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HDB Ang Mo Kio Court

Cecil Lee

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HDB Ang Mo Kio Court & Flying Star Feng Shui

1. This year (2017) HDB seems to plug all the "holes" in Bedok to develop HDB flats.

2. Same, here. Last year, this unusual plot of land much like a zig-saw puzzle tile is plugged with an estate like: HDB Ang Mo Mio Court  

3. There are only two stacks in this development that are NE1 facing: 39 & 41.

4. NE1 stacks has the auspicious water wealth #8 star at the frontage. Thus, units with water position at the frontage (balcony side) can enjoy good Feng Shui.

4.1 If so, the sum-of-ten can be activated for : Health, wealth and family luck.

4.2 If the unit is not facing a water position, then best to place a water position at the balcony area to activate the luck.

4.3 On the downside; the other sectors in such a home has bad stars that best to be disarmed or neutralised.

5. SW1 with only one stack 37. As the water wealth #8 is at the frontage; water at the frontage is good.

5.1 It will be advantages if the unit faces a pool of water or activate a water position at the balcony area.

5.2 As such overall, the unit can activate the sum-of-ten.

5.3 Need though to disarm bad stars in many sectors of the home. To disarm health related considerations especially if these stars fall in any of the bedrooms.

6. E2 = stacks 29 & 31 and E3 = stacks 43 & 45

6.1 E2.3 facing stacks has the combined double auspicious wealth stars #8's wasted at the rear of the unit. This is usually where the kitchen and yard are.

7. N3 = stacks 05, 07 & 23, 25 & 27. These stacks has the double auspicious #8's wasted at the "back" of the unit. Thus not as favourable as the S3 facing stacks.

8. S3 = stacks 01, 03, 21, 33 & 35 are in general considered the better stacks for a East group person. Provided the layout does not have the kitchen at the NW. But instead at the NE sector.

8.1 As both frontage enjoys the double auspicious #8 wealth stars. And furthermore their facing directions has water. Bring great wealth.

8.2 Attached, please find a sample illustration of a Flying Star Period 8, S2 chart.

8.3 In the attachment: it is advantages for the [8] & [8] which symbolises : Prosperity, good wealth at the frontage of the home. Vs a N2 facing where this good stars are wasted at the "rear" which is usually the kitchen/yard area.

8.4 The only concern for a S2 facing chart is that so often, the kitchen may be located at NW sector. Which in Feng Shui is called: "Fire at Heaven's Gate". And this can affect the male breadwinner's career luck.

8.5 Thus for a South facing (S2) best to select a unit where the kitchen is either at North or North-east sector is preferred.

[HDB Launched in 2016]

P8 S2 180 SAMPLE.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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