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Robert Lee

Seamless Report Login from your Forum Account, Improved Main Page & Some Fixes

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Hi Everyone,


1. Single Sign On using Forum Account (or Sign in with Facebook) 


You now can log into your Report account once you have login to your Forum account.

1.1. If your current Forum and Report account has the same exact e-mail address; the system will automatically detect it.

1.2. Or if you have created a link to the forum account from your Report Account (those with username myfs_?????).

1.3. If not, users just need to create a Report Account with the same e-mail as your Forum account, and subsequently the system will link you in. 

This means, once you have successfully log in to your forum account, when you click on the Reports / Member Login / or visit short cut url (http://login.geomancy.net), the system will automatically log you in without having to re-enter your member login account.

I believe, this will make it easier for users in the long run, to only remember one single login account.

If users encounter issues with this, feel free to contact me via: support@geomancy.net to look into it.

2. Existing Forum Login from Report Account 


Presently, although there was a way to link the Forum account to the Report account. That was how I used to linked the old forum and the report system in the past. However the latest forum management is far more superior than the old forum, and it has excellent user management system which I have plans to make use for some new upcoming site features.

Hence, in future, I want to let the new forum handle all the login authentication. I am already looking to implement this into the New Upcoming Report Area which I will be working on in the upcoming months. This Report Area is the last major revamp area that I am planning a massive overhaul. But as lots of re-coding is necessary, this will not be launched so quickly until it's 100% ready to replace it. 

Meanwhile, the New Report Login from Forum Account bridge (Para 1 above) will improve the overall user experience on the site, while the report area is being updated. This feature will continue to be present until everything is being integrated into a Truly Single Sign On system when the New Upcoming Report Area is ready.

3. Improvements to Geomancy.net's Main Page Layout


3.1. Making the site more user friendly by improving the layout navigation of the Main page.

3.2. Using and maximizing the Flip Box feature.

3.2.1 What is this feature?

3.2.2 When you move over to a box; the description will be shown. 

3.2.3 This works very nicely on mobile and even amp pages especially with a rainbow colour tone for each important featured section.

3.4. In addition, every time when there is a new layout change, it takes a bit of time to tweak the performance of the layout so that it will not only look good but also fast loading. I also heavily tested and optimized the layout over the past few days, I am also happy that the latest settings should work very well now.

3.5. With this change, I also be planning to revamp some of the older content pages into new updated sections especially with the many new content management sections (Blog/Gallery etc) added with all the recent upgrades.

4. Fixed some bugs in the system

4.1. Over the past month some links to the fast Google AMP were redirected incorrectly. Now fixed.

4.2. Free Ba Zi Reports and some modules in Report System had some unexpected issues over the past few days (since 3 Sep) when I implemented the initial Report Login from Forum Account modules for testing. Apologise for any inconvenience. This has also been resolved.

Hope that you enjoy the changes!

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee

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