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All topics are LINKS to the original articles. Thus new Postings are at the page of origin.

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  2. Case Study: Dining table with poor centre of gravity as found at a commercial establishment... Trying leaning heavily on the edge and the table TOP toppled... Actually, it is an extra piece of round plywood placed over such tables:
  3. Case Study: Concave side of a building + strong winds blowing from North-South can affect the health of office workers working at this side of the building...
  4. The reason for having 5 parts is that there are just too many illustrations if they are all placed in one forum thread. Part 1 of 5: Ask "Must I buy from YOU?" Part 2 of 5: We could have made millions but refused to do so Part 3 of 5: More Illustrations on Fake Feng Shui Part 4 of 5: More Illustrations on Fake Feng Shui Part 5 of 5: More Illustrations on Fake Feng Shui
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