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Feng Shui of HDB FernGrove @ Yishun / Fern Grove @ Yishun

Cecil Lee

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Fern Grove @ Yishun Sales Brochure: Site Plan and Floor Plans




Lease Commencement Date:  Year 2017

1. Feng Shui of HDB FernGrove @ Yishun and Flying Star Feng Shui of 5 bedroom type:-


2. N1 facing stacks = 624 & 626 with S1 facing stacks = 628 & 630. N1 has the auspicious double 8s at it's frontage. Good if the frontage has a water position.

2.1 Good if the master bedroom is located at NE sector. As it has good auspicious star combinations of MS#6 + WS#1.

2.2 If a bedroom is located at East is good for a bedroom cum study.

2.3 The rest of other sectors has inauspicious stars. And may need to be disarmed.

2.4 S1 The combined auspicious wealth stars MS#8 + WS#8 are at the "rear" of the unit. Such a waste as usually this is the kitchen & yard area.

2.5 It will be good if a bedroom is located at East sector: good for studies.

2.6 If the main entrance is located at NE, this will be excellent as there are good combinations of MS#1 with WS#6 in this sector.

3. N2 facing stacks = 698 & 700 with S2 facing stacks = 692 & 728. Under Flying stars; there is a difference between a N2 facing vs a S2 facing chart.

3.1 Here, under N2 facing; the combined auspicious wealth stars are wasted at the rear of the home. Here, "rear" often means wasted at the kitchen / yard area in stead of at the frontage like that of an S2 chart.

3.2 S2. Stacks are the best stacks for a East group person. As both frontage enjoys the double auspicious #8 wealth stars. And furthermore their facing directions has water. Bring great wealth.

4. NE1 facing stacks = 620, 656, 658, 682 & 684 with SW1 facing stacks = 686, 688, 694, 696, 730 & 732.

4.1 NE1. Has the auspicious water wealth #8 star at the frontage. Thus, units with water position at the frontage (balcony side) can enjoy good Feng Shui. If so, the sum-of-ten can be activated for : Health, wealth and family luck. If the unit is not facing a water position, then best to place a water position at the balcony area to activate the luck. On the downside; the other sectors in such a home has bad stars that best to be disarmed or neutralised.

4.2 SW1. As the water wealth #8 is at the frontage; water at the frontage is good. It will be advantages if the unig faces a pool of water or activate a water position at the balcony area. As such overall, the unit can acivate the sum-of-ten. Need though to disarm bad stars in many sectors of the home. To disarm health related considerations.




Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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