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Cecil Lee

Five (5) major Mainland Chinese Developers in Singapore

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Five (5) major Mainland Chinese Developers in Singapore today:-



- Cash Rich
-  Property as an Insurance against Yuan devaluation
- Government Land Sales (GLS)

1.    Qingjian Realty (South Pacific) Group
Based in Qingdao

 Parent company has hands in building and construction, consultancy, investment and logistics.
Natural Loft DBSS was the 1st DBSS to be built by a foreign developer amidst the financial crisis
Started off with poor sales: 80 out of 480 units sold in the first month of launch

Gave away two VW cars to entice buyers
 In 1999 it began as a sub-contractor for HDB
 In 2004 became a Main Contractor
 Paid a large amount for the en bloc sale of Shunfu Ville
Try to be different by introducing Smart Homes
            Visionaire EC
            iNZ Residence E 

2. Nanshan Group Singapore

It also owns Qingdao Airlines which was set up in 2014.

3. Logan Property
            Has partnership with Nanshan group for a joint development in Queenstown /Stirling Road

4. China Construction
        CSC Land Group

Credit: Their webpage: with links to lots and lots of completed projects in Singapore: HDB, ECs and other private developments:BB8DF332-F7AD-4038-A33A-162C59D26F54.thumb.jpeg.7dde5df2c4cd76b32385960e1edaa8e5.jpeg
 In 1992 it began as a sub-contractor for HDB & many other projects such as tertiary institutions
   Very active in GLS

5.  Fantasia Investment
        1st investment: highest bid for a landed housing site in Lorong 1 Realty Park in Hougang
Based in Hong Kong/China


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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