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Cecil Lee

Singapore's Oldest Shopping Malls

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Many of Singapore's oldest Shopping malls or shopping centres are opened in the late 1970s.
Many of these shopping centres are now tucked away with poor mix of shops. Many of the older ones are popular with renovation contractors and maid agencies.
These shops are not a popular draw of crowds in Singapore who wants to relax and `window shop'.
Many of these shops were developed under Period 6. And when Period 7 started, the fortunes at these shops begin to wane.
In period 8, or after year 2003 (giving it a further 1 year) before Period 8's influence start to increase while Period 7's go into obscurity.
It is interesting to note this phenomenon as we will see many business started and that prospered under Period 7, will go down or have their fortunes dwindle in Period 8.
These are Singapore's oldest Malls:-
BUKIT TIMAH SHOPPING CENTRE, Opened 1978 - Majority renovation contractors, maid agencies.
BUKIT TIMAH PLAZA, Opened 1978 - Major tenant is NTUC Fairprice Supermarket. Majority renovation contractors, maid agencies.
BEAUTY WORLD, Opened 1983 - Clothes, shoes, household items & Goldsmith shops
CITY PLAZA, Opened 1981 - Major tenants - Clothing Stores.
TANJONG KATONG COMPLEX, Opened 1983 - Major tenant - Yokoso Supermarket. Clothing & Curtain stores.
QUEENSWAY SHOPPING CENTRE, Opened 1976 - Eyeware, Clothes, Renovation contractors & maid agencies
UNITED SQUARE (known formerly as Goldhill Square), Opened 1982 - Major tenant Cold Storage Supermarket. Watson, Times book shops.
THOMSON PLAZA, Opened 1979 - Recently renovated ground floor and second storey. Major tenant: NTUC Fairprice Shopping Centre. DBS and POSBank branch. Piano and music stores, handy-fix, Popular Book store, handphone shops.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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