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  2. 1. Many Feng Shui Masters are a Feng Shui Store in disguise.
  3. Case Study 16: What’s in a name like Forett? 1. Okay, a few times when I typed Forett, my iPhone changed it to “Forest”. Not because the word refers to greenery, but because it failed to detect a proper English word! 2. No results found for forett... 3. Recently one kind forum user explained that another development: Tedge is not associated with it’s actual properties... but that this developer chose it because it is at “The edge of Telok Kurau estate!” 4. HELP! Any kind souls know the real significance of the word: FORETT? 5. I was like thinking of For rent? For Rat? Forget?
  4. Case Study: Block 37 Prive EC and traffic junction 1. Several years ago, a client bought a re-sale flat at Prive EC. 2. It is an equally high floor unit. 3. The most distinct feature of his unit he told me was that often he can hear screeching sounds of heavy braking at this traffic junction. Frankly such things sounds unsettling for newbies. Maybe after a while.. get used to such things. 4. Based on Common sense, this also can also add to stigma associated with a home facing a traffic junction. 5. In fact, it seems that the Waterwoods stack/unit mentioned earlier is slightly deeper in than this stack/unit at Block 35 Prive. 6. Higher up at around 1 O'clock of Waterwoods is HDB The Nautilus @ Punggol. With stacks/units circled in red also facing a traffic junction... 7. As I mentioned earlier, if in doubt, of No. 1 - unit facing a junction, look elsewhere. P.S. In fact, the Prive EC is a good example of a full cross junction when compared to Westwoods. While The Nautilus towards/along the Bright Hall Evergreen Home is not that busy road.
  5. 1. For 1. - If in doubt look elsewhere. Given that yourself and like many others are concerned, here. And often it has to do with malignant forces at traffic junctions. Or rather the concern that traffic junctions may not be so “clean”. 1.1. There is a higher probability of death occurring at a traffic junction. Because of this, sometimes it is said that a spirit that dies in a horrible way may linger around the area. 1.2. Hopefully, it does not venture further or into nearby home. Thus this is for those who choose or not choose to believe in such things. 2. For 2. - Majority of the time, this is not an issue. But it may stack up if the house is highly unsuitable to the breadwinner and if there are usually two or more "major" wealth leaks. 3. It also depends on factors like a Habit 1: Feng Shui Triage, Habit 3: Maximising Marks and more...
  6. Question: Hi Master, my query is just quick only regarding the landing of the stairs. Should it be oro or plata also? But the end top stairs is oro.. 1. The reason we want users to post question in the forum, is that most often than not, such advise questions may be asked many times, so it beneficial for others users once we answer it one time. 2. As far as Feng Shui is concerned, auspicious number of steps are as follows, or which you can see from this link:- 1,2, 5, 10, 13, 14, 17, 22, 25, 26 etc... URL: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/topic/10754-auspicious-number-of-steps/ 3. As for the non-feng shui Oro Plata Mata concept, based on the chant (Gold, Silver, Death). If you match the the sequence, the Mata step is always inauspicious under the feng shui. But as for the Oro or Plata one, it is not necessary all Oro or Plata one is auspicious. Hence, using the feng shui guide in para 2 is a bit less ambigious for this. Which you can see from this example, which I combined the two concepts, for example:- 1 oro - Auspicious 2 plata - Auspicious 3 mata - Inauspicious 4 oro - Inauspicious 5 plata - Auspicious 6 mata - Inauspicious 7 oro - Inauspicious 8 plata - Inauspicious 9 mata - Inauspicious 10 oro - Auspicious 11 plara - Inauspicious 12 mata - Inauspicious 13 oro - Inauspicious 14 plata - Auspicious 15 mata - Inauspicious 16 oro - Inauspicious 17 plata - Auspicious 18 mata - Inauspicious 19 oro - Inauspicious 20 plata - Inauspicious 21 mata - Inauspicious 22 oro - Auspicious 23 plata - Inauspicious 24 mata - Inauspicious 25 oro - Auspicious 26 plata - Inauspicious
  7. Hi master, My family is looking at a resale at waterwoods ec. I have drawn the unit on the map and it should be facing the t junction. And also uploaded the floor plan and the unit I am looking at is level [xx for privacy have hidden it for you - Cecil Lee] Two concerns: 1. The master bed room, 2 room and balcony appears to be facing the junction. 2. Once the main door is opened, it is directly pointing to the kitchen. Should be no way to build a wall to obstruct the direct to kitchen from main door. Please share with me some of your advice. Cheers
