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What is the significance of keeping a gourd at home


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Dear Anon,
There are two types of `gourd':-
1. The first is called simply as "Gourd". The equivalent here is called the water-melon in the west.
In the Chinese province of Canton or in Hong Kong, with predominantly Cantonese speaking dialect group. Never give the water-melon as a present as the word "Xi Gua" is = water melon. The word "Xi" signifies death.
2. In this message, you are most likely to refer to the bottle-gourd or in Mandarin called "hu-lu".
The bottle-gourd is linked to a Toaist's object. In Chinese symbolism, it is a replica of heaven and earth joining (due to the two spherical shape.)
On the Chinese Lunar calendar: 5th day of the 5th month; which is the feast of the summer solstice, a bottle-gourd made of paper is hung at the gate leading into the house.
The bottle-gourd is also the `weapon' used by Tie Guai Li, one fo the eight immortals.
In my opinion, a bottle-gourd is considered an auspicious item. It is acceptable to keep such an object in the home as a decorative piece only. It is not used in any particular way as an object to neutralise etc...
Warmest Regards,

On 10/17/99 3:12:13 PM, Anonymous wrote:
Dear cecil,
What is the significance of
keeping a gourd at home?

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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