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  2. An example of poor Shapes and Forms: Where stove sharing the same wall as the Toilet
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  4. Previous Can or cannot buy review of Parc Riviera Stack #19 Of Stack 20:-
  5. In theory there are a few cures: 1. If the building management allows, one can place those reflective "sunX-film" to cover the entire windows or at least up to 70% above the temple's roof line + add blinds. 2. Or place a convex ba gua mirror strategically at a location facing the temple.
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  7. Hi! Thank you for taking time to see my post. I would like to seek guidance on my new rented location for my business @ centropod My window is directly facing the temple with poison arrow facing towards me, may I ask for suggestion to counter measure it? Kindly see the attach pictures, picture is taken from my shop door, facing towards the window. I'm in the beauty industry, dealing mainly with bridal/Wedding, my target audience are females Any advice will be much appreciate, Thank you so much!
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  9. Part 18: Spice garden at Treasure at Tampines A requirement of all condominiums is the weekly fumigation of the whole estate. Truth be told that even if the spices (spice plants) are alive and well; don't every "put these into one's mouth!". With the weekly fumigation, these spices may turned out to be "toxic" and cancerously.. Ouch! In many of the condos I have been to... often just after three or four years later... their spice garden has turned into another "fern/weed garden" LOL
  10. Part 17: Case Study: A odd arrangement of Fridge, sink, washing machine then stove 2 Bedroom/Premium Type B3 and B4P. A case of "No choice, lah!" it's close to a shoe-box sized home? LOL Although the washing machine is hidden below the kitchen work-top. It is truly strange to find it between the sink and stove. A case of poor Shapes and Forms Feng Shui. See below:- P.S. A buyer yells out: "Sir! You are barking at the wrong tree! "I don't cook, lah!" LOL"
  11. Part 16: Case Study - Stove sharing the same wall as Bath 2 A sampling of just two layout plans shows that Type D7P and D8P has the stove sharing the same wall as Bath 2. This is considered inauspicious under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui:-
  12. Please do a search in this forum. This topic is very old and there are many examples on it, already.
  13. Guest

    Staircase counts

    Sir good Afternoon! Im looking for help in my new house especially in the preparation of the stair. I would like to ask how many steps for simple ordinary straight main staircase? Thank you.
  14. Their branch in Punggol... looks very spicy.. in fact for me this is mild!
  15. This stall at Kallang uses Hokkien dialect terms to describe how spicy you want your wanton Noodles to be... Let me interpret this although the mandarin version is next to it: Tam Po Hiam = a bit of chilli Por Tong Hiam = standard amount of chilli Ka Zuay Hiam = a bit more chilli Jin Jiak Hiam = more chilli Xiang Teh Hiam = lots of chilli
  16. For some homes, best to avoid a marble, granite or ceramic dining table In this extract of an apartment, the kitchen is within the #2 sickness and #5 misfortune/sickness. Thus it is strongly recommended to avoid a marble table. Same here for granite or ceramic table.
  17. Master Cecil, my FIL just passed away last Friday. Can I check with you will this affect our key collection, door opening and Reno? Sorry to learn about your loss. Key collection, renovations are not like getting married. For many Chinese of different dialect groups have no issue with this. Just don't wear red during key collection P.S. There are no fixed rules. For example, especially for some who had sold their present home; have to get their new homes ready. Else...
  18. Feng Shui is not one size fits all. It involves:- Location, location and location, review the location. For example in the top left chart; the Flying Stars Period and specific Flying Stars + the main breadwinner's information.
  19. Annual visits are not compulsory for most of my clients. This is because for eg. every year we have an additional 500 clients. Logically, if all 500 clients want an annual review on top of the existing client base. How to complete the annual review(s) even over three months? Annual reviews are often when suddenly for that year.. some clients have some issues that need to be looked into: health, wealth and /or relationships. Some FS masters want their clients to do an annual .. many do it for the purpose perhaps to make money.. To be realistic.. the Feng Shui period will change as this cycle is from 2004 to 2023. And 2024 to 2043 is a new cycle. Wealth luck will change. And perhaps, more clients may want to take up an annual review. Annual review costs at my end is around $288/- for homes. As I mentioned, not everyone wants to do it.
  20. Launching soon...
  21. Coastline Residences at 7 and 9 Amber Road by SL Capital (3) Pte Ltd This development consists of 2 blocks of 21 storey flat development with basement,swimming pool, sky terraces and communal facilities Tenure: Freehold Expected TOP: 13 December 2022. Under Flying Stars Period 8 chart. Site Area: 3620.9 sqm Total Units: 144 units
  22. Lee shifu, Thank you very much for your time this morning.
  23. In order to be considered a sha qi: the test is to stand say .. inside the master bedroom looking out of the window(s). The good news is the concept: "If cannot be seen, it is no longer a threat, applies". Thus for the master bedroom, since this is a window; the installation of a day curtain. Or if this is the fringe of the master bedroom, curtains can be drawn to this side of the window and if one stands inside the master bedroom looking out.. and cannot see the pole .. there is no threat. Futhermore, if you have vehicles that are parked inside your home such that it blocks the pole's view.. again. this is acceptable. Not withstanding that one has to purchase a vehicle and sit idle in the home.. LOL.
  24. Hi master, Should i be worried if a pole is in front of my main gate and behind the main gate is the master bedroom? I’ve attached a picture of my house taken from the house opposite which is infront of the pole for your kind reference.
  25. Sengkang Central Residences by CapitaLand and CDL at Bangkok MRT launching 2019 A new mixed development at Buangkok MRT Expected TOP Estimated 2022 - 2023 Tenure 99 years No. of Units Approximately 682 units
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