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  1. Today, 15 June 2019, I received a call: “You sell the digital lock?” My reply: “No. Just because I took photos of these lock and share it on my website; does not mean I sell them”. Persistent lady: “But you list your phone number!” P.S. Like that also can? LOL-:)
  2. How to identify FAKE Feng Shui... Hey! Must I purchase items from you? YES! Bye Bye! It’s FAKE!
  3. Note: Many of the forum postings do not exceed 1 page or entire "scroll down". Only if the messages in a thread are long and exceed 1 page:- And when one is trying to read messages on the 2nd Page... the 2nd Page does not display any more new messages? Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are currently reporting this to the forum developer to try to get this fixed. Thank you!
  4. New kid on the block. Circled is the under construction Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital’s 438 beds nursing home which will be completed by 2021. Some unit’s at The Tre Ver overlooks the nursing home. And naturally there may be a stigma associated some with this.
  5. Case Study 1: Formerly, the HQ of MAC Donald’s HQ and it’s Feng Shui concern when the then BUKIT Timah Seven Mile Flyover was just completed... 1. KAP Residences was built on the very piece of land where if one remembers a MacDonald’s outlet at level 1, together with another anchor tenant i.e. Cold Storage... a small shopping centre. 2. I remembered meeting the then an “Ang Mo” CEO who was open to having Feng Shui done for their operations on the 2nd storey. 2.1. The outline of the former KAP building looks like this profile... 3. As the company felt that coincidentally, they had issues after the Bukit Timah Seven Mile Flyover was completed, then. 4. If one has the time, please read the above link. P.S. Although one may think that Geomancy.net specialises in residential Feng Shui; little is know about our exploits with Commercial and a Industrial entities. This is because most of the time we respect the privacy of our clients. Very rarely, do we discuss cases unless they are “dated” ones and that the client have moved.. on..or is useful to the new “owners” of the site... 5. One should pay special attention to the new KAP Residences units that are parallel to the Bukit Timah Seven Mile Highway.
  6. Thanks Will go through this development and look out for anything that needs highlighting...
  7. Case Study: Common space with "clean lines" and a safe environment Nowadays I also do look closely at sample illustrations. For example, it is good to see that the walkways are flat and even. And hopefully no dangerous protrusions. Given that it is the responsibility of the developer to make it as passive-safe as possible for the residents:- Contrast this with The Visionaire EC (by CNQC Qingian Reality) which in my opinion, I had given this development the worst landscaping award in the Year 2018 + another award for "The Worst Landscaping in a decade!"... I believe Parc Botannia is nothing like this ..... at all... Look at it this way [TOUCHWOOD]. If there is a mishap in the development due to poor landscaping work... there will some who will blame it on? Bad Feng Shui.. LOL... This is Feng Shui.. that is Feng Shui...
  8. Hey! Still for Sale.... Most likely spoilt for choice! Given so many large developments in mature estates are on sale... in Tampines, Serangoon, Loyang ...
  9. Case Study: Have you just won a lottery after key collection? 1. Nowadays I noticed many new clients on the day of key collection were either surprised to learn that their block common bin is away from their unit or "their expression change" after seeing the common bin either beside their unit main door or directly facing their unit". 1.1. This is like “winning” the lottery for the wrong reasons! 1.2. Be wise (if possible). Demand from your Agent to get the block plan! For example, a sample is shown under the forum thread on "Hillion" condo. 1.3. If no? Go find another Agent who appreciates your potential commission $K. 1.4. With or without Feng Shui; there is always a stigma attached to it... as shown in this WhatsApp chat... 2. In addition, if one encounters a Feng Shui Master (FSM) who lives and breathes as a "Conservative". 2.1 There are often two ways one can encounter such a Conservative FSM: [1.] One hires one to do the Feng Shui of their home. [2.] When it is time to sell; and the potential buyer [PB] brings one to advice the buyer: To buy or not to buy! In so, kiss this PB goodbye! LOL 3. Similarly units especially with a WC close to the main door is another nightmare when one encounters a Conservative FSM.... 4. Morale of the story? Ask your potential FSM: "Do you take your readings from the main door or from the living room towards the balcony"-:) 5. Good or bad.. leave you to decide...cause ultimately, You are the BOSS-:) And the rule is: The BOSS is always RIGHT!
