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Baby Name or Change of Name: What is covered under Name Selection service?

Cecil Lee



Question: Can you advise what is covered under the naming service and how many names will be given for selection?

1. Thank you for your interest in our service. I will assist you on this portion, since I specialize in this area.

2. Usually, I will work out the best names available from various top name stroke groups (usually 80%-100% name stroke groups).

2.1 Depending on number of strokes of each group, some may have more 5-10, some may have less (1-5). But all in all there should be quite a lot of names available to pick from.

3. The names I normally match will be characters that are meaningful, so it will sound nice and have some meaning (if possible). However, should you not find a name you like from the groups, a character reference list is also provided, so that you can also match out other names you may like from the list to check if it is suitable.

4. So that you will have as much choice to find the most suitable name available, so as to help you find the best and most suitable name for your child.

5. In addition, if you have special requirements such as if you use family ancestral naming, I will can also find names restricting the say the middle character to that character.

6. Or if this is a 2nd/3rd child and you want to keep a certain middle or last character as a common sibling character. I will also work out names accordingly.

7. Or even if you have already some preferred names in mind, I can also check on those name and see how it fairs against the best available name stroke group.

8. So not to worry, it is quite a comprehensive process, often than not, there will be a lot of to and fro communication between the clients and me. As once I prepared the initial report, clients will take a while to go through and attempt to narrow down to the preferred name. Then when they have a list of preferred names, I will then summary the names in detail to give you the percentage breakdown of how the name fit to the ba zi, this way it will be easy to determine which is the most suitable name.

Hope that helps.

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee
GEOMANCY.NET: Center for Applied Feng Shui Research

Give your baby a good start in Life


WHATSAPPx.gif.933b1f171b62310142ae17b5501fc685.gif Robert Lee:+65 9835-5734 / support@geomancy.net


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This is a useful summary of our Name service:

Please click flow chart for a clearer image. Thank You!

Identical to above. But in text format:

Newborn Baby Name Selection Service (Off-site)
Contact: Robert Lee
@ +65 9835-5734

1) Info Required:

a) English Name, Chinese Name, Gender, Date and Time of Birth of Parents & Siblings (if not 1st child)

b) Gender, Date and Time of Birth of Newborn Baby

c) Any preferred Names you want to check if suitable or
preferred characters that you wish would like to have for the child

d) Or if you do follow Family Book (Zhu Pu)
in the naming?

Best to download the Newborn Baby Name Form to avoid missing out any information:-

URL: https://forms.geomancy.net

Upon receiving the info, we will need at least (minimum 1 day = Some surnames is easier can be done faster while some are harder to match; therefore best to have at least 1 day lead time even if you require urgent review) to prepare the initial report where detailed analysis of the child's ba zi that is used to produce a report with recommended names based on these areas:-

a) if you have a name in mind, we will check it to determine which name stroke group percentage it falls under to rank it for you. b) if you have name that clients may want based on a certain pinyin sounding /characters they like, we will work out name recommendations based on this requirements. c) Besides (a) and

(b), we will also work out the various preferred names from top name stroke groups (between 80-98% name stroke range)

Clients will be able to compare how the names fare between (a), (b) and (c).

Normally, we work out name based on most meaningful characters (as that is what most clients would prefer). However, for clients who may want even more unique name options, a character reference list will be provided for clients to match out their own name choices from the same middle or last stroke character reference list.

Advise on most suitable English Names (if required) (ie which Alphabet and number of characters in the name) would be best for the child will also be provided.

3) Clients will usually spend some time discussing with family  members once this comprehensive initial report is ready to narrow down the the preferred names / name stroke group that they like, and/or even can personally match out some additional names they would like from the character list provided (in case they want even more unique names). Some clients may also call to clarify any doubts they have before narrowing down the choices at this stage.

4) Once the clients send us the list of preferred names that they have narrowed down, we will work out the
details of each name and the new five element percentage with the name to rank them from most suitable to
least suitable.

5) Some clients continue to review and think of more names to further check on whether there is any more suitable names before finally deciding on the final name. Step 4-5 may repeat until they decided the final Chinese name, so many to and fro communications to help client find the best possible names for the child.

6) Need help in selecting an English name to match
the Chinese name? We will do so.

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Question: Need to choose English name for my fiance, based on bazi can recommend?

Generally, the Chinese Name Stroke Analysis is primarily meant for Selection of Chinese Name. However, using the same fundamental of the initial character and total characters in the English Name, this same concept is also used to help find a suitable English Name usually together with the Chinese Name to help improve the ba zi. Although, the English Name analysis will be somewhat limited since the analysis was originally created for Chinese Name. But it is used to help find a suitable English Name for a person as well as based on whether the name can improve the five elements of the ba zi. 

In your case, I will probably check on the existing Chinese Name, and then help to recommend an appropriate English Name that will help improve the ba zi luck. So it would still be the similar to a full name selection review.

URL: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/store/product/23-selection-of-newborn-chinese-name/

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Case Study of a Baby Name Service

1. This new client approached Master Robert Lee because he wanted a second opinion...

2. Previous FSM... There were some inconsistencies in his bazi naming report...


3. Thanks a lot, Robert. You have been very helpful and approachable, and learned quite a few things from you.

4. Will recommend my friends and relatives to you... do you also do home feng shui audit as well as is it done more by Cecil.



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Learn why many Feng Shui Masters get their Bazi reports wrong.

If the bazi report is wrong, imagine, especially their baby name selection will be wrong. Especially for a child or person born in January or February of any year...

Free book version of this article can be downloaded, here:


MY BAZI LUNAR AND XIA 2020-04-04.pdf

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