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    Part 12A: Another consideration is a Chinese Temple site at the North of Piermont Grand. 1. In fact, Piermont Grand's Site Plan, even when I zoomed into it; shows thin and tiny fonts used to reluctantly spell: "Proposed place of worship" as shown, here.. LOL 2. Piermont Grand’s coastline neighbour HDB Punggol Bayview Site plan also shows the Sumang Link site.. which we now know as Piermont Grand. 2.1. This Site plan distinctively states that the place of worship is proposed to be a Chinese temple. 2.2. The Piermont Grand's map "sneakly" just mentions "Proposed place of worship"; in my opinion most likely on purpose. As locally, some are more concerned that it is a Chinese temple vs a church unlike that of The Flo on the opposite of Punggol. LOL The small rectangular tab to the north of Piermont Grand indeed is reserved for a Chinese Temple... one more consideration... during the purchase of a unit in this development.
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    Reading between the lines of Sales Brochures 1. It is always an excellent idea to spent some time to scrutinise a prospective sales brochure of our potential buy (purchase). 2. Recently, more and more clients have discovered to their shock (horror) that the least expected was the location of the central rubbish bin outside their unit. 3. A year ago; many had purchased a premium unit within the development .. and later shocked to learn that the central rubbish chute (for their entire floor) is just next to their main door! 4. Thus the morale of the story is to check first before signing on the dotted line. 5. In general, most developments have these:- 5.1. A central rubbish collection centre / rubbish bin collection point 5.2. Power Sub-station. Every development usually has one or more of these depending on the size of the development. 5.3. Design of club-house roof-lines / trellis / gazebo / pavilion. Are the designs a "threat" e.g. with spikes or like a razor's edge? Usually these are aimed towards lower storeys. 5.4. Any poison arrows in the form of a sharp corner of another block of neighbouring stack aimed towards one's balcony (hard to cure) or towards one's windows (if any) 5.5. Location of areas like BBQ pits and any impact e.g. the smell from these pits towards a unit.. especially low storeys such as #01 or #02 first or second storeys 5.6. Any tree trunk aimed towards a lower unit e.g. #01 or #02. Unfortunately it may be too late; especially if the development is under construction. There are lots more considerations... Do remember "Read in-between" the lines.. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wwwgeomancynet/
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    1. Yes it is still a trapezium PLOT of land. However, under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, it is still acceptable to have the back of the land broader than the front. Not perfect but acceptable given that the home (based on the above) helicopter view is rectangular. 2. As the home is set-back and that this is a service road; the test of a vehicle ploughing especially towards the main entrance door is not a threat, this is a plus point. 3. High back (wall) does not seem threatening of a landslide - based on last photo given that it seems like the back (slope) is a solid concrete. 4. Thus not perfect but acceptable.. 5. As the neighbour's home as shown as marking "B": has "sharp corners"; from this photo: still does not seem to be an issue:- 5.1. But on the other hand house marked as "A" might or might not have poison arrow(s) if any aimed towards the home. Can't really tell from this photo.
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    Someone posted this enquiry:- " Thanks for your kind help. May I also know like all my living hall and 3 bedrooms windows are all facing the same directions South, does that mean the house of the facing are towards south and my back support will be North? Thanks and regards, A...... " Dear A, 1. It depends. Usually, if you may not often leave the main door open (when at home) or when you approach a home and the area around the main door is dim; then most likely, the FACING direction in this example is "South" and not "North (assuming main door is here). 2. Safest is if not sure at the moment; stand inside the living room looking out of the windows or balcony area. 3. What is most important fundamentally; here is that why we determine the facing direction is chiefly for the purpose of calculating the Flying Star of a home. And this is the root of it all. 4. As mentioned in my link; a main door can join each stack to whatever the architect wants all stacks to be "glued" together. 5. Anyway, if the house is a North - South or South - North it still is considered better or best for an East group person.
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    Thank you very much Master Cecil Lee. Looking forward to meeting you this Sunday. Thank you. David Tee
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    Ic. Thank you very much Master Lee.. i really appreciate the work you do
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    Many new condos and ECs that has large balconies end up becoming clothes drying areas. Strictly speaking, under many of these development’s by-laws; this is strictly prohibited. As the idea is that external balconies or views comes under common property guidelines. However, there is no longer any control as nearly every other households either hand their clothes at the balconies or place large clothes hanger frames, there. Looks like the first development that purposely built cloths hanging racks at the balcony side. But partially covered it with vertical strips to hide them. Will not stop residents hanging clothes still at the balconies but at least they have tried or made the effort, here.
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    This cocoon like fencing can be an eye-sore. Looks so yucky...close-up.. don’t you think so? Aliens? The planners or architects or designers of this fencing should be lined-up along this fence and executed...
