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HDB Clementi Northarc BTO launched February 2017


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HDB Clementi Northarc BTO launched February 2017

Hi Master,

I did some research it showing that to away house from Fire Station and temple. But as you know sometimes no choice, it is not that easy to get a HDB that you really like.


Can please help me to check which blocks fengsui is best in this round BTO ? It is around Clementi Avenue 6.

Thank you.

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  • Staff

Clementi Northarc Sales Brochure: Site Plan and Floor Plans


Lease Commencement in Year 2022

HDB Clementi Northarc BTO launched February 2017 and The water classics: Overall plot is considered auspicious especially stacks/units along the Sungei Ulu Pandan cure or at the "north-arc"

Generally, other than the Clementi Fire Station, Chinese Temple and church; this plot: sits at the curve of Sungei Ulu is considered auspicious.

Below: Auspicious when river curves away the plot:-


This is because under the water classics; the river curves away from the plot. And thus is preferred under this water classics.

The full picture:-


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study: HDB Clementi Northarc BTO and Central Common Rubbish bins

1. Nowadays all new HDB BTOs come with two central rubbish bins: Recycle and Common.

2. In particular; this is the most "inauspicous" where it comes to the location of the central rubbish chutes....

2.1. Although not directly at the main entrance of Block 209A stack 223.. but because the bin(s) are not centrally located; one has to pass by the main door of stack 223 to throw rubbish on a daily basis.

2.2. In addition it is beside stack 223 and when walking towards this unit's main door, one can see one of the bins very clearly...



3. Block 210A Stack 203 and block 210C stack 271 are also not my cup of tea:-


4. For block 211A stack 279 where the bin is just beside the main door.. Hmm.. equally not my favourite stack also...


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

Case Study: HDB Clementi Northarc's Precinct Pavillion that has a commanding view of Sungei Ulu Pandan

1. Let me share this with you:

1.1 Around 1977, former PM of Singapore: LKY visited the one of the first HUDC developments. 

1.2 Below: Privatized Laguna Park (IN BRIGHT YELLOW) on the left. And Laguna View (Public Housing) is to the right of this map:- 


1.3 He visited Laguna Park on the reclaimed land. And when he was told that this half of 500 units were to be sold to "private" owners.. he exclaimed that such a site should not have been provided to civil servants similar to it's other half called Laguna View.

1.4 (Later on around 2001 Laguna Park was privatized while Laguna View is still considered as public housing).

2. The above reminds me of today's HDB Clementi Northarc... Precinct Pavillion (PP).

2.1 Below: HDB Clementi Northarc's Precinct Pavillion in red and has a commanding view of Sungel (river) Ulu Pandan...

2.2 On the plus side, hopefully this PP and observation deck would be fully utilized.. to squeeze the best value out of it.. and not left vacant most of the time..


2.3 Most of the time, whenever one pass-by any HDB development(s) majority of the time their PP's are often under-utlized.

2.4 And ain't it truly a pity that otherwise, several stacks of flats could have been at this location. And instead of letting these leasees enjoy the wonderful view(s).. hmm...

2.5 The planners should have tucked this development's PP at a corner that is more accessible to the road/visitors.

2.6 The for this is because this location means extra effort to bring a coffin and other ancillarys .. in the event that there is a funeral.

2.7 Below: The second Precint Pavillionis also at the Sungei Ulu Pandanside. Okay, this PP, can be excused. Given that it is sandwiched between Sungei Ulu Pandan and the site reserved for a church:-




Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

Case Study: Fire at Heaven's Gate and Units with True South (180 degrees) facing directions.  

1. Whenever we encounter a stack/unit that is aligned from North to South: In this case stacks/units with the living room looking southwards.

2. Take for example: Block 210C with Stack 255:-


2.1 If one is familar with the layout of a typical 5 bedder flat; one will realised that for stack 255, the location marked as "X" is where the kitchen is. 

2.2 And this X is located at NW sector.

2.3 If one is not sure what "Fire at Heaven's gate" is; do a search in this forum for this term.

3. I don't intend to mark all stacks in this development affected by Fire at Heaven's Gate. One can with some imagination, do so.

3.1 For example, these sample stacks are also affected by "Fire at Heaven's Gate":-

A. Block 210 Stack 207:-

B. Block 201A Stack 219:-

C. And Block 209A Stack 211 etc...

there are others in this estate....

4. This applies to any HDB flats and even ECs and Condos if the kitchen is located at NW.

5. I always condition myself to look out for such a senario for a South or Flying Stars S2 facing unit ... Of course, this is not automatic. But majority of the time it MAY apply..


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

Case Study: External Feng Shui - Existing Public Housing and their existing Electical Sub-staton [ESS] + combined Dustbin Compound / Sha Qi or Poison arrows from neighbouring block's corner / living room view of someone else's service yard

1. Many HDB estates built before the year 2000 almost always have an electical sub-station [ESS] with a combined dustbin compound.

1.1 Below: Existing ESS +combined dustbin compound in RED:-


2. It is good that HDB always include the outlines of neighbouring blocks and their ancillarys in all new HDB BTO sales brochures.

3. Under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, it is a No-No to purchase a unit especially at Block 210A stack 213 especially low floors. As this stack is directly facing this combined ESS/Dustbin compound.

4. In addition, it is less than ideal to get a low storey unit at 211 or even 209 or even 207. More to do with common sense.

5. Not covered in this example is also to look at the corner of existing block of flats:


5.1.1 Is the corner a poison arrow? aimed towards one's potential unit's opening such as a bedroom window (easier to cure) or towards a living room window (hardest to cure).


5.2.1 Does my unit look at the service yard/ toilet of the existing HDB flats?

5.2.2 On many occasions, one's living room view may end up looking at such neighbour's under clothings: bras, underwears, brooms that are hung by such neighbours. And there is nothing one can do anything about it.

5.2.3 Just imagine eating a snack and looking out of the window and seeing someone's underwear waving around the wind. Or worse, one's nose is so sensitive that one can even smell the type of washing detergent used..



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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On 9/12/2019 at 10:42 AM, Kit22 said:

May I check with you what about blk 211A unit 289 at 9 to 12 floors? It is near temple, fire station and facing a new road. 


Frankly if you do have doubts, (real or unreal) many others also will also have such concerns.

Thus, in the Long term, when want to go for a resale, may have issues.. similar with your doubts.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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7 hours ago, CGKA said:

Hi Sir,

what are your thoughts on this unit in the green square.


Case Study 1: 

1. The first thing that immediately came into my mind was several years standing at a (re-sale) unit in at Block 23, Thomson Grand (similar) to the photo overlooking the roof-line of the rear of Kiew Lee Tong Temple.

2. My client brought me to evaluate the Can or Cannot Buy of that unit. And no, it was not recommended for purchase.

3. Understand that this owner had a hard time trying to sell it.



Case Study 2: A unit at 17 Kilat Court @ Lorong Kilat was for sale in 2018.

1. My client a dentist asked me to check out the above unit which although does not directly face Bukit Timah Tua Pek Kong Temple. His friend who is also a dentist wanted was considering buying a unit, here.

STIGMA.png.298775094df35d9048eae0e23d81fe3a.png 2. Both of them have already a preconceived concern of not wanting to buy a home anywhere near a temple. 

3. They already have a strong stigma attached to it!



Case Study 3: A temple beside HDB Melody Spring Yishun BTO


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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