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  1. Hi Master thanks for this great reply. This project looks like it will likely TOP before 2024. So in this instance then I should be looking at the thread of period 8 house in period 9 I guess? Also saw your discussion on what date to use. If in this instance I don't move in until after 2024, this will be a period 9 house? Thanks!
  2. Hi master You mentioned S1 . S1 The combined auspicious wealth stars MS#8 + WS#8 are at the "rear" of the unit. Such a waste as usually this is the kitchen & yard area. 11. It will be good if a bedroom is located at East sector: good for studies. 12. If the main entrance is located at NE, this will be excellent as there are good combinations of MS#1 with WS#6 in this sector. What are the MS#i And WS#'8 stars and what can I do to maximize luck for a NE entrance apartment?
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