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    Many of my clients avoid this location... As many clients told me WHY?:- 1. The biggest turn-off is the Close proximity to Tengah Airbase. In addition, Paya Lebar air-base will close and will be relocated there also. 1.1. This is already an unfavourable: No, No and No to deter many .. from buying at this "ULU, ulu" location... 2. No good schools.. What school? The nearest schools are Princess Elizabeth Primary School and Bukit Batok Secondary School ..hmm Eden School... 3. Virtually it's neighbouring HDB blocks like HDB West Edge, West Plains, West Ridges and West Rocks to name a few are also under construction. Thus no existing within walking distance facilities or market.) 4. Most likely those who have bought a unit go for value and price: first time home buyers or Bukit Batok upgraders. 5. Ultimately, any part of Singapore is never too far away. And new estates ultimately become just like any other mature estates in a few years time.
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    Show Model Pictures of Waterway Sunrise II at HDB Hub:
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    Show Model of Buangkok Woods at HDB Hub:
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    my parents applied a flat at Dakota Breeze, Thank you Mr Cecil again for your helpful analysis!
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    White picket fence is very common in Scandinavia , almost all are white and it fits nicely to all the green nature. White there represent clean and new.
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    By the way, this layout has Fire Stove and WC side by side... Ops.
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    Just T.O.P. Skyline I at Bukit Batok...
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    Comments on Sims Oasis block arrangement:- If we look at the combination of TWO condo developments e.g. The Luxurie and La Fiesta, one can also get quite a similar layout plan. Don't get me wrong. The above and what I mentioned below are totally different. Just that I was at Block 50 La Fiesta facing block 21 of The Luxurie. It is like staring at the side of a block. This is actually a sha qi. Block 21 (The Luxurie) is a sha qi towards block 50 (of La Fiesta). Others: Yishun Sapphire vs Yishun Emerald in Yishun/Canberra are also unique combinations. Where if I am in a unit at Yishun Sapphire I could see pool water.. BUT Oops! That pool does not belong to our development! It belongs to Yishun Emerald!
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    Please check out this link:- One can observe whether it could be a solid or dry wall by taking an exterior look especially between two bedrooms: How thick is the separation "wall". Extract of the above link to have a better understand of how to know if a wall is solid or dry wall... Alternatively, some sales brochures are upfront and clearly state this. While other sales brochures generaly state that concrete/brick/dry partitions may be used. Here, sometimes dry partitions can be used at the toilet ceilings or kitchen ceilings. Thus none the wiser if the bedroom walls are solid or dry wall partitions. P.S. In my opinion, this may not be totally fool-proof.. as sometimes I encounter what looks like solid walls, but actually, it is just a portion closest to the external. and part of the inner walls (no need load bearing) use dry walls. Best to get the keys and knock knock the walls...
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    Agree. I am interested to find out whether TRE Residences internal walls are "solid concrete" or dry walls. Thus, not sure if this is correct.. but if TRE uses solid walls.. maybe (just maybe) it could be another reason why it is built slower or if it does not use pre-fab walls... I agree with your logic. As another factor is progress payments. In large projects, each time a certain landmark is reached, buyers must fork out an additional amount of money. Thus this can be a huge sum for a developer especially if they had taken loans. Plus they need the money to pay the main contractors. No pay.. no fast work.. A vicious cycle: Main contractor needs to be paid early.. etc.. etc.. For HDB BTOs, it is based on common sense. HDB Toa Payoh Crest because of it's height.. took close to 5 years to complete. Where usually a "standard" BTO development often T.O.P. between 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years depending on the size of the project. Majority of HDB BTO's are relatively between 500 units to 1200 max.
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    Thanks! I passed by there just a few days ago! Surprised by the fast progress; given that this is a large project. Appreciate your time and effort with sharing this with all of us!
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    More crucial is the unit's main door above the roof-line of the opposite block. If it is above the red-line then no issue. Given that it difficult to judge from that photo etc...
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    If the trees are higher than the lightning rods, there is a high probability of lightning striking the trees. In a few places, I have been; I have seen how lightning strike a tree. And near to this tree, lightning took a chunk out of the side brick.. as it tries to find it's way to the earth. The danger of lightning is that one will never hear it coming. As by the time it does strike... the sound of it will come too late. Thus, if there is any sign of potential rain, best to keep clear of the sky garden! Pronto! If one should be caught in a thunderstorm... the safest is to go into that trellis area. As it's roof would have lightning rods that have metal trailing towards the ground....
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    Exclusive Views from the nearby school.
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    More recent pictures, the CBD views of Block 122 are almost blocked...
