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Selection of ROM date

Alice Huang

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Dear Sir

I have 2 friends, both born in the year 1995 (pig zodiac), are planning to hold their ROM on 18 Jan 2024 (considered auspicious wedding date).  However, I have checked that this date clashes with zodiac pig and in particular those born in 乙亥年. i,e. including 1995.

Should they proceed with the ROM or select another date which does not clash with their zodiac?

Look forward to your advice.

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  • Staff

1. Generally, we try to avoid choosing a year or day that clashes/harms with the Bride or Groom.

2. As that indicates a major conflict between the day and the bride or groom.

3. When looking at an auspicious date, we often want to find the date with least conflict with the both the bride and groom.

3.1. So it's best to choose another date.

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Thanks, Robert.

What if the couple insists of holding their ROM on this date (auspicious date but clashing their zodiac), and among friends invited to the occasion, include some who are of the same year zodiac (1995 pig)? Any inauspicious implication to these friends?

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  • Staff

Since you mentioned that you checked that 18 Jan 2024 (is generally considered an auspicious date). I presume you checked the general tung shu and it says the day itself is good for marriage. Then overall, the clash and conflict will mainly affect the individuals horoscope that conflicts with the date. 

I mean general tung shu is a general date that assumes that everyone on this planet will generally be good. However, in reality depending on individual ba zi element and horoscope, whether they clash/harm with the day will result in different people having different luck for the day as well. 

So ideally, you need to consider everything and find the date with least clashes for the couple as well as being a relative good date for all as the ideal wedding date.

Anyway, most family are most concerned with traditional wedding date (where you fetch the bride, do the tea ceremony and usually the hold the wedding banquet date). ROM date is often not viewed as the most important date. Hence, checking for auspicious date for ROM date becomes more of a nice to have, but not the most absolute necessary to most. 

So I mean yes, while the best advise is always to choose another date, but if the couple doesn't want to change as all the preparation is already done. Then nothing much you can do. 

Since you said the day is generally auspicious for wedding, so the clash will mainly affect only the people whose horoscope signs conflict with the day itself. So it won't affect everyone, but those selected horoscopes. As mentioned, different people will have certain day that is better and certain day that is not so good.

Anyway, as long as the year (2024) doesn't clash with the bride or groom. Then the clash/harm is mainly for the day (18 Jan 2024) itself. Within a year, there will certainly be some ups and down days. So for those who horoscope sign clash/harm, just wear clothings that have some of the favourable colours to help boost their luck for the day is how you can improve the luck for the day itself.

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