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Cecil Lee

Currently the world's largest ' Fountain of Wealth '

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1. Suntec.jpg - Is a huge "city" complex in Singapore in the shape of a hand. The concept of symbolism is used in building this complex. This concept uses a hand with the fingers (representing 5 office tower blocks pointing towards the sky) and the palm with the fountain captures wealth i.e. with water flowing into the palm:
1.1 Blue squares - represent Five tower blocks representing a person's five fingers. (In the actual building layout, the fingers bend and point towards the sky - Unlike the one shown in the illustration. At the end of this message, you can visit the actual website if you want to view the image of the entire building.
1.2 The palm of the hand has currently the world's largest Fountain. The complex owners named it as "The Fountain of Wealth".
1.3 This city development is partially owned by tycoons from Hong Kong which includes a shopping complex and a convention centre.
2. Fount1.jpg, fount2.jpg, fount3.jpg and fleg.jpg are different views of the fountain.
The unique Feng Shui concept about this city complex is this special Fountain of Wealth at the palm of the hand representing the collection of wealth for the entire complex at it's palm.
3. This huge fountain is called " The fountain of wealth ". The external ring of this fountain has a total of 12 Chinese Animal signs `circulating' around it.
4. Water falls down to the centre of the fountain representing wealth coming `in'. In the centre of the fountain, there is a small circular fountain spouting a small gust of water upwards also. This is also done on purpose to accumulate wealth.
This is a unique example of symbolism in Feng Shui at work. Here you understand why Feng Shui practioners use symbolism at great lengths.
The actual URL of this site is at: http://www.suntec.com.sg
Warmest Regards,

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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