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    Grandeur Park Residences & Shapes and Forms Feng Shui 1. Type 5L - 5 Bedroom Premium 1.1 Many of Grandeur Park Residences layout have the Living Room sharing the same wall as a bedroom. 1.2 In this instance with bedroom 3. If this section of the wall is a dry-wall. 1.3 One would have to be extra careful as to where one mounts the TV. As the contractor would usually mount it on an additional piece of wood which offers not much protection from EMF radiation. 1.4 As there are many brands and models of TV sets; majority of the TV sets do have EMF as high as 20+ milliGauss (mG) or more. In this instance, my EMF meter only reads up to 20+.
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    Part 1A - Resources on Parc Botannia @ Fernvale Road by Wee Hur Holdings and Sing Holdings LTD On a virgin (Low hill) land in Jalan Kayu/Seletar & fringe of Sengkang West. It will have to be completely levelled to make way for this development. Fortunately there is a buffer between it and the TPE expressway. Good thing if considering a unit facing Northerly direction or the Seaview.. This plot of land:- Both established brands in SGP. Waiting for the site plan and floor plans: before reviewing this project... TOP 2021. (Expected is 3rd or 4th quarter 2010) Source and credit: their main website ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Part 1B: Reference Resource Bank - Parc Botannia Main Brochure with sitemap ebrochure ParcBotannia Main Brochure with Site plan only.pdf
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    My aunt is considering Stack 6 or Stack 15. Based on the principle that it should be further from the refuse chute as possible, I guess Stack 15 would be the better choice ? 80% sold reported is out of 200 units only...it translates to approximately 20% sold out of the total 774 units for the entire development.
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    1. NE [Frontage has the auspicious double #9's] 1.1. The facing direction has the double auspicious #9's or current prosperity wealth stars at it's frontage. 1.2. It would be excellent if there is a pool of water at this frontage to activate it. 1.3. Alternatively, one can consider a water position if there is a balcony, here. 2. NORTH vs EAST 2.1. If this is an apartment, usually the Master bedroom or Living Room is either at North or East sector or vice-versa. 2.2. Since North and East belongs to the East group person, for a West group person, one can still see if either falls in a West group's: Irritation, Spook or worse-off Death or Disaster. A West group person, may consider the bedroom at his/her lesser "Irritation or Spook" sectors rather than "Death or Disaster". 2.3. Given that East has the nasty #5 = misfortune/sickness. While North has the lesser #2 = sickness; it is thus better to avoid the #5 in a bedroom. 2.4. As we found out that East has #5. It is still better in this instance to have the Master bedroom at North sector. And locate the Living room at East sector instead: for both East or West group main breadinner(s). 3. SE 3.1. Ideally, bedroom is not located in the SE sector. Hopefully, this is the kitchen or yard or air-con ledge or even a missing corner. Not so bad if SE is the dining room area. 4. CENTRE 4.1. Good if the Centre of the house is the corridor leading to the bedrooms or directly in-front of the household shelter or the door leading into the shared toilet. 4.2. Thus not ideal if the Centre has clear space. Equally inauspicious if the stove is directly at the centre-point. Neither should the sink or the WC be located, here. 5. WEST & SOUTH 5.1. Both West & South have the auspicious coming prosperity #1 wealth star. Nice if this is a bedroom, study room or open-space. 5.2. Otherwise, since this is the coming prosperity wealth luck, no choice if it is in a confine area such as a toilet or yard. Still acceptable. 6. NW 6.1. Hopefully, this is not kitchen. If so, it can be affected by "Fire at Heaven's Gate". Preferably, it is the dining area or open space. Like North, it can still sustain a bedroom. But need to balance this bedroom for health.
