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Hi Masters, i used your free bazi report but found that there is a discrepency in my Month earthly branch. Websites are giving different Month earthly branch. Some say its Ram, some say its Horse.

Also, some say im a weak Yin Fire, while yours say im a strong Yin Fire. So, im confused.



gmt +8

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  • Staff

1. There is really no discrepancy on our reports. That difference is the Lunar/Seasonal Calendar differences. You can read more about the many reasons why we adopted the Lunar Calendar version from this link:-

URL: https://bazifaq.geomancy.net

So for us, we actually show the default chart in Full Lunar Calendar format along with the Sesonal Calendar. A lot of other sites usually is using mixed Lunar-Seasonal where they replace the month with the Seasonal month. However, they continue to show the day and year in Lunar format. By right, the correct way is either full Lunar Calendar or Full Seasonal Calendar. But because if the seasonal year is considered, then you will have an issue where for those born near in the New Year having 2 different horoscopes (ie Rat-Ox). Anyway, you can read more in the above link.

2. As you didn't really specify the gender, I can't tell whether the dob 7 Jul 1985 2007hrs, is for a male or female. Here would be your free ba zi reports:-

2.1. Male - 7 Jul 1985 2007hrs.



2.2. Female - 7 Jul 1985 2007hrs.



3. In any case, the base ba zi chart shouldn't change, but the other like Gua number will be different depending on whether it is Male or Female chart. In any case, you can see at the start of the report, our ba zi report actually shows you both Lunar and Seasonal Calendar. If there are difference, you will see either in the Month and Year pillar (if you are born near the start of the Chinese New Year), as per the screen capture that I included above.

Depending which calendar Lunar Calendar or Seasonal Calendar you the info above differ. In any case, as lot of other concepts generally use Lunar Calendar, particularly Chinese Horoscope / Astrology, it is better to make sure that a consistent calendar system is used. Otherwise, for some people born in the beginning of the year, you will have one calendar format tell you a Rat and another a Ox. You can't possible be both at the same time, as the compatible/incompatible horoscopes are totally different. So since a lot of analysis still based on Lunar Calendar, often Lunar Calendar comes a little later, but once that date passes, both horoscope will match up already. So there will be less confusion.


4. As for why there is a difference in the true birth element (ie weak Fire or Strong Fire) . This depends really on how detailed is the analysis that was done to determine your true birth element.

In our report, we not only have the 4 main pillars, there are also additional House of Life and House of Conception included. Many other ba zi calculators don't even have those additional important info assessed. In order to properly detect if you are a weak/strong, you need to consider all those, including the clash/harm and even sometimes some elements combines and form a new elements. Without all these done properly, often it is easy to get the true element incorrect. 

In our case, we even calculate a percentage value which can let you see why we determined you as a Strong Fire as extracted in our full ba zi report.


In your case, when we worked out the details, your five element percentage looks like the above. It is clear you are a Strong Fire, as total element making you strong (Wood+Fire) itself already 59.24% which is more than total elements that make you weak (Water+Metal) at 8.1%. Earth element cancels itself out in the equation since Earth can exhaust your Fire, while Earth can also detroy the Water which makes you weaker.


5. All these is available in the full ba zi report.

The free ba zi report will not contain these full information, however, whatever the free report's true element will 100% be the same with the full ba zi reports. None of our reports are crippled in anyway. They are designed for users to freely use the many resources on our website, or even troubleshooting problems that they are facing.

We just don't provide all the unnecessary information. Otherwise from past experience, the more details we put online, a lot of people will often cut and paste the details and keep asking us for futher advise. Anyway, all the imporant and useful information is made freely available as the report is meant for everyone to fully utilize the many resource on our wesbite. 

Hope that helps.


Warmest Regards
Robert Lee





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