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Robert Lee

Lovesigns.Net is mobile friendly, Google AMP ready & more changes!

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Hi Everyone!


1) Lovesigns.Net is now Mobile Friendly

Finally, our sister site Lovesigns.Net layout have been updated to the same responsive layout as the rest of the site! So our entire resource sections Geomancy.Net+Lovesigns.Net+Palmistry.Net and other resource section will now have a same uniform layout and navigation look.


2) Our resource intensive Geomancy.Net+Lovesigns.Net+Palmistry.Net will now support Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) 

Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) is a fast and light weight version of the site that will load very fast for mobile devices as it removes a lot of unnecessary bloated contents that are required for normal webpages. These AMP corresponding pages will be shown by Google on their mobile search network, as they will prioritize AMP pages (if available) before normal Mobile Friendly pages on mobile search results. Users will have an option to switch to the normal Mobile version of the webpage if they are presented with the AMP pages. 

Right now, most of our content resources is AMP ready. Only Forum.Geomancy.Net and Online.Geomancy.Net sections will not support this, as Google AMP does have limitation on FORMS especially password submissions. So there is no way to let users login with AMP version, hence we are not supporting the Google AMP on these sections. Which isn't necessary as well, since Google AMP is more for fast content browsing rather than content interaction (as in tablet/desktop browsing).


3)  Secure Socket Layer (SSL) expanded from just www.geomancy.net to across all our domains and shortcut links.

With the push to make the internet safer for all, there are lots of support for validating and making SSL certificate more easily available to secure multiple domains in order to enable the secure web browsing. Otherwise, in the past, it's costly to get a paid certificate just to enable ssl encryption on a domain.

This means all our domains (Lovesigns.Net/Palmistry.Net) and shortcut links (login.geomancy.net/date.geomancy.net etc) have all been re-configured to support https browsing directly from those domain names instead of redirecting to a https:// link within www.geomancy.net content. 

This is makes allows us to directly secure the shortcut domain link all the way from one link to another without needing a shortcut redirection from non-ssl (ie http://login.geomancy.net) to a specific ssl link page within the www.geomancy.net website. 

I have also harden the SSL protocols so that it can achieve at least an A rating in Qualys SSL Labs (https://www.ssllabs.com) that is possible based on the depending on the server OS and SSL technology available. This is to ensure that all the vulnerable older SSL protocols are locked-down, especially since we are now fully enabling https through all our sites. 


4) Further refinements on Geomancy.Net - Main Page

I continued to further refine the main page so that it's less cluttered with description and yet still makes all the important link available right from the main page. Plus, some re-organizing of order of the contents, so that in mobile devices, they flow from one section to another when they are related.

Navigation Menu links also have been updated with the new https shortcut links (rather than the http redirection shortcut links). I plan to continue to improve to re-organize the navigation menu so that they group related links similar to how the main page was re-organized. Such as new Forecast section which is popular, so it deserved to stand out as an important section. 


With this updates completed, I can now focus on re-vamping and re-coding of the Online.Geomancy.net section. As it is, the existing reports still works well on the mobile devices. But I am still looking to see how best to improve and enhance it.


Hope you enjoy the updates!


Warmest Regards
Robert Lee



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