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Cecil Lee

House at Junction of a main road - with bad sha qi

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This house is at a junction of a busy main road.
1. See what this houseowner has `done' to protect the house against Sha Qi (or poision arrows) from moving vehicles.

2. There are several close up views of how the house owner placed a row of " Earth lamp holders " on the side wall of the house. This is symbollically meant to keep the `compound' " bright ". To ehance qi.

Besides this the owner also placed a potted catus plant on the wall where the traffic flow (sha qi) is pointed towards the house.

---- Readme: -----

Note: Apologies, I had uploaded the second picture: location-plan.psp under .psp (Paint Shop Pro format).

Please do not download this unless you have pain shop pro). (There is no harm downloading but you may not see any picture as it will be shown as an invalid format).

The alternative file is under a new topic: "Replacement Layout plan for the topic: House at the Junction...."

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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