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In the field of biology: the study of the human anatomy is straight forward. How about the field of career identification? Easy/Difficult?

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The study of the human anatomy is pretty straight concise and straight forward. As a normal person will certainly have their two eyes, nose and mouth, location of heart at a specific position.


What about career identification?

You see, even in a specific career; one lawyer in a firm; may not perform exactly the same CORE job function from another.

Thus, even if one were to evaluate the career of that person; may find that lawyer A's career element is different from that of B's, C' and even D's.

What is key, here is? to find out from the "horses" mouth.

This could even account for why one expert says that because he/she determined lawyer A's career as e.g. Earth; he thus assume that all lawyers careers are "earth".

But, if another expert interviewed lawyer C and subsequently considered that the career could be Fire. This expert makes known to all that lawyers should be considered as belonging to the Fire element.

One day, a na?ve researcher was puzzled as to who is right or wrong? Expert saying Law career is Earth but another say is Fire element?

As I mentioned, it is always best to "interview" the actual person and his/her career. And after the interview, the third expert determines that THIS PERSON's element must be Wood. Can you say that he is wrong? He is only referring to this specific person. And if he publishes that he feels that the law profession is Wood; would you condemn him and say that he is totally wrong? Are you there to interview the person?

Or if you agree with him, maybe because he is the most reputable andthus say that the earlier two experts were totally wrong? As no two careers may be the same, this could explain why there are so many interpretations of the element: earth / fire or wood or more associated even in just a career such as law!

In the field of career identification; one could even find the hand is where the head is; the head is attached to the right arm etc...




Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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