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Cecil Lee

A short tribute to my local Master: Mr Lim Siak Loong (deceased)

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A short tribute to my local Master: Mr Lim Siak Loong (deceased)

Mr Lim Siak Loong was foremost a prominent banker in Chung Khiaw Bank (CKB). 

He was a highly educated biligual person. And although his main expertise was in the field of banking and finance; his passion was the study of everything metaphyics.

Being a banker and well known for his varied skills in name selection and Feng Shui, many developers during his time sought him out to seek advice on many buildings of the past in Singapore.

He would after work.. pursue his passion and love Feng Shui. And this is where he does Feng Shui work.

Gangster with a pistol:

Once, he was the Branch Manager of the bank's South Bridge Road branch. And he related to me that a gangster came into his bank and demanded to see him. The gangster placed a pistol on his desk and demanded money.

All Mr Lim did was took up the phone and called someone. And after a short converstation, he handed the gangter the phone.

Immediately, the gangster apologised took back the pistol!

A victim of pickpocket?

There was another time when he told me that many know that he can help them! And often, these people would ask for his help.

All these victim need to tell him was at where they lost their purse/wallet.

And he told me that these gangs can even know whom did the pickpocketing. And 100% of the time, lost items can be returned.

His Feng Shui skills

After UOB acquired Chung Khiaw Bank; he remained at the same branch. Then this branch was that of United Overseas Finance (UOF). He was suppose to Head this operations. If so, he would have less time pursuing his other love: Feng Shui, name selection and lots of metaphyics research.

There was an officer at the Robinson Road Head Office of UOF. This officer knew Mr Lim's expertise in Feng Shui and sought his help. Soon after Mr Lim helped him. The officer soon became the Head of operations in UOF.

His thirst for knowledge

Mr Lim was well read. And he had books that range from Feng Shui to Kung Fu to Acupuncture etc..

Once I went to his place and while waiting for him; randomly took a book to read. And this book showed a person with black finger nails! And reading further.. the person's fingers were "dead". But mind you! if this person was still alive today could easily from a short distance punched through planks of wood...

These are some of the pleasant memories I have with him.

The reason why he was highly sought after during that time was that he is unlike many geomancers in Singapore then who are into religions inclinations and the sale of every other thing in the name of Feng Shui!

Mr Lim Siak Loong is an unsung hero and a pioneer in both fields of banking and Feng Shui!

Although he was not a full time geomancer; what is most important was his passion and love for both the Art and Science of Chinese metaphyics. 

Rest in peace! Mr Lim Siak Loong. You are forever remembered! 

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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