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Off-site house hunting can be a strategic approach, where the ability to purchase is often determined by the ranking of bedroom types and one's queue or ballot number. Allow me to discern the good, the bad, and the ugly for you!

Cecil Lee




Allow me to delineate the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for you.

1. Recall your school days not so long ago?

1.1. Your class consisted of students with varying abilities and grades.

1.2. A few students consistently ranked at the top, from 1st to 3rd in your class.

1.3. Meanwhile, many other classmates scored above average to average in their subjects.

1.4. Regrettably, there were a few who often scored below average, sometimes even last in class.

2. It's similar here! Every development features the good, the bad, and the ugly, equating to excellent, average, and poor stacks/units.

3. The benefit of this service, known as Option 1: Can or Cannot Buy for a development, is to evaluate and categorize all stacks [please specify the type of home for review, such as HDB 4-bedrooms], ranking them from 1st, 2nd, 3rd Choice to Last Resort.






Confirm: Either let me have your 5 choices or I will select it for you.

*Sample Report:


*Note: If you require more details, please select Package 4.
Otherwise, the report provided under this package is exactly as described.



Confirm: Either let me have your 8 choices or I will select it for you.

*Sample Report:


*Note: For additional details, please opt for Package 4. Otherwise, the report provided under this package is exactly as described.




For HDB, let us know the specific development and which bedroom type you want to purchase. 
Please get a QUOTE if  you want more than ONE (1) development reviewed - Refer to FAQ 2 [see below.]


*Note: For additional details, please opt for Package 4. Otherwise, the report provided under this package is exactly as described.


For HDB BTO let me know the specific (1) development & bedroom type. E.g. 5 Bedrooms
For Condos/EC please confirm the type(s) with us, first. 

Sample Reports:



Note: The main breadwinner refers to the family member who earns the money necessary for the family's livelihood. Reviews vary as they also depend on an individual's Ba Zi, which is taken into consideration.
W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G - What you see is what you get.


The availability of Package 4 may vary. Please confirm with us first.
WHATSAPPx.gif.933b1f171b62310142ae17b5501fc685.gif Cecil Lee, +65 9785-3171 / support@geomancy.net
Sometimes we may be too busy or unavailable to conduct this review, or we may require a longer timeframe to complete it.



FAQ 1: For Packages 1, 2, and 3, is there an analysis available for the floors? For instance, which floors would be more advantageous for us, such as #06-119, #07-119, or #08-119?

Additionally, a link will be provided for you to review as many floors as you wish.



FAQ 2: We reserve the right to adjust the quotation for "large" sites, such as HDB Garden Waterfront I & II @ Tengah, as an example.

As Garden Waterfront consists of I & II and a mega site, I need to know what is the scope of work:
1. Review of Garden Waterfront I or both I & II
2. Bedroom Type.
3. When is the date of selection?

Will have to give a quote if I encounter similar sites such as this one:-

Reference: This development has a total of 2,136 units:



FAQ 3: What about Condo developments or ECs?

1. When requesting a quote, please specify the number of Stacks you wish to have ranked. This is necessary as most condos/ECs feature a variety of bedroom types and layouts.



FAQ 4: What is required?

1. Verify the expected T.O.P. date with the seller's representative. Is it within 2023, or from 2024 onwards?

2. It is essential to provide birth dates and confirm the primary breadwinner. For further details, please contact us now.



What Others Say About Us

" As much as we see, Geomancy.net has great web presence built up over the years and is seen as one of the SG market leaders in residential house audit. "

Success starts with good Feng Shui


 WHATSAPPx.gif.933b1f171b62310142ae17b5501fc685.gif Cecil Lee, +65 9785-3171 / support@geomancy.net


FAQ: Am I eligible for a refund for this service?

To prevent any misunderstandings, please be aware that once I have commenced the review, no refunds will be issued. Thank you for your understanding.