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    Yellow arrow showing that there is no usual side skirting tiles ..Instead it is just a groved channel, here:- Frameless side skirting.. According to the main contractor.. this frameless no side skirting is a pain in the neck to get it right vs installing side-skirtings
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    Retaining the old charm Food haven
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    Uniquely in land scarce Singapore, landed premises are for child cares or child development Centres.. While homes are up their in HDB blocks... Location: Rivervale, Sengkang, Singapore Credit: Streetdirectory.com
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    Recent Pictures of the Development:
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    Park Place Residences "down-under" neighbour : Paya Lebar Quarter Three under construction ...
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    A simple overview of looking at bed-head placement applying entry level Feng Shui:-
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    Grandeur Park Residences It is inevitable that whenever the archiitect or designer places a block such as Block 5 as shown, below; there can be a possibility of a poison arrow. The exception is when the layout is in a "smooth" U shaped such as The Tropica in Bedok. Potential poison arrow from Block 5 stack #25 aimed towards Block 3 stack #19 and Block 5 stack #24 aimed towards Block 7 stack #29
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    Further to what I had mentioned; If I were to make a guess... Lets say you post this question to 10 geomancers. And each of them come back to you. My guess would be:- A to B = 3 out of 10 C to D = 5 out of 10 E to F = 4 out of 10 Well, I could be wrong.
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    1. This is considered as 16 steps. 2. Outside or outdoor steps are considered as " Nice-to " and not a Must-do.
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    Thank you Master for replying as always! You are very helpful. More blessing to you!
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    Case Study: Check out the location of The Central rubbish bin. 1. Currently all ECs and condos do not indicate the exact location in their Sales brochure. 1.1 Even if the rubbish bin has a door, it is still not ideal under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui. Location of photos (above): Ecopolitan EC 1.2 May affect re-sale value. This is true if in the future, a potential buyer may themselves and/or bring along a geomancer to view the unit:- 2. Inconsiderate Neighbours? 2.1 For example, Neighbours continues to leave rubbish outside the bin area. 2.2 one cannot just stand around the bin area to "confront a neighbour doing so". Which may result in bad relations. 3. In Bellewaters EC, the central rubbish bins are less obvious. 3.1. As the developer placed a small bin icon discretely on the TOP-right corner of the bin door. 3.2. Harder to notice if one is not actively looking out for the location of a bin. Nevertheless, in a resale; most geomancers may actively take this into consideration. In this new development, my client asked for a proper block layout plan: In the above block layout, are you able to see the common rubbish bin next to stack #13’s main door? Some Condos/ECs Plan their central rubbish bins at a corner of the block. For example, in the Westwood Residences EC, this can be found next to the emergency staircase. However, no matter how; The Central rubbish bin may still be close-to a unit:- Shown Block 184, stack 11-11 d’nest condo by CDL chose to concentrate two central rubbish bins tuck at a niche solely meant just for rubbish bin disposal. Thus even if it has a recycle bin plus a common bin; this design is similar to many HDB developments. In fact, my first encounter was The Sail at Marina by CDL; which also has two bins tucked at a niche way back when it first T.O.P. The Hillion at Bukit Panjang’s central rubbish bin is at the lift lobby and next to a lift:- The developer Sim Lian went one step further and took a leaf out of HDB’s central rubbish bin centre and placed one identical to each and every HDB with a foot assisted bin opening. In addition, there is a small recess area + a drain for the Cleaners to wash these bins. Man excellent refinement. This illustration shows the rubbish bin can be seen at the main entrance of stack #14 of The Criterion: Here, some consider this also less than ideal. As it can be considered equally bad to have a main entrance facing a rubbish chute. An overzealous geomancer may also advice their clients to avoid purchasing such a resale unit in the near future. Is there a difference between The Central rubbish bins at a condo vs that of a modern HDB flat? HDB is generous to provide a special lobby for their rubbish bins as shown below. Each rubbish bin lobby also has a water pipe for the Cleaners to occasionally wash the entire area. Lower floor area to make sure that water does not flow or flood the surrounding walkway.
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    Contrast this with SkyPark Residences more friendly club-house/function room roof design
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    I was trying to figure out what is the purpose of having a solid metal iron grille gate(SMIGG) in front of the opening of the centralised rubbish cute. I feel that it is a hindrance to have such a SMIGG for the centralised rubbish cute for severalreasons: 1. Often one's hands are full carrying rubbish to be thrown away. And, yet have to fiddle with the SMIGG. 2. In addition, if one looks at the photos,it is near impossible to leave theSMIGG fully opened all the time as it will partially block the escape staircase. Or make it difficult for someone at the other end of it to come in! 3. Even for myself, the SMIGG really weighs a ton! And most likely made of iron. And thru time, it will surely get rusty; if not painted will be an eye-sore. 4. More importantly, if many areas of this SMIGG is not cleaned; lots of germs etc... Yucks, yucks! and yucks! 5. When I left and took the last photo; then I realised most likely the architect or the designer perhaps wanted to "hide" the central rubbish cute-AWAY! My god! What a "rubbish" way to do it!
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