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  1. Thanks Master, [hidden clients name] and I wanted to convey our appreciation to your advice today. Very helpful and useful. And we are still very amused with the wash legs part...
  2. Another new drug to cure covid:) -- Great News!!! Covid-19 Bye Bye The United States will soon have an"oral solution for the treatment of the new coronavirus( Covid-19)." People suffering from the new coronavirus took the drug at home for 5days, the new coronavirus was completely cleared from the body and the patientfully recovered. The drug is translated as"Monapinavir" and is jointly developed by the two majorpharmaceutical companies "Rigibel" in Germanyand "Merck" in the United States. It has successfully completed thefirst and second phase clinical trials in huma
  3. International Feng Shui Client Says:- Thank you so much for doing such a good a clear review of my house. Honestly, I was nervous about how much stuff you can do in the distance. Thank you.
  4. Yes, the stove does face the sink, here. Not only that, the stove is beside the shared wall of Bath 2 WC. Fortunately, there is still a gap between them. At times, some developers had later realised this; either actively by “collectively” from some owners feedback. And in some instances has done the necessary thing, frankly without costing or incurring any additional money to do so: why not? P.S. Recently, a client sent me a copy of the layout showing where the two common bins (recycle and common are). Have yet to share this. As pretty busy.
  5. Onemap.sg using government survey map data shows Bedok Beacon as N1 or S1 facing
  6. Good to hear that it is a nice area. Already a plus or positive point. Without looking at the site, personally hard to tell whether it is good for health and finance. As there are several scientific considerations that can be used to gauge this. Most likely, you can go with your feel.
  7. How do I go about an International House Hunting Service? What is needed by you? Hi [hidden], 1. Yes, I can do comparisons of two homes to see which is better. 2. Most important consideration at your end is to provide 4 inputs:- a. The layout plan. And if possible mark where is the front door and roughly which direction e.g. standing inside the living room looking South direction. b. Google Satellite map of the outline of the home c. For new homes the date it was built falling under: Example ranges like: 1984 to 2004; 2004 onwards or perhaps 1964 to 1983. d. The
  8. thank you Cecil for rushing this out. if i didnt asked we might go for #xx as first. so great you had time to help us.
  9. Some of the Feng Shui Services:- Comprehensive Feng Shui Review of a Resale home: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/blogs/entry/8-on-site-covid-19-off-site-comprehensive-home-feng-shui-for-hdb-condo-ec-landed-properties-for-new-house-or-facing-financial-marriage-relationship-health-issues/ Or On-site 1 Visit Or
  10. 1. Suppose to just post A (one or two) photos. 2. Not entire pages and pages full of ….and several emails or ever ask permission to do so; as not to waste your time …. 3. If not:-
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