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Cityscape @ Farrer Park

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Cityscape @ Farrer Park and Rubbish collection point

In some instances, we have to open our eyes closely when selecting our costly investment of a property.

In this example of Cityscape Condo; although there is tell-tale sign of a dead-end road leading into the development;

No where says that there is a rubbish bin collection point.

Here, if one is familiar with similar outlines of HDB site plans; one can immediately notice (see attachment); that most likely; it could be a drive-up / reverse-point for a rubbish truck to collect rubbish.

If so, I wouldn't want to select a low unit especially stack #06 or even #07 as often the "smell" could permeate into my home during the collection and/or if the rubbish are not cleared promptly or left open. 

In addition, one key consideration is that all stacks at #06 may have a full view of the "rubbish collection-point". In my opinion, there should be a small structure built there. Do check with the developer/agent on this before signing the dotted line.


cityscape site plan 1.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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