  8. Case Study 15: What is Forett's overall Feng Shui score? 1. Location, location, location = 4.5 stars out of 5 2. This paranomic photo gives a good idea of the plot of land and it's surroundings: Source and Credit ERA Briefing Notes as found in the slide. 3. The first impression of this plot is the relationship between (the cruel) but beatiful relation of ancient Chinese women bounding their feet to fit into small shoes. 3.1. I totally agree with you that perhaps this may be the wrong description. But, sincerely, I meant it as a compliment to the unique shape. 3.1.1. Apologies, but this may be a turn-off for some. Hear goes:- 3.1.2 As I cannot help but see some similarities of one of the photos with the outline of the Forett plot. 3.2. Okay, I get you. The 2nd thing that came to my mind was the beautiful toddlers and their shoes.. This description sounds better right? 3.3. Thus this accounts for a high score of 4.5 stars for Location (L) x 3. 4. In my opinion, the developer made a good effort to squeeze all the blocks/stacks despite it's odd shape:- Site Plan = 3.5 Stars 5. Feng Shui does not take into consideration that this is a Freehold site. But to the buyer.. it does. LOL Related: Nearby development https://www.geomancy.net/forums/topic/16555-daintree-residence-at-toh-tuck-road-by-sp-septia-scores-poorly-in-external-shapes-forms-feng-shui-ouch/?tab=comments#comment-36220
  9. Case Study 14A: Any Sha Qi or Poison Arrow(s) from neighbouring Blocks/Stacks of Signature Park Condo 1. Many years ago, I recalled standing inside a client's unit at marking in red "X" looking down towards the lower development. Which now will become Block 36 and 36A Forett. 2. These two blocks 36 and 36A are almost parallel to the gentle curve of Signature Park units surrounding marking "X". Thus no issue of any poison arrows from these units. 3. On the contrary, Forett Block 34A stack #33 and Block 34B stack #54 may have potential poison arrows aimed towards specific stacks/units at Signature Park if one follows the Yellow arrows that I had drawn below:- Case Study 14B: Sha Qi from Block 34A aimed towards Block 38 stacks #73 and #78 1. Similar examples of this type of Sha Qi can be found within this resource link:- https://www.geomancy.net/forums/topic/15997-the-tapestry-by-cdl-at-tampines-unexpected-sha-qi-and-poison-arrows-the-luxurie-la-fiesta-greenfoliage/?tab=comments#comment-34689
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  11. Case Study 13: Human or Man Luck and the good old days of "One Happy Family" 1. I am glad to see the bigger units with a walk-in-wardrope. 2. This means that if one does not further add extra wardrope cabinet in the master bedroom, it frees the master bedroom to cater for "One Happy Family". 3. This is because how many fathers experience the situation where they get "thrown" out of the master bedroom when they have kids? 4. Here, isn't it nice that the whole family be it one or more children can comfortably squeeze into the master bedroom. 5. Until a time when the kids decided otherwise! LOL
  12. Case Study 12: Clash of Sink and Stove of 3 Bedroom Premium - C 3 a / 4 Bedroom Premium D 1 a etc... 1. Unfortunately, the layout is not so efficient after all. Why? 2. Ideally the sink and stove should preferably in a straight line. 3. From a Shapes and Forms: this layout shows that the sink clashes with the stove. 4. [Above] As a result, some may later on construct e.g. perhaps an arching sidewall (in green illustration) at the stove side. 3 Bedroom Premium - C 3 a Also for 4 Bedroom Premium - D 1a 5. Common sense and the layout of the sink and stove: 5.1. There is a straightforward explanation why a sink and stove should share the same table top but preferably be separated from each other at least 40cm or 60 cm or more. 5.2. Here, after cooking on the stove, one can easily bring these used (hot) utensils quickly to the sink. 5.2.1. Thus there is no way of dropping it or have to : Look right, look left and then bring it to the sink. This is especially so if one has one or more toddlers running around in the house. Don't want to accidentally scar the children as in this layout. 6. In the event of wind, hopefully the heat from the utensils do not move towards the kitchen door etc...
  13. Case Study 11: A toilet should share an external wall. 1. This is fundamentally based on Common sense so much so that it has to be one of the major considerations of any home. 2. For example, from Day 1 of HDB's history, all of their layouts have a WC sharing an external wall. 3. In fact, as far as I can remember, 99.99% of all private developments also has naturally ventilated bathrooms. 4. Thus, the comment below is "God" given. Or understood. 5. The only thing I like to point out is that it is less common to have a Yard toilet that shares an external wall. Thus Kudos to the developer, here.
