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Is the WuWang [ WuHuang ] or Flying Star #5 = FIVE YELLOW cure applicable for everyone?

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v>I am born in the year of
the Monkey and my Bazi Day
Master is Yang Metal (Geng).
However, my self element is
weak due to being born in
Winter. Hence Earth element
is good for me to strengthen
my self

But in 2010 the
WuWang affects all Monkey
born and I was adviced to
suppress the WuWang earth
element using the Five
Element Pagoda. My question
is : if I use the Five Element
Pagoda to suppress the Earth
element, would I also be
weakening my self element of

v>Hope you can provide
some insight. Thank you very

Weak Metal

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  • Staff

1.1The "WuWang" or 5 Yellow is location based.

2. Thus the 5 Yellow is a concept based upon the Flying Star Feng Shui. And it is not individual based.

3. The reason why it is "individual based" is because there are con men out there who try to "place fear" and or another common excuse is to use in the name of Feng Shui to sell or push their products.

4. This is what many Geomancers and Geomancy shops try to do. They are all Sales people - but witha difference - con men.

5. Just imagine; your grand parents and parents time; where got such rubbish as 5 pyramid pagoda. What? How did the grand parents and parents survive without it? All these are bull-shit and play with people's fear.

6. Most importantly these are modern invention for the conmen to cheat us of our money. On the contrary the rich and millions of household do not have this modern commercial product. How did they survive, I wonder?

7. When the buying stops, the selling can.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

These are the considerations:-

1. It depends!

1.1. Based on Flying Star theory; one has to determine what 20 Year flying star are at a specific sector(s), first.

1.1.1 Thus if a sector has say star combinations like MS #6 with WS #5 Base star #1
then such a combination just looking at "moving average" of the combination of these three stars - need not use metal cure.

2. If a sector (based on the 20 Year flying star) has #9 with #5 with #2 or combinations of them; then even without looking at the annual star; preventive measures like the use of "metal" cure can be used.

3. Metal cures can also include: grandfather clock or mechanical ones that make "tick-tock" sound or those old Germain mantle clocks e.g. by Junghans or British Smith.

Kevin K. wrote:

3. But still need to install "metal" cure right?

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff



These are some of the considerations:-


1. Frankly, it is so easy to ask someone else: " it is too risky " to stay in THIS BEDROOM.


2. You have correctly coined it "risks". Everything we do, we have to accept some risks.


3. In practical sense, many of us don't own a home with "x" number of bedrooms. Many in fact, have so few bedrooms. And just asking a family not to allow family members to sleep in a room is close to "kicking" them out of the home!


4. Of course, one can say that it is much better than being an "eunuch". But hey, ifthe family has all "girls-team" this statement becomes irrelevant.


5. In my life-time; I have noted comments by some clients who had their homes Feng Shuied before. One "culture-shock" was that some were even told never to use themaster toilet!


6. My GOD! Isn't this worst than being an eunuch (for the male breadwinner) who is suppose tooccupy say the master bedroom?


7. One of the dreaded coloursespeciallyfor a bedroom is "BRIGHT YELLOW".Thus one could reduce the incidencealso by avoiding "warm light" vs "cool daylight" lamp.


8. Risks are inherent in our life!


9. Usually, Feng Shui is not a "doom-all" neither is it a cure all! Everything or every risks cannot be borne on the shoulders of blame on Feng Shui.


10. The main blame is also on human (man factors) like healthy exercise; not staring the computer screen all day long.. And not about all the "rich" food that we consume.


11. Commonsense things like: space clearing; cleaniness in the bedroom; personal hygiene counts. Positive, non-duress or stress - from work can also affect one's health.


12. Modern inventions like air-cleaners or such cleaners cum ionizer's does wonders.


13.If at home, often  open windows to let fresh air come-in.


Morale of the story? I may consider asking the person who recommends me to "shut-down" my master toilet to become an eunuch.

I will challenge him - are you man enough to use the sissors to "cut your joy-stickoff? By the way (BTW); my policy is one for one exchange. You bring one of those; I give you one of those play stations! Fair enough?


Kevin K. wrote:

If it is a 9-5 with base 2 (or combinations of them) , it is too "risky" to stay in the room even with metal cure?

Kevin K


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Cecil Lee changed the title to Is the WuWang [ WuHuang ] or Flying Star #5 = FIVE YELLOW cure applicable for everyone?

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