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Cecil Lee

Adora Green is the 1st Yishun DBSS

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1. The best way to look at an entire area is to look at a large map of the surrounding areas of a development.
2. Within Adora Green DBSS,there are a total of 6 other uncompleted HDB developments:-
1. Acacia Breeze
2. Flora Spring
3. Vista Spring
4. Yishun Riverwalk
5. Yishun Natura
6. Yishun Jade Spring
3. I would say in GENERAL, because of the site location Adora Green would stand out quite well. Of course some of above developments do have their good points;
4. But generally, Adora Green has good External environment as to the East of this development are low rise schools: Two of them: North View Sec School and Huamin Primary School.
5. To it's south and south-west across Yishun Avenue 11; is the Yishun Park.
6. To it's West is the Yishun Pond.
7. To it's NW is the Yishun Pond Park.
8. And to it's North and North East is the Canal Park connector.
9. Thus little wonderwhy I consider it one of the BETTERplots of land/ site underconstruction.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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