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Case Study 2: After going through numerous comments and revisions, I will superimpose the ground floor onto the 2nd storey layout plan to see if there are any potential issues.

For example:

1. On the 2nd storey:

Is the stove above a bedroom/bed?

2. On the ground level:

Is the toilet/WC above the main door? Is an altar directly below the 2nd storey's toilet etc...


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Case Study 4: Feng Shui Advice + also practical common sense advice

1. Back door should open inwards not outwards:-



2. Giving common sense advice: A sharp 90 degree turn is not exactly practical in real life.

2.1. Reminded me of a past client who bought a solidly built master bed in Indonesia. As a result, luckily the master bedroom is at the front of the house. The owners managed to get the bed hoisted via a crane by dismantling the windows into their home!


3. Feng Shui advice based on Qi flow aka "wind" into a specific bedroom as shown with the advice on the bottom-left side. While the other advice is based on pure common sense.


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Case Study 5: Mum's bedroom at ground floor any issue with the layout proposal?

In this instance caution client that it is unhealthy to place the washing machine & or dryer sharing the same wall as mum's bedroom.


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Case Study 6: Clear understanding of Mr and Mrs best study/work directions to aid in planning of their respective tables and chairs.

At one glance, client can easily understand their best directions.



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Case Study 7: Imagine all the above case studies are just for a single client!

Each and every revision is carefully studied by me and given quick advice if I see that something may not be so correct:


LAYOUT PLAN 26082015.png

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Case Study 8: Client wanted to do an Additions and Alternations (A & A works) and wanted to seek advice prior to meeting with their architect.

The earlier Case Studies 1 to 7 belong to this same example. Where the original layout plan was the starting block for refining the layout plan to suit a family with 3 children and their mother.

1. Gound Level:


2. Level 2 and what to take note of:-


3. Preliminary advice especially of suitable bedrooms for whom804952520_LEVEL3.thumb.png.70ea37de479bc9253df5237cea5bda0f.png

Note: Please note that when I have the time, I will be sharing another method of presentation of such a proposal.

What matters most is that my comments will certain give a heads-up for you to better plan your new home be it a total built from scratch or an A & A works.

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Do you provide Feng Shui audit for an existing home review to improve Health, Weath and Happiness?

1. Yes. Two visits: 1st visit is fact finding. 2nd visit is to discuss findings:-

1.1. Pixelated for confidentiality:-


P.S. Note: No two audit review reports are identical. The above is a rough sample of a 2 visit audit review.

2. There is also a no frills: 1 visit audit.

3. Contact Cecil Lee at HP/Whatsapp: +65 9785-3171 for more information.


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