door/stairs. No issue since by law, all staircase doors must be closed at all times.

17. No issue if front door is beside the emergency lift lobby. There was one time when a single mum asked me that she does not want to have a flat next to the staircase. This was because, she feared someone hiding inside the stairway. Understandable right?

18. Unit's front door is partially affect by Sha Qi as it is facing a "long" corridor.

19. Higher floors preferred. Avoid especially #02-323 & #03-323 as it is beside the only service road turning into and out of the service road both because of vehicle noise, sometimes misaligned headlights or horns sounding by inconsiderate drivers.

20.  Front door in full view of the Lift Lobby with the two lifts. More of a privacy issue than Feng Shui. 


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Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Cecil Lee changed the title to HDB Plantation Creek @ Tengah BTO launched in February 2022

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