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  1. The kid swallowed a coin.. Just watch how professionally a doctor extracts it, while another hospital might even perform a surgery and empty the parent's wallet.
  2. Fernwood Towers Flying Star Feng Shui under Period 7. (T.O.P. 1994)
  3. I believe that Real Estate agents will be around for many years to come. As there will always be a need for a go between for most people: buyers and sellers. However, looks like the field is tightening especially for the more common transactions related to HDB flats, ECs and condos. This is one of the examples.... I saw advertised on Facebook will browsing it... P.S. I don’t know this company or ever used their service. Just curious that there is such a service...
  4. Case Study 6: Mixed developments always have air-con cooling towers somewhere on the roof or in this case close to the common area(s) of the residential facilities. Before signing on the dotted line, check with your respective Agent or in this case a CDL representative that the mall air-con cooling towers are not close-by or next to your potential unit. Often, if one's unit is beside such a cooling tower, one may hear the noise generated by the cooling fans x ? how many? In addition, when the development gets older... often.. older cooling tower fans may get noisier. In addition, the flow of air from the cooling towers are not exactly a breath of fresh air. If you kinda get my drift..
  5. Many Feng Shui Masters are actually a Feng Shui Salesman trying to off-load their commercial products. Feng Shui is scientific and does not require the purchase of Commercial Products in the name of Feng Shui. Ask: "Must I buy from YOU?"
  6. The not so great Duo .... Office tower block
  7. Cecil Lee


    A 60+ year old Pinkish Frangipanni tree along still road. Always flowering... and hardy... no maintenance.. termite proof due to its sap... no insects such as ants would go near it also...
  8. Case Study: Concave side of a building + strong winds blowing from North-South can affect the health of office workers working at this side of the building...
  9. Case Study: Greater concave surfaces where offices are location would have the greatest impact - especially the North and Southern side given the high and low pressure zone areas of the Southern part of Singapore. Below: The greatest sha qi are along especially the tower block to the right of this photo or the office block side. X marks the vulnerable side: At the Southern part of Singapore, due to the sea at South and land form at North (X). If one has learnt basic geography, as the sea is directly towards the south and the north (X) side concave, depending on the time of day, high and low pressure zones flip-flop between land and sea and vice-versa; And when strong winds blow from North towards South, then area X with the large surface area will get compressed sha qi:- Recommended not to seat at the X areas of the office... (if possible)
  10. Morale of the story is that compass who choose to move to a new building or move out of their existing building should look for a more conventional office space to rent or lease. And if possible, try to skip moving into such developments even if the excuse that it is a newer building...
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