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Toilet and Bathroom Location

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We are currently building our new house on a lot we just bought. It is still bare house at the moment due to short of budget. Our next plan is to construct the bathroom and toilet. I am  just confused because my husband's Kua number is 9(East group) while I and my children have the same kua number 5(west group). According to Bagua, NorthWest belongs to patriarch/father of the house but it is an inauspicious direction to my husband's kua number. With I and my children, the location is an auspicious direction in terms of our health. What would be the best solution here? As much as possible, I don't want anyone of the family gets affected negatively if we put the toilet and bathroom here.

Does it have the same effect if we put the toilet on the NW position inside the house as originally planned or detach it and put it outside the house but still on the Northwest position?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



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Frankly, Traditional and scientific Feng Shui is complex and involves:-650px-SPECIALIZATION_N_5_ELEMENTS.png.671ea20c0953fd32e57d54f43cbd45e6.png

No offence. There are two ways to go about:

1. Just go with your feel = Trial and error and hope for the best or

2. Go get a Feng Shui master. This is because even within your short description; there are lots of question marks that need to be: prepared and analysed before commenting on them. It is not like Heads = Yes or Tails = No type of thing. Honestly (or unfortunately) tight budget and or other priorities... then too bad.. refer to Para 1.

2.1. Individual ba zi of all family members; breadwinners, spouse etc..
2.2. The ba zi of the home etc..
All the above and many other concepts and theories need to be considered. Hope you understand that without birth dates of proper persons + flying star chart etc.. etc... Again no offence... " God is it?"

The French term is Triage":-650px-ONLY-GOD-KNOWS.png.2f461328d889c9d2e9b083bef04ce762.png

reference: https://www.geomancy.net/wiki/Feng_Shui_Triage

Geomancers are not God, but at least need lots of inputs to come up with:-


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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