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Can I go into business for myself?

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Case Study: Can I go into business for myself?

This is a partial extract of a Ba Zi chart which has a potential for the individual to go into business for himself:-


To do so, one can check one's Ten Deities & Key Characteristics chart:-

Generally, if these five factors have >2 or more numbers, the better.

In this case, he has:-

1. Authority = 5
2. Competitor = 3
3. Unexpected Wealth = 2
4. Determination = 3
5. Unexpected Funds = 3

1. Authority means that the person has leadership skills and "strong willed".

2. Competitor or Competition means tries to be at his/her best. Or want to be 1st 2nd or 3rd in anything they want to do.


3. Unexpected Wealth not necessary always means lottery luck but also can be bonus or promotion or profit luck.

4. Determination simply means what it says. The higher the number means perserverance or "never give up attitude".

5. Unexpected Funds means have help from relative or possible inheritance and hidden skills or talents. 

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study: What does it mean when I have 56% of Earth in my ba zi chart?


1. Traditonally, when a baby is born, the parents or even grand parents would eagerly visit a geomancer to get the child's name selected.

2. The Geomancer would use this chart as a reference guide to propose names for the child. And use the Traditional Big-five characters and strokes to determine a name.

3. Thus the name should avoid characters with the Earth element. As this chart is weak in water, wood and metal; find a name that can balance this chart. Thus the name could have water and wood element in it to boost the missing elements.

4. The chart shows the Five Elements and associated organs of the body:-


4.1 The person is considered to have too much earth element. Thus in general, he has to be extra careful of digestive tract such as stomach and intestines.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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