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Wood or Earth

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Dear Anon,
1. In my opinion, plants/trees should be considered of the wood element.
This is in-line with the " Five elements " concept where a wood element is described as a "tall narrow" object.
2. Thus, plants and trees generally fit this description of a " wood element ".
3. However, some FS practitioners (I feel) may argue that some plants / fruits grown underground e.g. carrots, tapioca, potatoes etc..
Since these fruits grow underground, I believe, these FS practitioners may then argue that they should be of or belong to the `earth' element.
4. It is felt that one of the concepts of Feng Shui is " if cannot be seen it no longer becomes a threat. " Similarly, if it cannot be seen, it no longer can in many instances considered a `cure'.
5. This is why, for Feng Shui cures, such as the use of "6 coins" or other objects such as wind chimes, one has to see it. For wind chimes; one not only has to see it but also to hear it.
6. Therefore, based on the above, if anyone asked me, I personally feel that plants/trees = wood element and not of the `earth' element. This is equally true for the above plants/fruits such as carrots, potatoes and tapioca as
they also have branches or leaves above ground.
7. The understanding of Symbolism is crucial in Feng Shui. Thus we often see wooden furniture (as the frame) and the cushions or seats/sofa covered by materials such as leather, cloth.
Here, if it is a leather chair in RED, then since RED = Fire element, than, the furniture is considered of the `Fire element'. If the sofa set is in yellow than, it can be considered as of the `earth element'.
8. Symbolism and shape of object. If the object is made of wood or glass or plastic etc... and triangle or pyramid shape; then since triangle is symbolic of " fire element " we should consider this OBJECT as belonging to the
wood element.
Warmest Regards,
----- Original Message -----

Are plants of the wood element or earth element? What about wooden furniture (The colour corresponds to earth)?

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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