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  2. The seller's ulterior motive is for their victims to buy as many of their products for as many sectors 9 to be precise for their home! Clever and Creative Marketing Ideas Highly Commercialized Annual Feng Shui Products Broke by the time one is asked to buy many items for each 9 sectors of a home! Ponder this... PARENTS AND GRAND, GREAT GRAND PARENTS TIME DON'T HAVE THESE, HOW THEN IN THE PAST? When the buying Stops! the selling Can!
  3. Master Cecil Lee says: "Sorry, I don’t practice such superstitious stuff." Fake Feng Shui The Idea: Create demand to sell as many Chinese Zodiac Animal Figures! (Sell at high mark-ups and/or earn commissions from such sales) The best method to create such a demand is to entice their clients that each sector can be activated by a specific zodiac animal figurine. And the best part, get them to BUY THEM! LOL Master Cecil Lee says: "Sorry, I don’t practice such superstitious stuff." When the BUYING STOPS, the SELLING CAN!
  4. This is Fake Feng Shui Many years ago, many already started to sell so called "Feng Shui Jewelry"
  5. Hi Cecil, i just bought this wealth bull and was told to put in northwest of my house or living room I tried put in my masterbedroom TV console facing my bed. But i keep having nightmare and dream of ghost. Please advise me where can i put this wealth bull to welcome wealth and not money keep going out and fall sick Master Cecil Lee’s Reply: Best to keep it permanently or store it. As not suitable, (Actually, just throw away is the best!) Many Feng Shui Masters are simply a Feng Shui STORE in disguise. Ask: "Must I buy from YOU?"
  6. Case Study: Dining table with poor centre of gravity as found at a commercial establishment... Trying leaning heavily on the edge and the table TOP toppled... Actually, it is an extra piece of round plywood placed over such tables:
  7. Case Study: Concave side of a building + strong winds blowing from North-South can affect the health of office workers working at this side of the building...
  8. The reason for having 5 parts is that there are just too many illustrations if they are all placed in one forum thread. Part 1 of 5: Ask "Must I buy from YOU?" Part 2 of 5: We could have made millions but refused to do so Part 3 of 5: More Illustrations on Fake Feng Shui Part 4 of 5: More Illustrations on Fake Feng Shui Part 5 of 5: More Illustrations on Fake Feng Shui
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