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  • Staff

Sample Report 1: By Ranking of Four Bedrooms @ HDB for Mr XXXXX and Madam XXXXX

1st Choice = +1XXAH  

2nd Choice = +4XXAT +4XX 

3rd Choice = *1XXE +3XXVX +4XXL +4XX +4XX

4th Choice = *3XXDQU *3XXDU +4XXA 

5th Choice =  +3XXD *3XX +3XXAMQY +4XXA +4XXA +4XXA 

6th Choice = +1XXABF *3XXBEP +3XXA +3XXAFK

7th Choice = *1XXS *1XXDL *1XXCDEL  *2XXDEN +3XXD *3XXPQ +3XXAB 


9th Choice =  +1XXABLR +2XXA *3XXJ +3XXC +3XXAFGKP +3XXAFGK



* = Stack/unit direction suitable to Mr XXXXX (North, South or SE facing). 
+ = While Madam XXXXX is a West Group. 
(However, please note that this is very general and does not take into other considerations like Location, location, location etc...)

A = Expect afternoon sun all year round at the frontage of the unit. Usually, high floors will encounter more afternoon sun. For stacks 4XX, 4XX, 4XX and 4XX usually only higher floors affected by the afternoon sun.

B = Expect afternoon sun soaking into the master bedroom wall. And on a sunny day and in the evening, can expect the heat oozing out heat into the master bedroom wall. 

C = Main door is in close proximity to the Common Bin Lobby (CBL). Fortunately, these bins and lobby opening is closer to the 5 bedroom type units. However, sometimes in a future resale, some potential buyers may find this as a concern as these units share the same wall or proximity to them. For stack 2XX no concern or no issue as it is further buffered by the emergency stairwell.

D = Very close proximity to raised MRT track (noise). Frankly, the rest of the estate units may also hear the rumble of the train movements as well. Fortunately, today's MRT trains seems to run quieter and often LTA places sound buffer panels to further reduce such noise. Nevertheless high floors preferred, here. 

E = Kitchen at the inauspicious NW location or commonly known as "Fire @ Heaven's Gate". This can often affect the Male breadwinner's career and also whole of the family's luck. Which means small or no luck at all. Can often be balanced especially if the stove is not immediately at the NW cardinal-point..

F = Low floors expect some traffic noise as unit is facing Tampines Avenue 5. Preference for higher floors (if possible).

G = Avoid low floors as stack is close to the possible bus bay/stop to avoid the start and stop of bus movements..

H = Avoid low floors as the unit yard is close to the Precinct Pavilion [PP]. And sometimes during a wake expect religious rituals being performed at this PP. Get a unit at High Floors at least 7th storey and above preferred, here. If no high floors, try to get a unit that is at least 6th storey and above. For stacks 1XX and 1XX try to get high floors to avoid a view into the PP.  For 1XX this is the 1st choice provided a high floor unit is selected only.

J = Stack/unit's main door faces a long corridor. Where possible avoid such a stack/unit = 3XX. For stack 3XX fortunately it is recessed away from this long corridor, thus okay or no issue.

K = Expect around 2 1/2 years of construction noise and dust across the road from the site reserved for future high rise residential development.

L =Do expect slight (some glare bounced-off) from a neighbouring block's facade wall. This also depends on paint colour used on the external walls. External walls with light colours like white or beige can be highly reflective and glaring, here. For example for stack 1XX is from stack 1XX.

M = Higher than 7th floors and above to clear the roof of the Mutli Storey Car Park (MSCP).

N = There is no known issue with the unit  sharing the same wall as the two sets of lifts. In fact, sometimes it is a blessing in disguise. Given that the lift-wells are strongest re-enforced structures in a block. 

P = For stacks 2XX and 3XX although unit's main entrance door faces the emergency exit staircase/door; by law this door must be closed at all times. It is only an issue if such a door is left open all the time. For stacks 1XX 1XX 3XX 3XX quite odd to find the emergency exit door just beside/or close to the main entrance.

Q = Unit door face a neighbour's door. Usually no major issue unless the neighbour places a specific type of ba gua mirror at your unit and or if their altar (if any) is directly facing out of their main door. Thus this is beyond one's control. For stacks 369 and 371 they are quite a distance apart.

R = Sha qi from block/stack 1XX aimed towards 1XX master and bedroom 2. Unable to confirm exactly at the moment. Best to be physically onsite to confirm.

