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Cecil Lee

HDB Woodleigh Glen

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HDB Woodleigh Glen and Flying Stars Feng Shui

1. This site does not have any 5 bedroom Type.

2. And perhaps because of the trapezium plot of land, the architect has literally creating a "box" like layout plan. With the central spine provided with spacing.

3. Pretty unique in that a total of 688 units all either facing Flying Stars:


and E2.

4. There is another row which I have shaded in purple. For these stacks, I did not plot the compass readings.

5. The N1 & S1 facing stacks:

6. N1 has the auspicious double 8s at it's frontage. Good if the frontage has a water position.

7. Good if the master bedroom is located at NE sector. As it has good auspicious star combinations of MS#6 + WS#1.

8. If a bedroom is located at East is good for a bedroom cum study.

9. The rest of other sectors has inauspicious stars. And may need to be disarmed.

10. S1 The combined auspicious wealth stars MS#8 + WS#8 are at the "rear" of the unit. Such a waste as usually this is the kitchen & yard area.

11. It will be good if a bedroom is located at East sector: good for studies.

12. If the main entrance is located at NE, this will be excellent as there are good combinations of MS#1 with WS#6 in this sector.

13. N2/3 & S2/3

14. N3. Stacks/Units has the double auspicious #8's wasted at the "back" of the unit. Thus not as favourable.

15. S3. Stacks are the best stacks for a East group person. As both frontage enjoys the double auspicious #8 wealth stars. And furthermore their facing directions has water. Bring great wealth.

16. The frontage has the current prosperity [8] & [8] which symbolises : Prosperity, good wealth at the frontage of the home. Vs a N2 facing where this good stars are wasted at the "rear" which is usually the kitchen/yard area.

17. The only concern for a S2 facing chart is that so often, the kitchen may be located at NW sector. Which in Feng Shui is called: "Fire at Heaven's Gate". And this can affect the male breadwinner's career luck.

18. Thus for a South facing (S2) best to select a unit where the kitchen is either at North or North-east sector is preferred.

[2017 launch]

HDB Woodleigh Glen Flying Stars total a.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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