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    Thank you very much Master Cecil Lee. Looking forward to meeting you this Sunday. Thank you. David Tee
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    The swimming pool in your backyard or condominium contains a common chemical used in your house for disinfecing and cleaning. In the past, when I was young, went weekly to the Chinese Swimming Club. Constantly the shower area would be damp and wet. But surprisingly, there is totally no greenish / black algae found anywhere in the dressing / bathing area. This is because, chlorine, the chemical used in the swimming pool kills most bacteria and it controls algae. Today, some of the cleaning liquids contains the simple chemical chlorine. And instead of scraping furiously to remove algae from a toilet. Just spray on the chlorine and presto! Algae growth halts in it's roots - totally - for a while that is... So, you think that swimming pool of yours is clean? Many swimming pools have additional chemicals not found in this simple chlorine. Urea! This is a real life case study involving blocks of flats that are symbollically joined" together. In addition, the swimming pool can be considered as a stagnant pool of water since, there is minimal interaction of the water with its surrounding. This development has two miserable, water spouts located at locations marked `B' that spouts very little water into the pool. Please go thru this graphic illustration, to have an understanding of the problems. Here, it is said that the Dragon Qi cannot flow in and out of this development. If the developers were `smart' they should make a `hole' at the centre of this U shape. Much like the earlier condo reviewed i.e. The Sterling Condominium (as a reference). Or space the condo like the Cote D'azur or The Tropica. The Tropical is in a u shaped configuration. And other than the back blocks, many of the blocks are distinctively individual blocks not joined together. This forms the basis of dragon qi flowing harmoniously within development. If you are new and have time, do search for The Sterling The Tropica for more ideas of what I meant (above). Warmest Regards, Cecil
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    Thank you so much Master Cecil, for your time in replied with very details explaination and tips. Really appreciated it. I am a newbie and would continue to explore and learn more to understand fengshui. :))
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    Raised house number @ main gate pillar symbolising a raise or constant progress. Under symbolism; some feel placing the house number "raised-up" is considered an auspicious sign. As it is a sign of progress. This is still popular today
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    Many new condos and ECs that has large balconies end up becoming clothes drying areas. Strictly speaking, under many of these development’s by-laws; this is strictly prohibited. As the idea is that external balconies or views comes under common property guidelines. However, there is no longer any control as nearly every other households either hand their clothes at the balconies or place large clothes hanger frames, there. Looks like the first development that purposely built cloths hanging racks at the balcony side. But partially covered it with vertical strips to hide them. Will not stop residents hanging clothes still at the balconies but at least they have tried or made the effort, here.
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    This cocoon like fencing can be an eye-sore. Looks so yucky...close-up.. don’t you think so? Aliens? The planners or architects or designers of this fencing should be lined-up along this fence and executed...
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    At Blk 649 Hougang Avenue 8: "Some of us no longer have unobstructed views to Yio Chu Kang Road#%¥£€!!!" A resident there says: "Your gain is my /our loss" Phew! At least we can still look at the Amphitheater .... Maybe in this case... no loss to our resale value after all-:)
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    Recent visit to Palm Gardens. Sol Acres can be seen from a distance from The newly opened Keat Hong Mirage shops. Includes a McDonald's...
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    master this is really tip top FS master work! Really detailed and I hope that many customers will come to you
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    Wah Sifu you Lee Hai... My agent friend 5 units ended up nothing. Want to cry also no tears.
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    Show Model of Buangkok Woods at HDB Hub:
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    I am usually uncomfortable with tall trees on sky-roofs. Given that there is no way the lightning rods are higher than the trees itself. As it would be ridiculous to add a long strip of lightning rod conductor.. at the tip of these trees. The biggest issue is that it is too late once we do hear the sounds...
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    Firstly, no offence. As I trying to be frank with you. A Traditional Chinese person consider the Trigrams scared and taboo. Thus, do not consider every using these symbols as a "decorative" piece or item. Well, that's it!
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    Pictures of Show Model at HDB Hub, looking good...
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    T Must be exactly the same height + from an opening at the opposite home facing it. Thus even if it is the same stack but higher or lower than the pointed roof... not an issue.
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    The respective source(s) & credit are found on all the following photos:- Credit: Straits Times: Credit: ST: Credit: ST
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    White picket fence is very common in Scandinavia , almost all are white and it fits nicely to all the green nature. White there represent clean and new.
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    Photos take at the Just T.O.P. Riverbank at Fernvale towards Lush Acres condo...
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    Although it is U shaped.. it is not in a smooth traditional "font" style. More like modern type font. This reminds me of the latest logo found on recently launched HP notebooks.
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    Looks pretty much correct. Other than the Livia at Pasir Ris where the toilets are some kind of moulded materials with some polycarbonate materials. In my opinion, so far, 99.99 percent of the time, all walls surrounding the toilets are solid. For practical reasons ... to avoid moulds or baterial to form and cause illness.
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    For HDB flats such as HDB Park Grove (this block is yet to T.O.P. I have been to it's Sister block. Thus know that inner walls are dry walls. But take a look at the exterior. Virtually can't tell if the interior uses dry wall partitions or not. Even can't tell from the layout plans. Only know when one enters the unit and knock, knock on the walls.
