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CAN OR CANNOT BUY OVERVIEW: [1.] Brand New [2.] Eyeing a Few Units [3.] Onsite Re-sale

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Cecil Lee


 Do you offer Can or Cannot buy service?

768031031_Canorcannotbuybygeomancynet.png.5fc3f043824dd3192fdfd8a87a01de06.png1. I am looking a 3-bedrooms in a specific brand new development = Option 1 (Blue)

2. I am considering either 1, 2 or at most 3 stacks/units in a development = Option 2 (Yellow)

3. I want to arrange a site-visit to view 1 or 2 re-sale units = On-site 1 or 2 visit (See Orange flow chart)  




Option 1: Brand New or usually lots of units available for selection


Option 2: Narrowed down to a few units



Lastly, an On-site 1 visit

Contact: WHATSAPPx.gif.933b1f171b62310142ae17b5501fc685.gif Cecil Lee, +65 9785-3171


1063694906_WORKING3-Copy.png.23324c5b1a45f73542d9d5faff7d9cdc.pngFor Off-site review, please check for availability. Normal is 3 days often, most of the time I can complete the review within 48 hours provided all necessary information and birth-dates are provided in a timely manner. However, one can never know if there are unexpected contingencies. Thus on record this service commitment is 4 days for normal service.

If you need an URGENT review, please state clearly before Quote.


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Recommended Comments

 Question: What do you need from me?

1. All family member's Name / Gender / Western Date n Time of Birth (if Lunar must clearly as such) Name western is fine as this is for Feng Shui not name analysis.

2. Confirm breadwinner: usually the male breadwinner

2.1. Layout plan.

3. Whatsapp or 

If via Email to: support@geomancy.net
Let me know once u emailed so that I can monitor it.
Thank You.
謝謝 Cecil Lee, Geomancy.net

And Time of birth can be given between:
1 to 2.59; am or pm
3 to 4.59; am or pm
5 to 6.59; am or pm
7 to 8.59; am or pm
9 to 10.59 am or pm

For example:-
Cannot be between 2pm to 5pm thus should be either:-

[   ] 1pm to 2.59pm or
[   ] 3pm to 4.59pm

Terms: For Off-site Option 1 and 2: Payment is in-advance.

P.S. Note: It is not compulsory to furnish a copy of the layout plan under the On-site 1 visit service = Nice-to, if you can do so.


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Case Study: Samples under Option 2: As no two units are identical. 

1. Each specific stack/unit reviewed may differ from each of these samples.

2. Comments vary also depending on whether one is reviewing a single or a few stacks/units. 

2.1. Example ONE:

Can or cannot buy Option 2 example.png

2.2. Example TWO:


2.3. Example THREE: (Where this is the one and only stack/unit reviewed). Please note that (below) was pixelated or blurred for confidentiality...



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