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On-site Office Feng Shui: An affordable 1 visit audit for a few of us in our office

Cecil Lee


Success starts with good Feng Shui.

Do you offer a 1 visit audit for a few of us in our office? How much?

Transparent Pricing. No Hidden Costs

Yes, this office on-site service is also very popular! 

A. For Three friends/colleagues:

Have many cases where each friend pays only $88/- each. (Minimum fee is $264/-) = 3 persons @ $88 each.

B.  For Four to Six friends/colleagues:

Is $68/- each.

Note: But in the event that on the day of visit there are only Three persons, then the fee is as Per Para 1. above.


WHATSAPPx.gif.ff063f44ac223320de92f94ebe11098d.gif Cecil Lee, +65 9785-3171


We are also image.png.f5b95a99be550c9440bbbb797369a767.png Stay Vigilant & Stay Safe for our loved ones! 

+ Mask ON + Wash Hands frequently.

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Looking to rent an office Unit?
Fee starts at $288/- for a small office like this

1. Shape of the Unit

1.1. In general, the safest Interior for an office is as squarish as possible.

1.2. [Below] Thus even if the wealth sector(s) are located anywhere within either one or more of the grids, wealth luck can be achieved. 


1.3 [Below] In general, can be seen that a Squarish interior allows for better "Flow of Qi"


1.4. [Below] For example, even if the wealth luck sector is anywhere at one or more of the $ area, it can still circulate well:-


2. What about a narrow profile?

2.1. [Below] A narrow layout is like the "narrowing of an artery". Thus do hope that the wealth sectors are either at sector A and or sector A + the centre of the unit: 


2.2. [Below] Via Flying Star Feng Shui and if the wealth luck is at one or more of pink locations = X , then can affect business luck. 


2.3 [Below]  Qi flow in a narrow interior is squeezed:-


2.4 [Below] Thus assuming if $ represents good sector(s) of the unit, it is harder to circulate within the whole office area:

2.4.1. If so will certainly affect the viability of the business in the Long run.

3. Where avoid a unit with a missing corner. For office unit, this is often achievable. Given that a missing corner or rather at the wrong area can affect one's wealth if it is suppose to be a wealth corner.


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