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Welcome to Pillars of Name (Xing Ming Xue)

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Dear Users,
We have created this conference to discuss anything under the sun for the topic relating to chinese name analysis.
Besides Pillars of Destiny which takes into you account the date of birth, this utilises the chinese names (eg. Chen Tian Ming) to analyse the fortune and luck of a person.
It has been mostly used together with the Pillars of Destiny. This is because the name of a person is always called, thus for the chinese, if they lack a certain element, we can always change the name so that it does contain the element which they lacks to enhance their life.
However, this topic can only analyse the Chinese names and not english names.
Hope you enjoy this topic.
Warmest Regards
Cecil Lee

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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dear cecil,
from my pillars of destiny report,i am a weak metal person and have no wood element at all , predominantly water and metal. i have been advised to introduce a lot of wood elements in my life. can u advise me about my name? a friend of mine had her name changed and her life is mucu improved now especially her health. my name is Li Qian Yun.

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