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How to find Facing Direction of Apartment

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Hello friends, thinking about multi-storey buildings with many apartments, it becomes difficult to decide about facing and sitting directions.

For example, if the plot of land is facing 120 degrees SE, it may have entrance at 210 degrees SW and then that entrance leads to a hallway/corridor. On both sides of hallway, there are apartments. So one row faces 210 degrees SW (most windows, balcony open to 30 N), other row faces 30 degrees N (most windows, balcony open to 210 SW), another row windows/balcony is 300 NW.

Attaching a diagram herewith, please see ->

This is a six storey building. What can be the facing direction of Apartments marked #1 and #2? Can the facing direction of whole building plot (120 degrees SE) be used as facing direction and then that Bagua or Flying Star Map can be superimposed on each apartment (because entrance of all apartments is only one -> 210 SW)?

Complicated? :) Yes, that's why posted this if someone can give a valued insight on this.



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You can go directly to this most recent resource, instead:-


In my opinion; these are some considerations:

1. Is this an existing apartment or a brand new one?

2. If this is this an existing apartment and you or your family had stayed in it for a few years. Or if you have a reliable source e.g. a friend or a "truthful" person who can give you a glimpse of that specific unit's history.

2.1. If so, one could consider plotting a few flying star charts e.g. of a few directions. And study them to see which seems to be "more accurate".

2.2 However, this is not for a novice. But for a person who is fairly conversant with Flying Star Feng Shui.

2.3. There are some considerations to the above if even the Period may be in question. For example, it is a straight forward case if there were no major renovations (and even what type need to be considered). If so, determine which period it was built and it's T.O.P. date is/was.

2.4. But if the Period is in question then under Para 2.1; then one should also consider this when plotting various charts.

3. However, for a new apartment; in general I believe most have read this or some other links from various places:-

3.1 Resource link (in case some may not know the various controversies such as the ultra conservatives who go only by the text book etc...)

4. Key success factors:

4.1. In my opinion; the key success factor of finding the facing direction (please note that this may be the main door or it may not; it could even be standing inside the living room looking out or even e.g. if the "rear" of the house has a wonderful view with lots of openings towards the rear.. looking into a wonderful lake.

4.2. Why in the first place do we need to find the "facing direction"?

4.3. The main purpose of doing so is to determine from where the MAJORITY of qi or ("wind + light / brightness") flows into a PLACE.

4.4. Thus if one is looking at macro Feng Shui of a building or a site; then we should determine the facing direction of that the attached layout of the six storey building.

5. Unfortunately, it is not easy to comment only on just a "flat"  2D illustration such as this. As there is no surrounding buildings views or what the entire building looks like with all it's windows / openings even the roads etc...

5.1. For a geomancer or someone practising it; should be at the actual site to get a feel of things.

5.2. And it is not like one size fits all sort of thing.  A management concept called : "Situational Approach" can also be applied; here.

5.3. What it implies is that no two situations are the same. Here if we apply it under Feng Shui; then no two units are the same. Each unit has to be looked at in entirety.

5.3. For example: for an existing home; an experienced geomancer would try to even determine the household's habits. Which door he/she opens more often; even which door (or sliding doors) and/or windows (if any) etc...

5.4. Thus for an apartment; if the owners do not open their windows on one side and often even use near to 100 percent block out curtains or blinds; and love to open their main door most of the time when he/she are at home; then contrary to what you and I determine; here, the determining factor is the owner's habits, first!

6. Remember this mantra: " You (owner) stay there; We don't!" applies.

7. If you had posted this to lots of geomancy websites for advice; one would be literally flooded with a 1001 different view points.

7.1. And even "argue" until all the cows come home. Although all of us are one single race of homo-sapiens; each of us are individuals with our own view points.

8. I certainly do not want to be drawn into this issue. In addition; there are some geomancers unfortunately, who instead of focusing of the issue..

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Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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Dear sir,

Good evening!

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking time in sharing your valued insight in to this topic.

Actually, this is a problem of a friend. I am trying to help him. I have some knowledge of Flying Star Feng Shui but I had some doubts about this type of structure so I posted on this website.

There are other buildings on sides of this building. If it is needed, I can try to arrange a 3D layout map too.

But, for now. I came to know that most of the windows, source of light and air is from NE, so I decided to create a Flying Star Map according to that. I am attaching it herewith

A short description of the problems which are being faced are as follows:

1. This building was completed in 2005 (Period 8)
2. My friend started to live in this apartment in 2005
3. He is eldest son of his parents and he is living in this apartment with his parents. He is about 41 years old. His Gua number is 8
4. Since october 2010, he has legal problems with his wife. She is not living with him and not settling divorce. So, he could not make family till now.
5. He has problems with means of living (no job, no employment)
6. Health of his mother is not good
7. There are arguments in his family. His life feels to have stopped moving forward.
8. His bedroom location 9 4 6, his mother's bedroom location 8 5 5

I know that it is very complicated subject and takes much time to analyse all the details. But any insight or advice of some remedies for solving these problems will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you once again.


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Hello Sir,
Good evening
Thanks for your message. Yes, I understand that it may not be in scope of this forum but I liked the thoughts in your post about putting smilie on one's face. So, I thought it maybe good if Feng Shui could bring a smile in the life of a sad person. That was a simple reason for asking about some advice.
Hope you are fine and having a nice time. Thanks once again.


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