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Dear sir,

Currently i am having two apartments facing each other but me trying to merge them by installing a common door facing NE1 direction.

can you please suggest me will this direction provide me better result as currently with separate doors i am facing legal issues and financial troubles.

I have attached image of floor map of my two apartments with flying star chart.

My dad DOB 11/12/1954

My DOB 09/04/1992

My Mother DOB 31/10/1960

House was build in period 8


Home Layout Flying Chart.jpg

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  • Staff

If your existing home's main door is facing SE; then SE has the #6 and #3; where #3 is the quarrels, conflicts, legal entanglements.

If your existing home's main door is NW3 then the living room has the #3 and #9.

But I believe your compass readings are out or wrong!

How can one side be SE TWO and then suddenly the other exactly opposing side is NW THREE? There is a vast 15 degrees difference. Even if both SE2 / SE3  and/or NW2 / NW3 each share the same chart.

One should try to disarm the #3 or neutralize them. Changing to NE1 may not be exactly.. necessary or correct. Since, you will still have the #3 at the living room.

Furthermore, the Flying Star chart that you used: has to be as accurate as possible. Or no offence really "messed up".

How can the three directions have so differing flying star numbers?

and suddenly NE1 ?

There is no way for this in a proper chart.
In a proper chart : it could either be SE2 NW2 NE2

or NE1 SE1 NW1 or NW3 NE3 SE3?

In my opinion, there is something really wrong, here. In addition; there could be a possibility that the frontage may not necessary always be standing inside the main door looking outwards...etc.. etc.. etc...


inaccurate readings1.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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