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  1. All newer condos, ECs and private apartments have at least one of them at the common lobby of all levels
  2. Hang something similar. A six hollow rod wind chime. It can also be of a mix of wood and aluminium rods... facing it...
  3. Often all will be forgotten about the special arrange to try to make it say a Period 9 house. Who in the world will ever place a memorial plaque of such nature to commemorate this? LOL
  4. In Feng Shui, there are many Indian Chiefs with their various opinions and preferences. More so, if one happens to hire a conservative FSM and/or a highly mixed-religious one... Such FSMs eat, sleep, eat and sleep again on the front door. Some of these have a habit of even tilting the front door. LOL. Another is the mentality of the home owners who asks similar questions as this: “Is there a need to put aspicious fu dog or anything at the main door” More likely this becomes this sets the tone for some FSMs to exploit someone’s vulnerability and/or their feel erh.. go
  5. Further to this, often once the home is passed down to a 2nd owner, none the wiser, and if they practice or hires a FSM. May wrongly assume the home was still under Period 8. Okay, I get it... the first owner has washed their hands! It is to say that who in the world places a momento plague to celebrate such an occasion. LOL
  6. The logic stems from the idea that there should be an element of human Yang Qi. Or rather, when does a home get occupied by human beings? This based on this premise, one may consider it as when humans moved in.
  7. The Esparis EC Flying Star Feng Shui Period 8. Either N3 or S3 facing directions. Do you always use the main door for Flying Star Feng Shui?
  8. 99 Years Leasehold w.e.f. from Year 2002. T.O.P. in year 2005. A small development with five blocks of 10 storeys high. A total of 274 residential units.
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