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True Element vs 8 House

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Sorry for post new topic because I just can't reply to the previous topic.
Can we just insist using 8 house theory even though we already know its limitation?
In this case, if the man live in the EAST facing house which is his EXCELLENT direction base on 8 House theory, will the WOOD conflict and destroy his WEAK earth?
Will the house benefit him or cause him more trouble?
Thank you.

1. In my opinion, many Professional Feng Shui practitioners would consider the "Ba Zi method" i.e. as you had mentioned, as the first choice. And the Eight House as second.
2. The major considerations are:-
2.1. "A miss is as good as a mile"
2.1.1 With Ba zi e.g. determining whether one is a weak or strong earth makes alot of difference. And like the saying goes "a miss is as good as a mile".
2.1.2 For example, in a lottery "luck" senario. If this is a 4 digit draw, if you had purchased number 1991. But the prize number turns out to be 1919. You are no where close to winning the four digit prize!
2.1.3 Thus, if the ba zi is wrongly calculated, it is "worse-off".
2.1.4 Even today, amongst Feng Shui practitioners, there may be a variance of results. Usually no one is suppose to get the element wrong as this is based on the day of birth. But, again there is a vast difference between a weak earth person vs a strong earth person. In addition, there is confusion as to the place of birth. And this may even change one's birthdate from say 1 May 1970 or do we use 2 May 1970, a day later by some.
3. Under the Eight House, its calculation is straightforward. And, the concept is easier to be understood especially now that Feng Shui has universal appeal to so many all over the world.
4. Thus, today, the Eight House is far more popular and widely applied because of the above reasoning. It is also considered the "gate-way" for those who are looking at the "mysterious" art of Feng Shui. Therefore, psycholically speaking, it is because of the ease of finding out one's 4 good & 4 bad that "personalised" Feng Shui has to thank this concept. As it is easy to explain, determine and apply. For 4 Pillars (or Ba zi), this can be very confusing for many and may even be a turned-off. Quote:

Anonymous wrote: Good morning Master, I just wonder whether the better way to find the good/bad direction-using 8 house theory or true element. For example: A person who is weak earth and Chen person. Using his true element which is weak earth then his good direction will be South - fire North East -earth South West - earth, in order to strengthen his weak earth. But using 8 house theory then his good direction will be East - wood South - fire South East - wood North - water, which will weaken his weak earth. Which way should be followed for the best result? Thank you.

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Whatever, concept one uses, the Key Success factors will still be the following:-

* The Concept of Maximizing Marks
* The Concept of Feng Shui by Exception
* The Customer Engineer Concept
* Fix-the-Leak, First!
* The Three-Step-Approach

Good Feng Shui is about maximizing the "Good Feng Shui " score. Much like Doctors who say that about good and bad "fats". Make sure that you have more good fats (cholestrol) than bad ones...

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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