  10. Interlude: In 1996, Geomany.net hosted it's first forum on a third-party site. Since 5 December, 1998 we hosted our own.. and till today... messages as old as 1998 can still be read.. Geomancy.net can be verified as the Oldest Feng Shui Forum in the WWW.... Advice: Before hiring a FSM.. ask this question: "Do I have to buy commercial Feng Shui products from you?" All of us can play a part... " When the Buying STOPS! The Selling CAN!" "Greed begets Greed" Authentic Feng Shui is based on both an Art and Science of Feng Shui and not useless products KENA CONNED in the name of Fung Sway! Very Sway Ah for the buyer! But Very Heng for the seller.. who makes tons of $$$$..
  11. Case Study: Should I be concerned with the Club-house Roof-line? 1. In this artist's sketch, I can see that the club-house roof-line COULD be aimed towards the opening of Stack #02-33 and via the site plan also stack #02-34. (The showroom model would be able to tell)also of the other part of the club-house may or may not also be a potential poison arrow aimed towards stack #02-35:- 2. There is also a possibility that the club-house roof-line may or may not be aimed towards stack #02-12. 3. What you mean by a poison arrow? Is it certain? 3.1. It depends on the roof design. If the roof outline is like a "horizontal blade" then this can be a potential poison arrow. 3.2. Some of the more obvious roof-lines can be found at The Tropica in Tampines or Carbelle at West Coast. If one has the time, do search for the sample photos under the above threads. 3.3. The only certainty is to be in the unit to assess whether it is a threat or not. 3.3.1 Or if there are trees that have lots of leaves to act as a in-between with the roof-line. 3.3.2 Again, this is a double edge sword especially palm trees with it's thick singular trunk. And if this tree trunk slices towards an opening such as a balcony.. then harder to cure. 3.3.3 This also goes for ground floor units and also depends on how high these trees grow. Sometimes, such trees can reach the three or four levels high especially mature estates e.g. Waterplace condo at Tanjong Rhu. 3.3.4 It will be easier to cure if the potential poison arrow is aimed towards one of the bedroom windows. The concept: "If it cannot be seen or blur view, then it no longer becomes a threat". Thus in a bedroom, simply drawing the DAY curtain 24/7 does the trick. 4. Thus, try not to press the panic button... only a physical review is the best method to answer such a question.
  12. Case Study: Is there any issue with the main entrance door opening towards a wall? (Recent T.O.P. developments that have similar but not exact layouts are: High Park Residences & The Clementi Canopy. Thus this is not just a one-off at Parc Botannia). These are some considerations: 1. Flow of Qi 1.1. Most likely by coincidence or on purpose, the planner/architect [PA] has heard too many stories that the main door should not open directly towards an opening i.e. such as the balcony sliding panel. 1.2. The planner/architect has also learned around that because of this, a partition has to be placed between the main entrance door and the balcony opening (sliding panel). 1.3. Thus, the PA has decided to issue such a layout plan be it planned or unplanned concern (if any). 2. Symbolism in Feng Shui 2.1. Some Feng Shui Masters [FSM] will share that opening the main door to face a solid wall is akin to having "wealth" stopping "dead-in-it's-track" by this wall! Again Welcome to the world of the Conservative FSM! 2.2. Remember, the earlier article (if one has read) of the difference between the Conservatives vs the Modernists? Where the Conservatives Feng Shui world revolves around especially the main entrance door. And the taboo of "an obstruction" of free flow into the home because of this solid wall. 2.3. Let's home that one can talk sense to the Conservative FSM via Para 3.... 3. Common Sense 3.1. There are always some who will associate anything with Feng Shui. 3.2. Common sense says to avoid a reflective material such as a mirror or a glossy laminate or a poster covered by a reflective transparent glass or plexiglass. 3.3. The reason is simple.... sometimes hopefully not often... there can be a situation when one opens the main door and suddenly sees and get scared by an image or shadow of one's self!.. 3.4. Thus because of Para 3.3. it can be one reason not to place reflective materials facing the main door. Some put 2 and 2 together and say this is a Feng Shui problem or issue! LOL... 4. Correct me if I am wrong... as I seem to see that the PA of this development makes sure that none of their unit has a main door directly facing the balcony sliding panel! It's for real.. *Not Fake* news... Even the Type 3BR P3-H shows this... 5. This is bad news for the Interior Designer [ID] Heard this? Interior Designer says: " Alamark! Flooring, cabinets, kitchen fittings all done! Some more cannot earn ... some $$$ from making Partitions near to main door! Curse the PA! LOL "
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