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Improve your Luck & Destiny with our Ba Zi Premium Reports - Key Areas found in this write-up

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Key Areas of Your Premium Ba Zi Report

[1.]  My Ba Zi Element.
[2.]  Health: The Five Elements and Associated Organs of The Body.
[3.]  Individual Best Study and/or Working Directions.
[4.]  Romance Partner / Friends.
[5.]  Career Luck.
[6.]  4D Luck / Bonus and Promotion Luck.
[7.]  Summary of Your Ten Deities: Authority or 正官 (Zheng Guan).
[8.]  Summary of Your Ten Deities.
[9.]  How's my Luck?.
[10.]  How's my overall life like?.
[11.]  Geomancy.net uses this information to determine one's Mandarin name.
[12.]  Migration / Change of Location Luck.
[13.]  House of Life and Conception have to be included in an authentic Ba Zi review!
[14.]  Case Study - Can both of us be business partners in the near future?
[15.]  If a person's Emotional Intelligence or EQ is often 3 or more. (See sample illustration).
[16.]  Understand why not all ba zi reports are created equal
[17.]  A link to Pre-2020 older format reference guide

 [1.] My Ba Zi Element?

(1.) Sample of Mr Ba Zi

1 Ba Zi Expert Review Summary.pdf

2 My FengShui_ Personal Feng Shui with Pillars of Destiny v16.10.pdf

1.1. What's New? Revamped more user friendly:



2. The birth element is based on the day one was born.

2.1. For example, Mr Ba Zi was born on the day (Heavenly Stem) of the WATER element. 

(2.) Why is Mr Ba Zi = Weak Water?

3.1. Weak/Strong + Metal or Water or Wood or Fire or Earth?
3.2. For example this Sample is about Mr Ba Zi.
3.3. He is found to be a Weak Water person because of too little water (7.9%) + he was born in a season whch makes Water element Extremely Weak.

(3.) What are the favourite colours? Metal & Water


(4.) Shapes and colour associations



5. A second example: Shows that she is a weak wood person:-


(4.) Case Study: Applying this to Ba Zi Feng Shui + Eight House Concept

1. Under Ba Zi Feng Shui:

1.1 Mum's best colours are: Water and her wealth colour is Wood. While Fire is okay for her.

1.2. Son 1's individual best colours are: Metal, Wealth (Water) + Wood elements.

1.3. Son 2's individual best colours are: Water, Wealth (Wood) + Fire elements.


2. Option 1:

2.1. Under Eight House concept 4 Good / Bad directions, Bedroom 2 is suited to Son 1 as it is his longevity sector.
2.2. Bedroom 3 is suited to Son 2 (Health)

2.3. Using Ba Zi Feng Shui: Son 1's best colours in his bedroom 2 are 1. Water, 2. Metal & 3. Wood.

2.4. For Bedroom 3:  Using Ba Zi Feng Shui: Son 2's best colours are 1. Water and 2. Wood. But based on Flying Star Feng Shui an additional element = Metal is considered to balance this sector.


3. Option 2:

3.1. Under Ba Zi Feng Shui, if both sons are to occupy bedroom 2, then the binding element or common denominator of colours are used to harmonize this bedroom for Son 1 and 2 i.e. Water and Wood colours.

3.2. As Mum will for the time being occupy Bedroom 3, this bedroom is also harmonized to her.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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 [2]. Health: The Five Elements and Associated Organs of The Body

(1.) Relationship between each organs & health

your five elements breakdown and body parts.jpg

(2.) For Mr Ba Zi is his Liver, Bile and Spleen, due to 0% Wood element

(2a.) Are there any health issues (if any)
 Liver, Bile and Spleen 



(2b.) Related Health concerns: Diabetes and/or Liver Problems

(3a.) Past, Current & Upcoming Health Issues
   High Probability of Major Health Issues  in 2020  


(3b.) Future Health Issues

  High Probability of Major Health Issues  in 2050  



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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[3]. Individual Best Study and/or Working Directions:

1. Your Ba Zi Report will show two recommended study/work directions.

2. In this example, the two best directions are:

North-West (22.5 to 67.4) = Prosperity and/or

South-West (202.5 to 247.4) = Excellent


3. Ideally this person should face NE and/or SW directions.


4. If this may not be feasible, then the next two other two best possible directions are NW and West.

5. Ba Zi Expert Review Summary




6. Geomancy.net's Comprehensive Feng Shui Audit Reports will highlight this for every family members staying in the home:

6.1 Sample of our Feng Shui report:-


6.2 At the TOP Left and TOP Right frames are these two boxes:-


6.3 Top most shows Best Study/Work directions:

For example, the Male's best directions are East and South.
While for the Female and Son are NE and SW directions.

6.4 We use this and other information from your individual ba zi reports to prepare the Comprehensive Feng Shui reports.

7. This boy's best study directions: Also NE and/or SW:

Best study or work directions.png


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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[6.] 4D Luck / Bonus and Promotion Luck

1. Your Ten Deities & Key Characteristics: Unxpected Wealth (Pian Cai)

1.1 Unexpected Wealth or Pian Cai not only means lottery luck but also bonus or promotion luck!

Am I lucky?



2. Ba Zi Expert Review Summary: C2. Additional Unexpected Wealth (Pian Cai)

How is my Unexpected Wealth Luck?




6 1 2.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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[7.] Summary of Your Ten Deities: Authority or 正官 (Zheng Guan)

1. Authority or 正官 (Zheng Guan) refers to boss traits as well as leadership potential.

1.1. In a home this would be "Who's the Boss?"

1.2. In the office, this usually refers to "Leadership Traits".

2. Example 1: At Home - Husband is the Boss in the office. But a pussy cat at home. LOL!




Compare the "Authority or zheng guan" of yours with your spouse or family member's!


boss of my home.gif

3. Example 2: Home under new management: Just Married! 

She (wifey) is trying to shame me by asking me to hang this at our home's main door! SUCKS!


4. Example 4: At work or Uniformed Group

4.1 Leader has a 3 rating or more. 2nd in command = 2.  A follower? 0 rating.

7 2.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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[8.] Summary of Your Ten Deities

1. Can I go into business?

1.1. A Boss usually has high numbers in at least four areas:-
Unexpected Wealth = 3
Determination = 3
Unexpected Funds = 2
Competitor = 2

Where a range of 2 to 3 or 4 is good


1.2 [Above] A potential business person has a chart similar to the above. In the past Authority was important. But nowadays with the advent of a kinder Human Resource & workspace, Authority is not a key consideration, here.


2. This individual is less lucky in business:-

Here, he has 0 unexpected wealth, 0 unexpected funds.

He is very strong in earned weath = 4 and main funds = 5

Better for this person to work for others:-


3. When is my business opportunities?

5 1 2.png

5 1 3.png

4. Who can be my business partner?

5 1 4.png

5. What is Competitor?


6. A Salaried Worker's chart most likely looks like this:-

Earned Wealth = 3

Main Funds = 2


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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[13.] House of Life and Conception have to be included in an authentic Ba Zi review!

1. Not all Ba Zi Reports are created equal.

2. An authentic Ba Zi report should include six (6) pillars:
[1.] Hour
[2.] Day
[3.] Month
[4.] Year
[5.] House of Life and
[6.] House of Conception



3. House of Conception: Can I conceive? Have a baby?


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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