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Hello there,

I would like to seek your professional advice on a resale HDB flat (level 9) corner unit that is overlooking a T-Junction and Overhead Bridge.
Have heard people mention that such factors are not very positive and will affect the health of the persons living in the flat.

This is the map layout and the view from the living room's window. 

Appreciate your input and assistance on this, thank you.


Below are the 


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1. Under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, the real test of a home affected by a T-juncion is scientific.

2. For example, can a run-amok or run away vehicle or a sleepy or drowsy driver or a drive who had too much to drink plough his/her vehicle into the house?

3. This is based on common sense. I don't need to answer this ... given the photo shows clearly... the unit is "high up there!" The only question is can a run away vehicle plough towards the void deck collapsing this unit?

4. Next the over-head bridge must be at the same level with the unit. And blocking one of the windows (if any) to be considered as a poison arrow or sha qi.


1. If you are concerned with this T-junction and Over-head bridge thing. Similarly, others automatically associate such a view as a stigma associated with bad luck.

2. In our irrational world: perhaps 50-50 some would say this bad.

3. Even many geomancers may conclude that it is bad. (EVEN if there is at the moment no cars that can fly from the T-junction and plough into that unit.

4. It is like FAKE NEWS becomes REAL NEWS & vice versa.

5. In conclusion: if I were to say NO, there is no issue... How would you pacify those mentioned under Para B above. And tell them no issue?

5.1. Thus no point arguing until the cows come home if ever!

5.2. Utlimately, it could bite you when friends or relatives visit this home and also ... when it is time to re-sell this home.




Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Further to what I had mentioned:

1. Assuming a three ton truck ploughs a straight course as shown in RED:

1.1. The vehicle would first have to mount a curb and smash into the centre green railing.

1.2. Afterwards, the vehicle would have to mount a second curb and perhaps plough into a tree.. before coming towards this unit's VOID deck?

2. Tell me? Is this possible? Or only possible in a movie like Terminator 2?

3. Even if the vehicle manages to plough towards ONE VOID deck column, do you still think that the vehicle would bring this block of flats down?

4. I believe, only in the movies.. I suppose..


5. Can a vehicle fly all the way into this unit? Yes or No?

6. Again, no point using such arguments. Many will still say.. YES! THIS UNIT IS INDEED FACING A T-JUNCTION!

7. Therefore, whatever rational explanation given is not valid! This is FAKE news!



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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