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Moving into new house

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Good morning Master Cecil.

We are scheduled to move into a new house next month.  I would like to know, in the process of finding out the auspicious dates, we (partners) have to input our birthdates?

I think I will need to explain myself further.  I am separated from my first wife and have been living with my new partner for over 4 years now.  When we determine the auspicious dates, can we use both my birthdate and my partners birth date?  Or should I use my former wife's birthdate?  We are not legally separated yet.

I would appreciate your reply to this query.

Thank you.





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  • Staff

Traditionally it was based solely on the male breadwinner.

For the Chinese this is why our children adopt the male’s surname not female’s eg. Spouse.

Nowadays, we consider both partners.

You should preferrrably consider your new partner’s birthdate. And not the person whom you are going to be separated.

Thus, yours only or both yours and new partners.



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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