  14. Case Study 10: Reduced traffic noise especially units facing the slip road and Expressway is an indirect benefit to residents of the estate. 1. This has more to do with Human/Man Luck factors than Feng Shui. 2. Given that this developer seems to tout that it has considered many user friendly features for this development e.g. solar panels for most affected by afternoon and even morning sun; no unit has its main door facing the bin; minimal passageways etc... 3. If one has purchased a unit there; request or petition the developer to include soundproofing ceiling boards (if they have not considered this already) especially for units facing the expressway! Life's like this! Developer: "Sorry, during pre-COVID-19 days, we can easily do this! But post-COVID-19, our budget over-runs are killing us with the increased costs of built!" Developer: "Furthermore, you will be lucky if we are able to hand the unit 6 months late.. or even longer!" Developer: "We really have no news of our people. Believe, they are still stuck somewhere in a facility. Hey! Elections are over! Any update for us?" Extracts from:- https://www.geomancy.net/forums/topic/15077-the-visionaire-ec-sembawang/?tab=comments#comment-31786 Blocks such as 186 have balconies installed with sound proofing properties. As one of the main culprit is the balcony ceiling reflecting noise especially from MRT tracks into the home. Further good news is that new generation trains are less noisy. Next time if one sees this: do understand that it is meant to reduce/absorb the magnified noise bouncing onto the balcony ceiling this magnifying the traffic noise. This these ceilings are not only for decorative purposes but for the above mentioned purposes. A completely flat surface echos sounds that travel in a straight line. From now onwards, the government placed a restriction of every unit with a maximum of 15% balconies to total unit floor area. In addition, some development comes with thicker noise reduction glass panels. Some high end one comes with dual ply glass panels.
  15. 13.7.2020 Where to purchase a traditional ceremonial charcoal stove? Serangoon North Ave 1 Block 154 Note: In case you are reading this years down the road, there is no guarantee that it will still be sold, here.
  16. Case Study 9: Are the provision of solar coating for specific stacks/unit correct? Please see, below:- 1. In green = stacks/units influenced by morning sun 2. In pink and red = Every six months, the afternoon sun rays are at an angle. And these facings although will not get direct afternoon sunlight. But the facade of these stacks/unit will get equally hot = "green house effect." 3. Thus it would be also "NICE" if these additional stacks/units get their fair share of solar protection. LOL 4. In my opinion, it is sad that especially true South (180 degrees) cardinal facing stacks were not given the solar protection also. Related resource:
  17. Case Study 8: Location of water tank and Penthouse units 1. It is good that the developer also share the location of the water tank. 2. However, the information can be quite overwhelming and confusing:- 3. There was a recent development which instead of describing in lengthy text has placed an outline of the water tank over the outline of each block's stack. (Ola Executive condo at Sengkang) 4. This visual cues is a much more effective way to understand whether the water tank is directly or partially above a specific unit or not. 5. What is the main concern of the water tank? 5.1. Under Symbolism in Feng Shui ideally a unit's space should not be under a water tank = as under the I-Ching, water above one means or symbolises difficulty. 6. In past forum posting.. I mentioned that a penthouse unit which my client wanted to purchase had cracks/leaking markings over the location where the roof-top water tank is bolted onto. 6.1. As many of us know, a water tank can expand and contract. 6.2. And if the tank legs were bolted onto the roof, this means that the roof concrete may also expand and contract. 6.3. And sooner or later, the water proofing may give way. I understand, for a condo unit, leaks are the responsibility of the MCST. But sometimes, it takes time to fix. And often may need to be fixed whenever, it no longer has water proof properties. Both a hassle for the resident. And sometimes, damage has already been done to the resident's home. Reference: A first where OLA Site Plan shows the "Water Tank Location". This is a better method of presenting it's location:- In addition, if one wants to purchase a ground floor unit, the location of the Ventilation Shafts are equally important. Why? In the past, the poor client of mine collected the keys and shortly discovered that directly below his 3rd bedroom's ground opening is a ventilation fan. Unfortunately, the fan apparently ran for specific timing of the day and it did make a loud noise. That was I believe like at least 6 or 8 years ago. Sorry, can't really remember the actual condo or EC. Oh Dear! Maybe I am starting to get dementia... Oops!
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  19. 1. Many Feng Shui Masters are a Feng Shui Products Store in disguise.
  20. What is Human or Man Luck as mentioned in an earlier thread?
  21. 1. Under the science of Compass School, Eight House concept, there is such a thing as best bed-head directions. 2. The example below shows Bedroom 3 as the proposed bedroom for "son" + his best bed-head direction:- Case Study 31: Ultimate application of the Eight House Concept Past Feng Shui Review in Block 75 Watertown @ Punggol Depending on whether son or daughter and/or both occupies Bedroom 3; the bed-head and study direction(s) are optimised to them If the bedroom is specifically meant for the daughter, notice that her proposed bed-head direction and study table directions differ from son:- Reference: 3. Alternatively, there are situations where Human/Man Luck takes a higher precedence. 3.1. Here, one may be told that the son cannot sleep unless he has one side of the bed placed beside the wall. 3.2. In such a situation, Para 3.1. should be preferred.
  22. Hello Master Cecil, Thanks for the response. However, can I check, if I remain with the current layout (which is one side of the bed against the wall), in comparison to the proposed layout, which layout would be recommended?
  23. 12.7.2020 HDB Alkaff Courtview recently T.O.P. Well not exactly all... The Woodleigh Residences
  24. Which are the best fengshui blocks to recommend for forrett
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