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    Agree. The logic that nothing can ever be built above a pool. Save demolishing the entire development. LOL
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    Thank you very much for taking the time to write such detailed and comprehensive explanation. I understand perfectly and I totally agree. Primary colors (bright red, green, blue and yellow) and pastel colors. If I choose to see bright pink as fire and pale pink as earth, that's my personal decision, but a primary color will always be considered first, acknowledging also BaZi. Yes, many authors and websites make use of people's fears and push "magical" objects to buy from them. "OMG #5 is in this sector this month. Choose to buy from our Feng Shui Supermarket a rotten tomato, an oversized rhynocerous or a frog that talks to exhaust the malicious star and bring you wealth" Never bought and don't plan to do so from these, like you said in another article, Fast Food Feng Shui. Also I wanted to ask about Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter), San Sha (Three Killings) and Sui Po. I've read about how every year they sit in different directions and recommendations are given like to sit, not to sit, to face, confront, not to confront, not to disturb, no renovations, ground breaking etc. besides the usual selling technique: "here buy this product to help you neutralize" Are these to be considered when applying Feng Shui (to sit, not to confront, no renovations etc.) or they have no real influence and it is to be considered another scare tactic used to sell products?
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    Shots taken from Paya Lebar MRT.
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    The Venue Residences By CDL and Flying Star Feng Shui Blocks 6 and 8 have stacks that are either N3, E3, W3 or S3. While Blocks 12 and 14 have stacks that are either N2, E2, W2 or S2 facing. Overall, there are more East group stacks/units than for west group.
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    If the trees are higher than the lightning rods, there is a high probability of lightning striking the trees. In a few places, I have been; I have seen how lightning strike a tree. And near to this tree, lightning took a chunk out of the side brick.. as it tries to find it's way to the earth. The danger of lightning is that one will never hear it coming. As by the time it does strike... the sound of it will come too late. Thus, if there is any sign of potential rain, best to keep clear of the sky garden! Pronto! If one should be caught in a thunderstorm... the safest is to go into that trellis area. As it's roof would have lightning rods that have metal trailing towards the ground....
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    Exclusive Views from the nearby Commercial Building, with some sneak peeks on the Sky Park...
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    The four locations for May 2017's launch: 1. Yishun 2. Marsiling 3. Bidadari (Toa Payoh-Potong Pasir) 4. Geylang These two are less attractive:
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    Clue: Water or rather water classics
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    Haha, in my humble opinion: Small = 99 units or less, Medium = 100 - 499 units, Large = 500 units or more.
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    This plot reminds me of the Tip or apex of Upper Serangoon Road. Where around 3 or 4 years ago the last few developments had maxed out the apex of Upper Serangoon Road e.g. HDB Hougang Capeview. Both this plot and HDB Hougang Capeview have in common is that they are on the "morning sun side". This Yishun plot is also at apex of Yishun Ave 1 before it turns towards Seletar west aerospace industry. Thanks to the Seletar Highway..and Seletar aerospace industry the accessibility to this site is a plus point. The difference is that water view units would have to content with Yishun Ave 1 /Ave 8 traffic noise. But a wonderful morning view of Lower Seletar Reservoir. Once this site is up; majority of the once virgin land at the upper stretch of Yishun Avenue 1 would be almost built-up. Good Luck to all new purchases of these four new plots. Overall, there four plots don't look too bad based on Shapes and Forms Feng Shui. In particular the Marsiling plot is squarish. Except that one has to be more careful of units close-by to the petrol station and the spine of the cross on a church. As this can be considered as a poison arrow.
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    Such club-house / facilities flat-roof lines is like a horizontal guillotine. What is the impact? Depending on the distance of the roof-line to the nearest block/stack; it may in fact be a poison arrow or "guillotine" aimed towards e.g. a unit's opening such as a window or balcony.
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    There are many concepts in Feng Shui:- 1. Based on Shapes and Forms Feng Shui; generally it seems acceptable placement. Or alternatively the bed can be placed directly on the opposite side of the wall. 2. You wrote: "So please tell me any cures to be applied. Thanks for your attention." 2.1 For cures...one has to apply various Feng Shui concepts:- - Eight House concept: Best directions - Flying Star concept: Ploting the flying star numbers in the bedroom. For example, Master bedroom is at West. And contrary to what you wrote; for this example; it is not about a cure but rather an enhancement. As there is a #6 with #1 = Romance luck:- 3. Traditional Feng Shui is not just a two sentences and presto! Here lies the answer...
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    A recipie for cancer or put in in a nicer way... potential for cancer when the washing machine ... In the past this was unheard of until recent years. Even if the unit is not a shoe-box size.. the kitchen indeed is... [ ] Looks like one has to have a habit of making sure not to use the washer or washer cum dryer or a standalone dryer especially during cooking. Especially if there is a function to increase heat causing the vapours to deposit onto food etc... Must adopt a habit of cleaning table tops before placing cooked or food preparation... As most units have the washing machine in the same kitchen space. Depending on the layout; some even have the washer beside the stove... Only a few bigger stacks are more fortunate with the washer on a separate room/area.