S = Potential poison arrow from sharp corner of neighbouring stack 1XX aimed towards 1XX master / bedroom 2. For stack 2XX there is a sharp corner from stack 2XX aimed towards most likely bedroom 2 or 3.

T = Although you highlighted: "4XX, 4XX, 3XX, 3XX is near carpark also.. we will avoid too". However, stack 41X is one of the better stacks in this development = ranked as high as the 2nd choice. Consider high floors if available, here. Else if lower than 7th storeys high, look elsewhere.

U = Stacks 3XX and 3XX, especially stack 3XX could have been ranked higher if not for it's close proximity and facing the MRT. If not much choice and there are still lots of high or (highest floors) here, may consider a unit, here.

V = There is a wider opening between stacks  3XX and 4XX to allow Stack 3XX an acute view towards Sungei Simpang Kiri  

X = Stack 3XX would have been selected as the 1st or even the 2nd choice if not for the common bin lobby being so close to stack/unit's main entrance area!

Please go to this link to check a unit's specific address ... good or bad...:-







1st Choice = XXXXX XXXX

2nd Choice = XXX XX XXXX



5th Choice = XXXS

(Note: If you had selected Option 2, the ranking will stop up to the 5th choice only)

6th Choice = XXX XXXS

7th Choice = XXXS XXXK XXX

8th Choice = XXX XXXX

9th Choice = XXX XXX XXX XXX




For example please read e.g. for stack #18AS means refer to A and S below:-

A = Afternoon sun all year round. Thus in the afternoon and early evening the home may be warm. For stack #2XXlow floors no issue. But higher floors may be affected by this.

B = Afternoon sun may soak into the master bedroom wall. Sometimes in the evening when one feels the wall, one can feel the heat coming out from the wall. (Hopefully not). And hopefully do not ooze out at 7pm to 9 pm

C = Close proximity to proposed new slip road means have to endure daily noisy traffic. Especially if the unit is at a low floor. Even higher floors.. may not be spared by the noisy traffic. Since this slip road is so close to the blocks. As Stack #194 is also in close proximity to the slip road; most likely may also affected by the road noise as well especially for low floors.

D = There is a stigma attached to a home e.g. #XX & #XX facing a T-junction. This is because in a landed property, should a vehicle go straight it can plough into the main gate of a home at e.g. ground floor #XX. But this is a high-rise building thus no issue.
E =  Stacks #XX, #XX, #XX, #XX, #XX, #XX are most exposed or very open. Wealth may be affected during strong windy days. Thus so long as during windy days, reduce the wind into the unit is good enough.

F = Stack #XX's living room is sharing the same wall as the central rubbish bin. Not good Feng Shui as can affect luck for the family.

G = No issue since this is only the morning sun. House will generally be cool as it is not affected by afternoon sun at all.

H = Not Feng Shui. But some Chinese especially the Cantonese MAY not like a number 144 = Stack #144. Especially with the 44 meaning "die" "die". Some may also not like the number #04. But this is not Feng Shui. May or may not in the future affect resale value.

K = Low floors expect some traffic noise. Given that these stacks do face the road. Higher floors preferred as less road traffic noise.

L = #XXX is the closest to the Precinct Pavilion. Hardly can see the pavilion. Just that for low floors; should there be a wake and prayers or chants, especially the master bedroom area may hear it. Otherwise no issue. Safer to purchase a higher unit in this stack.

M = There is a sharp corner from Block 641C stack #XX aimed towards Block 641A stack #XX & vice versa. Hopefully it is not aimed towards an opening such as a window. If so, can neutralize by installing a day curtain and leaving it closed most of the time. stack #XX has a poison arrow aimed towards stack #52 and vice-versa. There is also a sharp corner from stack #xxx aimed towards stack #108.
P = High floor at least #4 or above so that one can have an unobstructed view clearing the roof-top of Blocks 641 & 639 MSCP (multi-storey car park). Plus avoiding lamp posts (if any) on the roof top. As such lamp posts, if slices into a unit's window is considered inauspicious.

S = Mr & Mrs (Both) are considered as a "West Group" persons. Thus stacks facing NW, West, NE or SW are suitable for both partners. Please note that this is not the most important consideration. Thus sometimes because of other considerations and weightage, even if these stacks suits Mervyn & Nicole; but can be ranked lower than stacks that are not as suitable to Mr & Mrs.

