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Welcome to Flying Star Discussion

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Welcome to Flying Star Discussion,
Feel free to post any queries you have about regarding this topic.
To start the discussion going, I am posting a brief introduction of what is Flying Star.
Brief Introduction about Pillars of Destiny:-

    1. Flying Star is also known by the following
    names, fei xing, xuan kong fei xing.
    2. Flying Star takes into account the movement of two stars and the base star which is constantly flying around, therefore, every house and the time it was built will give you a different chart.
    3. What is the 20 year Flying Star used for?

      a. To find the Feng Shui of your House or Office.
      Even if the house may suit you in terms of the Eight House Theory, but the House itself may have some conflicts in the two stars, creating various health and prosperity problem.
      For example, if you are always falling sick, you might like to check the Flying Star of the house you are staying, it may reveal to you that the two stars may be causing your sickness.

You can try out a Free Report version of the Flying Star under the Report Management at
Warmest Regards
Robert Lee
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To add on to my previous mail..
My house:
Main Door is face out North(160-180) (understand that it's SW house),
Dinning Area (180-210)
Living room area with TV & Hi-Fi Player (220-290)
Balcony East(250-260),
Kitchen area nearer to the Earth position, close to Centre of the house facing (30-100)
Laundry area (70-80)
A long corridor that lead to the bedrooms..
Guest room (270-0) (put alot of things in there)
sisters bedroom S(340-350), (we have conflict sometimes, but compare to my old house, it's lesser conflict now, hope to reduce it to zero)
Both my sisters & guest room door is facing the toilet door.
Parent's bedroom SW (30),(partition between mine)
My Bedroom SW (30), (my bed facing the toilet-has the implus to install & block the toilet door by a long pull over curtain, as rather uncomfortable about it though the toliet door is closed while sleeping)
The house windows majorities facing SE=balcony, living area, guest room, brothers bedroom, mine & my parent's bedroom.
Only 1 window area that is in the service Balcony room(W) face the SW direction.
My office ,
Main door in the north direction (understand is SW office)
My boss and my room door near the centre of the office facing out NE.(our door is always open)
My boss room is in the centre to west location, infront of his room sit his secretary facing the main door with her back facing his room.
(the main door is always closed)
My room is in the centre to S positon
Orientation in my office room..
I'm sitted with a wall behind me in SE position,
in front there is 2 chair for guest which also near the entrance of my room's door.
And behind the guest chair is the wall.
My table is in the centre of the room start from the wall in SW with some space in NE for walking to my sit.
My window occupied half the wall is facing SW, on my left(when i'm sitting) .
Thanks for your soonest advise. : )

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Dear Robert,
I'd managed to borrow my friend's scanner to scan the floor plan of my office. And had sent a mail with that enclosed file directly to your email address with subject :
"Applying flying star method for improvement of revenue & reduce conflict"
Looking foward for your reply.
(Sorry not sure how to enclose file in here)
Million Thanks! : )

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