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  2. Mainly because, it does not go well with any materials made of porcelain, mugs, glass. I don’t like the sound of these items touching the glass surface. Even how gently I place them on the table. Even if one to lay a plastic surface protector. It really looks ugly.. with all the bubbles appearing on the surface.
  3. Cecil Lee


    Frangipanni planted in a pot.. Flowers are naturally smaller. But nice... My favourite (see below) as the least common variety:- While nowadays... quite tired of the maroon colours. Don’t get me wrong. Maroon flowers are always nice. But they are like a dime a dozen! Too common place!
  4. Who are you? S? BTW I am C Another nameless soul... @6.47am
  5. Case Study 1: In my opinion, seems like the North marking on the Sales Brochure (SB) may not be correct! 1. All street directory map including onemap.sg has the North 0/360 exactly at the top and South 180 at the bottom of the page. 2. Onemap.sg uses the accurate government survey data map. 2.1. And in Singapore as we are close to the equator; the magnetic north and geographic north are to the human "eyes" equal to each other. 3. When I tried to confirm the North compass marking on the SB; 3.1. What I did was to match the outline of "Holland Road" and lined up the edge of the Sales Brochure to this streetmap. 3.2. What I found was that the original North compass marking found on the SB needs a further or additional 10 more degrees tilt. 3.3. Below is my workings showing what would have been the correct compass direction (in blue):- 4. Question: Should I still rely on the Sales Brochure North marking? 4.1. My answer is it is a suspect in terms of accuracy. This North marking found on the SB. 4.2 The actual tilt is at +-17 degrees to the right. While the SB is only 7 degrees. A 10 degrees difference in tilt: which is quite a significant difference. 5. Given that from personal experience, for many other developments the variance is only 1 or 3 degrees difference between what is on the street map (onemap) vs the SB. 5.1. Under Flying Star Feng Shui sometimes a few degrees makes all the difference in the plotting and interpretation and analysis of a home. 5.2. Blue arrow should be the correct North marking in relation to the layout plan. 5.3. The original SB's tilt is 7 degrees: 6. Of course, it would be great if the development had T.O.P. Thus nothing beats being physically present to confirm compass readings. 6.1. For now, the next best is to try and match to reliable street maps such as onemap.sg
  6. Related: Concepts like Fix-the-leaks, first. Concept of Maximising marks. What is a headbanger? etc...
  7. Case Study 7: Parc Canberra's expected T.O.P. is in 1st Quarter 2023. If so, under Flying Star Feng Shui, this belongs to Period 8 Feng Shui. 1. The stacks/units in this development either face Period 8 Flying Star NW3 or SE3 facing. 2. Is it always the main door direction? Frankly, not always. 2.1. Understand why for Parc Canberra, the frontage of the home may not always be the main door. 2.2. But rather, it should be "standing inside the living room looking out of the balcony or PES for ground floor units. 2.3. Learn why:-
  8. 19.1.2020 HDB Alkaff Courtview... looks like a matter of a few months to key collection...
  9. Last week
  10. Case Study 6: It would have been best if the aircon ledge was at the rear of Type C1 series (C1-G groundfloor, C1 and C1-PH penthouse)
  11. Case Study 5: Can I rely on the Sales Brochure North marking? 1. Was able to match the North marking on both the Sales brochure with street directory map exactly. 2. By matching the profile of the site plan with the profile of the plot. 3. The match is a perfect or 100% match. 4. Thus the Sales brochure North marking can be totally relied upon. As compared to several past launches where the it was incorrect.
  12. Case Study 4: Parc Canberra site plan. How is it? On first looks the planners did a reasonable job in the layout of the blocks. Generally, Shapes and Forms Feng Shui favours an orderly arrangement. And the arrangement has a vague resemblance to that of 100 Palms EC (Just T.O.P.) with the exception of Blocks 1 and 3. Can understand why Blocks 1 and 3 had to be indented slightly inwards to accommodate the drive-up etc... Parc Canberra consists of 495 rensidential units. 99 Leasehold Estimated T.O.P. is in 1st Quarter 2023 Thus if T.O.P. is in 2023, this development comes under Period 8 Flying Star Feng Shui.
  13. HDB Alkaff Lakeview Nice lakeview and no afternoon sun..for stacks/unit directly facing this pond... sorry, I mean the tiny lake... Don’t want to sound like a sour grape. It is really not a lake even it real or artificial. Even if it was enlarged, looks more like a pond.. LOL Cedar Girls School view..
  14. Hong Ji Mian Shi Jia wanton mee at Telok Blangah One of the best authentic 1960’s traditional “tick-tick” mee Style noodles. The chilli sauce is what one would have in the past. Mild spicy. Another stall in the same market; facing the field and Block 78B is always forever busy. They sell Prawn noodles or fishball noodles: See the Long queue? Used to be my favourite especially when raw fish was served. However, porridge is not always filling. And does not provide enough energy especially if this meal is going to last me up to 3 or 4pm.. These are the three best stalls, here. Frankly, have not eaten at this stall. But this stall seems popular...
  15. I have actually given clues on this. Where previously I wrote:- Previously, I wrote: Petain Road also has a history. That of the traitor French General: also with this name "Petain" during 2nd World war. As he was part of the French Vichy government that sided with Germany. Please understand that this forum is not a spoon feeding session + to encourage those who are interested to do a further search/research into it. As I have given pertinent clues already: petain, Vichy, French, 2nd world war, Germany...and Google one or combination of these words! To find out “betrayed”....is all about. If one had made an effort (see above) for example: I simply typed “Pertain” into Google search and this pops up:- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippe_Pétain See underlined in red... means? To the French, he is a traitor to their people as he collaborated with Nazi Germany. (Axis powers of Germany, Italians and Japanese). He should have instead during World War II be on the Allied powers side. If not sure what Allied powers means.. go search... Mo For me, if I want to buy a home for stay, I very much like to find out the history of the site. And even what is the significance of the street name of my potential new home. Your 2nd part ... too vague.. At best: “ It depends”. Again, if not sure what this means... go search... temple? Now I say.. go search for Melody or Temples and there are examples of it.. or search for devil’s gate.
  16. Petain rd mean? will be betrayed? Does it means fengshui no good if unit is back facing temple? Attracted by the amenities here but wonder how far should one get away from in densely populated Singapore?
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