T = These have their kitchen partially at NW. NW represents the male head (breadwinner) and luck from heaven. A stove can an affect male head's career and overall luck of the family = inauspicious.

U = Stack #xx might be affected by strong winds blowing between neighbouring block 638B's stack #xx and stack #xx

V = Electrical sub-station (ESS) near-by. Although there is no proof of the dangers of living close to an ESS, however there is a stigma that it is inauspicious. Therefore to be safe, best to avoid low floors of stack #xxx. In addition, stacks #xx and #xx are equally close-by to an ESS. While stack #46 is quite a distance away. But I have indicated as close-by to an ESS.

W = Indirect view of the service yard of stack #xx and #xx. When often mobs and clothes are hung to dry.


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  • Staff

Under Packages 3 & 4
We reserve the right to give a revised quote for "large" sites such as 
e.g. HDB Garden Waterfront I & II @ Tengah. 

As Garden Waterfront consists of I & II and a mega site, I need to know what is the scope of work:
1. Review of Garden Waterfront I or both I & II
2. Bedroom Type.
3. When is the date of selection?

Will have to give a quote if I encounter similar sites such as this one:-

Reference: This development has a total of 2,136 units:

Please get a Quote from WHATSAPPx.gif.933b1f171b62310142ae17b5501fc685.gif Cecil Lee, +65 9785-3171 / support@geomancy.net


This is a sample report:
[Please note that from time-to-time we will be updating the format to improve on the legibility - if any]


What is Quantum Leap in Feng Shui!


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  • Staff

Case Study 1: Do you also look at external factors in your review?

It is compulsory to look at the external environment, the site and the unit.


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  • Staff

Case Study 2: You already mentioned that the plot of land of this development is an excellent site! So should I be too concerned about which unit to choose?


1. Unfortunately even for a site identified as excellent by a Feng Shui Master, there are still the Good, the Bad and the Ugly units!


609018550_THEBELLCURVE(2).thumb.png.1ca5f6ae47f99f5937955fcd71f67b71.pngTHE BELL CURVE (3)A.png

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  • Staff

Case Study 3: Geomancy.net's mastery of Water Dragon Classics is put to good use in evaluating developments with canals, rivers and pool water locations.

Caricatures showing illustrations of the Water Dragon classics..



For Can or Cannot buy at HDB Tampines Greenvines, stacks facing an open drainage also looked at in my reviews

1. These four stacks  26, 28, 30 and 32 have a facing direction of Flying Stars SW2 :-

2. For a SW2 or 225 degrees facing: it is very auspicious if the drainage water flows from RIGHT to LEFT of the living room (frontage area). Or when standing inside the living room looking outwards: excellent if drainage flows from R to L. As shown below:-


3. But if the drainage flows from LEFT to RIGHT.. then Oops! Below: where the water flow as shown by red arrow(s) is inauspicious for stacks 26, 28, 30 and 32:-



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  • Staff

Case Study: A Sample of by Ranking for Landed Properties

House Hunting customized to specific situations:




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  • Staff

Hi master Lee, i am [xxxxxx], a new client . Will like to seek advice from you.  My husband and i are planning to sell our current Punggol flat. We wish to buy a 5 room resale flat around Punggol, Sengkang or Seletar. As the 5 room flat will most likely be our “retirement” home. We wish to seek your advice to get a flat to best complement our fengshui. We have not shortlist which block or units. Not sure if it is possible for you to advise on general which part of Punggol / Sengkang / Seletar to source for our 5 room resale?


I have not found the resale flat yet.

Possible to advise which block is better for me so that i can look up for the unit once available.....

This service can also be applied to any of the above two situations:-



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  • Staff

Question: Flat selection is commencing in June.. would like to know the estimated turnaround time required for such service.

Package 1 is a "catch all". Thus once confirmed of ballot number, can consider this service. As I will rank e.g. say all 4 bedrooms for you. 

Turnaround time is around 3 days. But safest to do so a week earlier. As often, I might have other commitments thus may not be able to offer this service.

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