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Lian dao sha

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In my opinion these are some considerations:

1. To some there is a stigma attached to a house facing a T-junction. (Please note that I had mentioned specifically a house = landed property. 

2. Thus a house simply means a landed property home facing a T-junction as shown in the attachment under marking in red "A". Generally, markings B and C are also considered "inauspicious to some".


3. Thus the unit or apartment. at Block 308A level 7 is not facing the T-junction.

4. For the above unit there are two considerations:

4.1. Again the word "Stigma" attached to a home or block at a TRAFFIC JUNCTION. Thus traffic junctions may not always be a type of T-junction as shown in the illustration.

4.2. This stigma has more to do with the fact that often there are more accidents at traffic-junctions - for the mere fact that some vehicles run the red lights etc... or during turnings.

4.3. Specifcally this stigma has more to do with the remote possibility of a vehicle running out of control and ploughing its way into a LANDED property gate or fence or even landing inside the main door etc.. For this reason automatically many associate this with bad luck.

4.4. This is why you are asking is this true?

4.5. The block 308A is set in + there is a service road. Thus no way an out of control vehicle would smash into one of the support beams or pillars and cause the building to (touch-wood) collapse.

4.6. More so if a unit is above 2nd or 3rd storey. No vehicle would be able to fly so high and smash into the living room of such a unit.

4.7. Thus should consider this as just "grandma tale" if it applies to a block of flats such as in the example.

5. From a scientific point-of-view and Sha Qi: this illustration shows that the stack you mentioned is EXPOSED with no other buildings to shield it. Thus in a strong wind(windy) condition, this is one form of Sha Qi:-


5.1. In Feng Shui, as much as one would like to have unblocked views; but if totally unblocked and EXPOSED to strong and direct winds then this is not ideal.

5.2. For example, if a home is on a barren hill; and there are no trees to provide some cover against strong winds; then this house is said to be affected by such sha qi.

5.3. Same thing, here. Not every day there are strong winds; but often if a home / apartment(unit) is exposed like this; then there is no "protection". Unlike that of block 308B etc...

5.4. For the above reason, luck can be like a "Yoyo" up and down depending on the weather /wind conditions.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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22 hours ago, Yews said:

aside to that, any idea what does this represent? 


In my opinion, this is most likely a modern take of a "ba gua" mirror.

The octagon shape is associated with the 8 trigrams or that of a ba gua mirror.

The YELLOW background in the middle has to do with a talisman. As most talisman are often written on yellow (background).

The outer red square represents the earth plate of a regular lou-pan:


The geometric red lines within the yellow background is not the norm. Frankly, this is the first time I saw this. More likely Tantric Tibetian.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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