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  1. Case Study - Should I be worried that my master bed is beside the master toilet door? Under symbolism in Feng Shui a table-lamp can be considered as a partition between the toilet and the master bed. See below. For example Block 982 Stack #15:- Thus there is no need to be too concerned or having to install a partition.
  2. Case Study - Previous "tailor-made" Can or Cannot Buy review of 4 units at Thomson Three (3) and 1 unit of North Park Residences .
  3. Previous "tailor-made" Can or Cannot Buy review of 1 unit of North Park Residences and 4 units at Thomson Three (3).
  4. Can or cannot buy is simply not "One size fits all":- As one can see this ground floor unit with PES in The Alps is highly unsuitable to this potential buyer:- Below: This unit is shown as "3rd Choice" = Very unsuitable fit for Mr XX. Consider look elsewhere" Note: The first and 2nd choice are from another development that had previously T.O.P.
  5. Flow and Qi + Bottle-neck especially between stacks #02 and #21. Other stacks #01, #22, #19 and even #03 may be "affected" by this flow of qi = sha qi Who says extremely windy is good Feng Shui? A "calm breezy" home is generally auspicious. What you mean by "calm breezy"? Just imagine if one is in a home. And turn on the fan. The speed is 1 or 2 (low to moderate). To test this, open up an umbrella. If the person is able to control the umbrella without much effort, then this is a reasonable "calm breezy" ... and thus considered favourable. However, as there is a bottle-neck at marking in red "X"; added by the North and South orientation, on windy days, I believe, it can be really windy. Not the typhoon type of winds found in Hong Kong. But windy enough when one holds an umbrella to have it tear away from our hands... this sort of windy condition is no good in Feng Shui. Here, it can mean health concerns and also affect wealth luck! So what should one do? In such a condition, one can still control the situation by closing the balcony windows and /or bedroom windows. As for stack #03, most likely the wind may flow from the service yard/kitchen into the home. Here, perhaps, no choice but to close the window(s) or kitchen entrance door! P.S. Wind flow at Stars of Kovan is often North-South depending on the time of day + High / Low pressure zone.
  6. As mentioned in an earlier thread: Unit Rubbish Chute(s) at the main entrance foyer Frankly, might as well be better off if the development has the common rubbish chute(s) at the lobby vs such a position. These are samples of units that has this unusual layout plan...
  7. Rubbish Bin Chute in the Kitchen (not service yard). Anyway, there ain't no service yard .. Oops! In the past, all condo units with internal rubbish bins always have this bin at the unit's service yard area. Never like this: within the kitchen proper. Often, even if one is careful, when we open the rubbish bin chute, sometimes, the "air" within the rubbish bin would gush out. What worse outcome is when this "air" with all sorts of germs and baterial flow out of the bin chute and deposit itself onto the surface of the fridge, kitchen table table, stove etc. etc.. O-Dear....
  8. Potential Poison arrow(s) from sharp corner of neighbouring stacks/home Nothing beats standing inside the unit: balcony / bedroom(s) and looking out to see if there are any potential threats (if any)
  9. An example of poor Shapes and Forms: Where stove sharing the same wall as the Toilet
  10. Previous Can or cannot buy review of Parc Riviera Stack #19 Of Stack 20:-
  11. In theory there are a few cures: 1. If the building management allows, one can place those reflective "sunX-film" to cover the entire windows or at least up to 70% above the temple's roof line + add blinds. 2. Or place a convex ba gua mirror strategically at a location facing the temple.
  12. Part 18: Spice garden at Treasure at Tampines A requirement of all condominiums is the weekly fumigation of the whole estate. Truth be told that even if the spices (spice plants) are alive and well; don't every "put these into one's mouth!". With the weekly fumigation, these spices may turned out to be "toxic" and cancerously.. Ouch! In many of the condos I have been to... often just after three or four years later... their spice garden has turned into another "fern/weed garden" LOL
  13. Part 17: Case Study: A odd arrangement of Fridge, sink, washing machine then stove 2 Bedroom/Premium Type B3 and B4P. A case of "No choice, lah!" it's close to a shoe-box sized home? LOL Although the washing machine is hidden below the kitchen work-top. It is truly strange to find it between the sink and stove. A case of poor Shapes and Forms Feng Shui. See below:- P.S. A buyer yells out: "Sir! You are barking at the wrong tree! "I don't cook, lah!" LOL"

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