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  1. Cecil Lee

    Parc Life Executive Condo (EC)

    A visit on Chap Goh Meh 2019 = 15th day of the 1st lunar month of 2019
  2. This day is also Chinese Valentine’s Day🙏🏻 (Origin is from Malaysia, Penang)
  3. Part 4: Kudos to the architect/planners of this development: as they have took the classic consideration of placing the Multi-storey car park (MSCP) between the development and the raised MRT tracks. As well as part of the MSCP is along Sims Way (traffic noise). In addition, the Precinct Pavilion (PP) and the Drop-of-point is also close to Sims Way. As a result only four (4) stacks #54, #56, #70 and #72 are nearer to Sims Way. While stacks #58, #60 and #62 faces the MRT track. (Train noise).
  4. Part 3: Bin Centre (BC) and Electrical Sub-Station (ESS) 1. The oddity is that sometimes one has to look further than the development. 1.1. This is why HDB Sales Brochures (SB) often offer clues of this. As the SB will always include the development's surroundings such as the existing BC of the neighbouring Block 19 public housing. 1.2. Best to avoid low floors under stacks 68, 70 and 72. Especially low floors of stack 70: view from Master bedroom / bedrooms and to the right of the living room windows. 1.3. For Stack 68 and 72, mostly about the concern of "smell" if any. 2. There are no know inauspicious effects of living close to an ESS. Nevertheless, there is always a stigma associated with one. 2.1. Thus often even for us in the Feng Shui line.. the question asked by a potential buyer is: "Is there an issue with the ESS next to the unit I intend to purchase?"
  5. Part 2: Proximity to Precinct Pavilion (PP) 1. This is a small development thus can understand that there are limits to where the PP can be placed. If possible, select a higher floor unit for flats close to the PP. 2. One cannot control the activities in a PP. For example, on one's auspicious holiday period such as the 1st day of Chinese New Year. And if happen that a wake/funeral is on, this is not ideal. But cannot do anything.
  6. Cecil Lee

    The Terrace, HDB Waterway Sundew & View

    HDB's first new-generation neighbourhood centre opens in Punggol = Oasis Terraces (17 February 2019). No difference from any other mall. With the exception of an attached Poly Clinic
  7. Cecil Lee

    Very adorable Chinese girl

    Another ... baby girl simply too cute and sweet
  8. Cecil Lee

    Very adorable Chinese girl

    Isn’t she adorable