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2 1/2 feet distance; round corners

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Dear Master Cecil,

I was reading an older post in this forum about how far from the bed a poison arrow had to be (when the wardrobe is made of hardwood) and I was curious to know more about the distance of 2 1/2 feet. Does it mean that if the poison arrow created by a wardrobe, for instance, is more than 2 1/2 feet distance from a bed, considering an imaginary line at 45 degress angle, it can be less felt and the sharp chi gets somewhat diluted?

I am attaching a picture of the bedroom future set-up and I wanted to ask your opinion. Do you think it is worth considering buying a wardrobe that has round corners or this layout would not present a serious poison arrow issue considering the possible poison arrow that would be aimed around the end of the bed? Out of the two corners that would be created by the wardrobe, one corner would be around 1 1/2 feet from the bed and the other corner would be more than 2 1/2 feet from the bed.

I am planning to get low bedside tables, lower than the bed, so hopefully that won't create poison arrow issues.

As the wardrobe would be opposite the bed, would you advise anything to be done in order to create more balance in the bedroom?



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1. Built-in Wardrope

Frankly, a quick glance of the layout and there is a certainty that the marking in RED "B" is definitely not an issue:-


Above. Thus whatever the length of the poison arrow(s) if any e.g. 2 ft 2 1/2 feet 3 feet etc.. cannot be a poison arrow, since it can never be aimed towards a bed.

And secondly the most vulnerable is the head and body e.g. abdomen etc...

2. The small cupboard - beside the wardrope marked in red as "A"

2.1. The bed is so far away from this marking in red "A" that it is at least 2 metres away from the bed. Thus cannot be a "poison arrow" issue at all.


3. "Coffin-position" where legs may inadvertently face bedroom door 

Hope this does not sound racists.. or anything of that sort.


3.1. For us Chinese, it is considered inauspicious for our legs to face the bedroom door. The above layout is exaggerated where I moved the bed closer to the bedroom door. More often, we would not sleep at the edge of our bed. But in the event that we do so...

3.2. This is because, for those living in a landed property. And if we bring a (dead) loved one into the home; the head of the deceased come in first e.g. into the living room. And when it is time to leave for burial or funeral, the legs go out first.

3.3. Thus because of Para 3.2; we consider it inauspicious to sleep with our legs facing the bedroom door. At most, close the door when sleeping.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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Thank you very much, Master Cecil!

The small cupboard marked in A is around 80 cm distant from the edge of the bed, considering an angle of 45 degrees, so just to confirm, that distance would not be an issue, right? I had previously written the distance in feet, but I prefer to tell you in cm. I hope it is ok. 

I think that the image was not so well-done (sorry about that!) and door actually opens in another direction (image attached), so there wouldn't be a coffin position. The problem with that is the bedroom door is opposite the bathroom door (there is a corridor between both doors), unfortunately, but I guess I will have to keep the bathroom door closed at all times. 

In this image, I changed the wardrobe design (it was a different option), but I felt that there could be a poison arrow where I left the question mark because the distance between this wardrobe corner and the edge of the bed would be only 60 cm. So in this case, it wouldn't be so problematic, because it would be closer to the edge of the bed and not aimed closer to the body, as you said? Or 60 cm is already long enough for it not to be a poison arrow?



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