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Cecil Lee

TOP Dates of Singapore Condos 4, The

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Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) Dates of Singapore Condominums -?Part?4?( " The ... ")

========== THE ===========

The Aberdeen 1998
The Albany 1992
The Amston 1998
The Abode At Devonshire 2002 S
The Alcove 2004
The Anchorage 1997?
The Ansley?2004
The Ardmore?1978
The Armadale?2000
The Arris?2003
The Aspine?1992
The Aston??2002
The Atria??1996

The Balmoral 1986
The Balmoral Spring??2001
The Baycourt?1994
The Bayron 1998
The Bayshore? 1999
The Beaumont 1985
The Belmont
The Belvedere?2008
The Bencoolen?1998
The Berth By The Cove 2006
The Blossomvale 1999
The Botanic on Lloyd New! 2006
The Boulevard Residencesc 2005

The Capri 1998
The Cairnhill??1984 Newton
The Callista?2006
The Calrose?2007
The Calypso?2005
The Capri 1998
The Cathay Residences?2007
The Chuan
The Claremont 2001
The Claymore?1985
The Clayton?1998
The Clearwater?2002
The Clementvale 2002
The Colonnade?1988
The Cornwall? 2005
The Country Esquire 1992
The Countryside 1997
The Courtyard 1995

The Daffodil 1999
The Dew?2004

The Eden At Tampines?2001
The Edge On Cairnhill?2002
The Equatorial?2002
The Esquire?1989?
The Estoril 1984

The Floravale 2002
The Florida 2001
The Fortune View 1999

The Gardens at Bishan 2005
The Glencaird Residences 2000
The Glenwood Regency?1985
The Greenwood 1999
The Grange 2008

The Hacienda 1985
The Heliconia 2004
The Hermitage 1999
The Hillside 2001
The Horizon 2003
The Huntington 2000

The Imperial? 2006

The Jade 23 2004

The Ladyhill 2003
The Legacy 2000
The Legend 1996
The Levelz 2004
The Light @ Cairnhill?2004
The Lighthouse 2004
The Linc? 2006
The Linear? 2006
The Lincoln Modern 2003
The Loft 2002

The Madeira 2002
The Makena 1999
The Marbella?2005
The Mayfair 2000
The Merasaga?1995
The Metz?2009
The Meyer Place?
The Montana?2002
The Morningside?1992

The Nexus 2007

The Oceanfront @
The Oxley 1997

The Park Vale?1997
The Paterson?2004
The Paterson Edge?1999
The Peak 1988
The Pearl @ Mount Faber
The Petals 2002?
The Pier at Robertson 2006
The Plaza???
The Princeton 1999

The Quayside 1999
The Quintet 2006

The Raintree 2008
The Regalia 1993
The Riverside Piazza 1996??

The Sail @ Marina Bay 2009
The Seaview 2008?
The Sentinel
The Serenade @ Holland 2004
The Shelford 2005
The Sierra 1998
The Sovereign 993
The Spectrum 2006
The Spinnaker 2000
The Springbloom 1999
The Springs 2003
The Sterling 2000
The Summit 1994
The Sunshine 2003

The Taipan 2003
The Tanamera 1994
The Tessarina 2003
The Tomlinson 2003
The Trevose 2001
The Tropica 2001
The Twins 2002

The Ventana 2005
The Verve 2011

The Warren 2004
The Waterina? 005
The Waterside 1993
The Wilshire? 1984
The Windmill
The Woodsvale 2001

The Yardley 2005


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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An Update:

1. Nowadays, just do an internet search.

2. And often a few property websites will list a description of a specific existing development’s T.O.P. date.

3. This is why, I no longer need to update this information. 

4. Mainly because there are just too many developments in Singapore every year.

5. Therefore if I want to confirm a T.O.P. date for Flying Star analysts.. it is as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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