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Cecil Lee

More popular Chinese figurines found in homes

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1. I sincerely apologise that the pictures are taken by a non-professional photographer (Cecil) using a simple Sony DSC-F1 camera. The only advantage is that this camera I bought a few years back is small and handy. Best of all I use the "infra-red" to sent to my PC. Sometimes I may take pictures in the evening as in this case. Thanks for your understanding:)

2. It is never my intention to promote the use of figurines. These figurines as I mentioned are quite commonly found in some Chinese homes.

3. It is for purpose of " education " only especially for non-Chinese to understand more about Chinese beliefs and legends. Some of these figures appear in Chinese historical shows e.g. Journey to the West etc...

More Chinese figurines:
1. Pagoda.jpg - A Chinese figurine holding a `gold' pagoda
2. Joyous.jpg - A joyous "prosperous" Chinese figurine with lots of children climbing over him. This signifies plentiful children. Many Chinese figurines of Buddha has a face similar to " Joyous " although Joyous is I believe not a Buddha.
3. Boy.jpg - Chinese `fire' boy holding a ring weapon with a four claw `fire breathing' dragon.
4. Mercy.jpg - Goddess of Mercy: A legendary Chinese Goddess who is merciful and "takes pity on people." Sitting on a lotus leave.

Note: This is not Feng Shui. But do take note that such porcelain figurines are not supposed to be placed in the bedroom.

This includes the Fu Lu Shou figurines shown in the next picture.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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