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What is the best type of desk material for office?

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For home office, in my opinion, there is no major issues with using any of the common materials : wood, glass, metal and many other materials.

1. What is more important is to harmonize say the home office with the flying star chart of that room / sector andone's personal ba zi colours.

2. Majority of office furniture colours tend to be on the conservative side e.g. wood tone colours: ranging from teak wood to oak wood tones.. etc..

3. If one intends to use bright colours e.g. especially BRIGHT YELLOW, BRIGHT RED or BRIGHT GREEN; it has to match the flying star cum personal ba zi elements.

4. The most neutral furniture colours are:

4.1 Wood tone (be it laminates or real wood)
4.2. White or off white or cream (pastel colours)
4.3. Grey tones

The above are generally the most common (acceptable) colours.

Jolie Q. wrote:
Which is best for a home office? Metal, wood, glass, plastic desk? Is there any combination that is really bad (such as metal plus wood together?)

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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