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    Grandeur Park Residences It is inevitable that whenever the archiitect or designer places a block such as Block 5 as shown, below; there can be a possibility of a poison arrow. The exception is when the layout is in a "smooth" U shaped such as The Tropica in Bedok. Potential poison arrow from Block 5 stack #25 aimed towards Block 3 stack #19 and Block 5 stack #24 aimed towards Block 7 stack #29
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    Further to what I had mentioned; If I were to make a guess... Lets say you post this question to 10 geomancers. And each of them come back to you. My guess would be:- A to B = 3 out of 10 C to D = 5 out of 10 E to F = 4 out of 10 Well, I could be wrong.
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    6 new Build-To-Order (BTO) projects launched in February 2017 Northshore Cove and Waterway Sunrise II in Punggol Clementi NorthArc Clementi Peaks Tampines GreenBloom Tampines GreenFlora
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    Case Study: Roof lines of Club-house or pavillions and Sha Qi or Poison arrows if aimed towards a unit's opening such as a balcony opening or window(s) For ground floor or lower floors; check the roof-lines of club-house; gazebos etc for poison arrows aimed towards the unit. Especially if it is aimed towards the balcony as this is the hardest to cure. As it is not like one wants to install an external blinds and draw them fully down 24/7. If these "spikes@ are aimed towards a window: "if it cannot be seen or (nearly cannot be seen) no longer becomes a threat, applies". For eg. Day curtains is good enough. Location: The Peak @ Balmeg These two photos, below are from Riverbank @ Fernvale. Do be careful of innocent looking pavilion roof lines and club-house roofings that may or may not "slice" towards a unit's opening such as a balcony or window opening Understand more about “Type 1 and Type 2 External Sha Qi or poison arrows from this development: More poison arrows from roof-lines examples:
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    Case Study: Check out the location of The Central rubbish bin. 1. Currently all ECs and condos do not indicate the exact location in their Sales brochure. 1.1 Even if the rubbish bin has a door, it is still not ideal under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui. Location of photos (above): Ecopolitan EC 1.2 May affect re-sale value. This is true if in the future, a potential buyer may themselves and/or bring along a geomancer to view the unit:- 2. Inconsiderate Neighbours? 2.1 For example, Neighbours continues to leave rubbish outside the bin area. 2.2 one cannot just stand around the bin area to "confront a neighbour doing so". Which may result in bad relations. 3. In Bellewaters EC, the central rubbish bins are less obvious. 3.1. As the developer placed a small bin icon discretely on the TOP-right corner of the bin door. 3.2. Harder to notice if one is not actively looking out for the location of a bin. Nevertheless, in a resale; most geomancers may actively take this into consideration. In this new development, my client asked for a proper block layout plan: In the above block layout, are you able to see the common rubbish bin next to stack #13’s main door? Some Condos/ECs Plan their central rubbish bins at a corner of the block. For example, in the Westwood Residences EC, this can be found next to the emergency staircase. However, no matter how; The Central rubbish bin may still be close-to a unit:- Shown Block 184, stack 11-11 d’nest condo by CDL chose to concentrate two central rubbish bins tuck at a niche solely meant just for rubbish bin disposal. Thus even if it has a recycle bin plus a common bin; this design is similar to many HDB developments. In fact, my first encounter was The Sail at Marina by CDL; which also has two bins tucked at a niche way back when it first T.O.P. The Hillion at Bukit Panjang’s central rubbish bin is at the lift lobby and next to a lift:- The developer Sim Lian went one step further and took a leaf out of HDB’s central rubbish bin centre and placed one identical to each and every HDB with a foot assisted bin opening. In addition, there is a small recess area + a drain for the Cleaners to wash these bins. Man excellent refinement. This illustration shows the rubbish bin can be seen at the main entrance of stack #14 of The Criterion: Here, some consider this also less than ideal. As it can be considered equally bad to have a main entrance facing a rubbish chute. An overzealous geomancer may also advice their clients to avoid purchasing such a resale unit in the near future. Is there a difference between The Central rubbish bins at a condo vs that of a modern HDB flat? HDB is generous to provide a special lobby for their rubbish bins as shown below. Each rubbish bin lobby also has a water pipe for the Cleaners to occasionally wash the entire area. Lower floor area to make sure that water does not flow or flood the surrounding walkway.
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    Want a free cup of coffee? Even Starbucks maybe? Get this pattern for your car number plate!
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    "Rule 1: The BOSS is always Right" "Rule 2: See Rule 1 + YOU ARE FIRED!"
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