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Hi Deborah,

Based on your chart as follows:- 


1. I don't think it is entirely the most unlucky chart. Although, the current 10-year luck period (2016-2025) is not the luckiest of luck period. Honestly, I have seen a lot worst than that such as many who only have 3 big luck of which they come in during the old age. So comparatively, you do have at least some big luck with you most of the time. However, what makes your luck not less desirable is that almost all your big luck will have some major clash/harms/punishment which indicates lots of challenges/obstacles to overcome despite having luck on your side. Hence, definitely, not as great as other similar charts with big luck with them but with few or minimal major clashes/harms.

2. Anyway, a person's luck is influenced by 3 forms of luck:-

  • Heaven luck - Luck that you are born with and supposed to have.
  • Earth Luck - Luck from your Home / Office and surrounding environment.
  • Human Luck - Luck from your relationship with others and own hard work.

3. Each affects 33.3% of your overall luck. So in essence your ba zi Heaven Luck only affects 33.3% of your overall luck.  Often, depending on your Earth luck (Feng Shui of your Home / Office), that can still affect how your luck will be. Often people who have very good Heaven Luck, but have a bad Feng Shui home Earth Luck can also affect their luck adversely. Same goes for the reverse, a person who have an average or bad heaven luck, but have a good Feng Shui from their Home / Office Earth Luck, can significantly improve their luck. This is because Heaven+Earth together affects 66.6% of your overall luck already. Then the rest depends on their Human luck factor which affects another 33.3% of their luck.

4. So even for those with poor Heaven Luck, they can still improve their overall luck with the a good Earth Luck (Feng Shui for Home / Office) and through their Human Luck (their hard work and good relationship with others). Of course, while overall luck will be better, but it probably won't be as great as those with very good Heaven Luck to complement their Earth+Human luck. Remember that Earth+Human luck itself affects 66.6% of their overall luck.

5. So yes while some may not have the best ba zi luck, if you can balance your ba zi properly and maximise it by knowing when are the good and bad periods. Then work on finding a good home / office which can affect the other 33.3% of your overall luck. Then the rest depends on your human luck effort (your relationship with other people and own hard work). So honestly, it is not all doom and gloom. Coz, your heaven luck only represents a portion of your overall luck. 

6. So honestly, while your chart isn't the best, I also don't think it is worst type of ba zi chart based on experience. You are probably not balancing your existing ba zi heaven luck properly to maximise it. As well as, there might be other issues such as bad feng shui from the earth luck etc. 

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