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  1. If apply the above rule to Principal Gardens, looks like the longkang is flowing in the wrong direction, as the building is facing North, where the main entrance is. Am I right ? Does to same formula apply to clean SG river ?
  2. The canal is longkang water, and since it is straight (not curvy), would it be cutting feet Sha qi ?
  3. Hi Master Cecil, Thanks for your prompt response. A. Next to the balcony, guan yin backs the east, in the southeast sector of my house, which is my personal wealth sector. Should be good ? Problem is have to keep bedroom and bathroom doors closed at all times, and be careful of my curtains. This also means my family will sit just next to guan yin watching tv together ? B. Oh dear! My condo is located at NE of the temple. Will placing guan yin at SW of my house deflect Sha qi from the temple ? My unit is mid floor > L4. 1. If place guan yin at southeast, means have to buy green or brown statue to coincide with wood ? 2. Is it OK to place on white / beige coloured altar, instead of the traditional rosewood ?
  4. Master Lee, Is the new Riviere project in front of Tribeca within an auspicious jade belt ?
  5. Hi Master Cecil, After reading through all your posts on Guanyin altar placements, there are only two possible options for me. Which is the better option ? A or B ? a) In the living room side feature wall, just above the TV, statue's back to the bedrooms. This will be a small suspended altar. b) In the study room, statue facing east, southwest sector of the house. I read somewhere that the altar should not lie in the southwest and northeast sectors of the house. Is this true ? This will be on top of my book shelf. No space for an altar. Also, my mentally handicapped sister will be sleeping in this room for about 2 months a year. Thank you. Regards, Rachel
  6. Hi Master Cecil, We have once met when you did analysis for my new home 2 years ago. You have also provided to me, my personalized Bazi report for all cycles. I'm currently having lots of relationship issues with my boss and a colleague of mine, whose zodiac and element signs (tiger and snake) are said to be unfavourable for me, according to your report. Often, there are quarrels and disagreements. They flare up over trivial matters. What can I do to alleviate this situation ? Thanks, Depressed.
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