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Selection of Auspicious ROM & Traditional Wedding Date + Guo Da Li + An Chuan + Guilde on Traditional & Modern Wedding Ceremonies. All in

Cecil Lee



Fee for this Comprehensive service is SGD $128/-. All In.


  • Comprehensive Ba Zi Compatibility to find the most auspicious date and time for your ROM and/or Wedding Dates and Time.
  • Includes Guo Da Li (过大礼) Dates & Auspicious Timing.
  • Includes An Chuan (安床) Dates and Auspicious Timing.
  • Includes a guide on Traditional and Modern Wedding Ceremonies.



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WHATSAPPx.gif.933b1f171b62310142ae17b5501fc685.gif Robert Lee: +65 9835-5734 / support@geomancy.net


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  • Staff

Hi Master Cecil & Robert, would like to check if you do calculation of auspicious wedding date?

Our selection of wedding date service is an comprehensivve online service at SGD $128. It includes ROM/Wedding Dates, Guo Da Li and An Chuan Dates & Timing. It will also include a guide on traditional & modern wedding ceremonies.

Usually, we will work out the detailed auspicious date for the entire date range ie Jan 2022-Dec 2022 inclusive of the auspicious hours. So you will be able to see the details of the analysis why it is auspicious/inauspicious etc. A summary will be provided that will summarize the best and next best dates for you by weekend/weekday etc. 

Once clients have selected the preferred date, we will then help them to advise on the best timing for the day and other alternative dates for the Guo Da Li and An Chuan. So it is a comprehensive service that covers everything you need for your wedding date selection. You can see the sample reports from this link:-

URL: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/store/product/26-selection-of-auspicious-rom-andor-wedding-dates/

NOTE: As we do have a lot of internation clients, so our default pricing is in USD. You can select the Show prices in SGD for Singapore pricing.

Information Required
Simply fill up this form, then e-mail to support@geommancy.net or whatsapp to Robert Lee at +65 9835-5734. 

URL: https://www.geomancy.net/forms/weddingform.doc

We will be able start working on your review and will send you a report link once the review is done. Usually, our turn around timing for the auspicious date is pretty fast (1-2 days or earlier).


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  • Staff

Good afternoon Master Lee. Based on the one year combined auspicious dates you provided, we are considering 17 Sep 2023 for wedding. May I just enquire that this date will be good for us, regardless the 通勝 states good or bad for wedding? Thank you.

Tung Shu dates is still considered a general date that is suitable for everyone. So that doesn't consider whether individually your ba zi date is suitable to the date or not. That is why even if you look at a date in Tung Shu, you still have to check if the day clashes/harms with the bride or groom or not. 

As ultimately, every one will have some day which are better or not. So it can't be everyone on this planet will have the same good day based on the tung shu. This is why even if you check the Tung Shu, you still need to check if that day is suitable to that person or not before using it.

Our auspicious dates, consider all these factors and attempt to find the date with the least clash/harm with 1 or 2 person involved. The goal is to find a date which least clash/harm which will eventually be the best overall date. So generally our auspicious date will superceed any generalised Tung Shu or general horoscope etc.

Thank you so much, Master Lee! I learnt something today. Have a good weekend 😃E2CE05BE-4DDD-4B99-B829-A8BFAF394953.thumb.jpeg.d67143456d2749475f8d07950f73a571.jpeg


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